10 Tips to Launching a LinkedIn Group


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Over 238 million members worldwide visit LinkedIn to seek and share insights. Joining LinkedIn Groups is one of the ways members discuss relevant topics with like-minded peers. Including LinkedIn Groups in your content marketing efforts is a powerful way to build community, establish relationships and participate in member discussions in a trusted environment. We’ve created these 10 tips to help marketers get started when building a LinkedIn Group.

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10 Tips to Launching a LinkedIn Group

  1. 1. #1: BEGIN WITH A PLAN BUT REACT TO YOUR MEMBERS BASED ON THEIR ACTIONS Use your content calendar as a guide – and be prepared to change course based on member engagement.
  2. 2. #2: TELL A STORY WITH YOUR GROUP TITLE AND IMAGERY Choose a Group name, logo and masthead that informs members on the benefits they get from the Group.
  3. 3. #3: DEVELOP A UNIQUE VOICE AND EXPERIENCE THAT MEMBERS CAN’T GET ELSEWHERE There are thousands of Groups on LinkedIn. Create a value exchange so members know why your group matters.
  4. 4. #4: CREATE HEROES AND ADVOCATES IN YOUR MEMBER BASE A Group is about the community. Encourage members to start fresh, new discussions. Your influencers should be members, not moderators.
  5. 5. #5: STAY TOP OF MIND WITH EMAIL COMMUNICATION Welcome members with auto-alerts and drive repeat traffic writing weekly highlights for existing members.
  6. 6. #6: DECIDE WHETHER TO OPEN YOUR GROUP TO SEARCH TRAFFIC Open Groups gain more traffic than closed Groups. Closed Groups mean only members can see content. What’s best for your community?
  7. 7. #7: ACCELERATE MEMBERSHIP WITH INMAIL INVITATIONS AND ADS Target the right people to join your Group using rich profile data.
  8. 8. #8: INCLUDE THE GROUP IN YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY Groups can be used to create new or distribute existing content, so plug Groups into your off LinkedIn strategy.
  9. 9. #9: MENTION THE GROUP ACROSS ALL BRAND TOUCH-POINTS ON LINKEDIN Groups can be mentioned on the Company Page in multiple places to drive awareness.
  10. 10. #10: SPEAK IN THE MEMBER’S LANGUAGE Don’t intimidate with jargon. Don’t annoy members with fluffy content or anything overly self-promotional.
  11. 11. Ready to start a Group? Click here to start today or contact us to learn more.