Linq 2013 session_red_3_de vries


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Linq 2013 session_red_3_de vries

  1. 1. Knowledge21: Co-Create (the KnowledgeMedia of) the
  2. 2. Who I Am: Sjoerd de Vries• Professor Social Media, University of AppliedSciences, Leeuwarden Netherlands• Assistant professor media and learning networksUniversity of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands
  3. 3. NHL University of Applied Sciences• We cover Technical and Social Sciences:Economics and Management, Education andCommunication, Health and Social work, Mediaand Technologies• Together with our neighbour University weeducate the educators in our region• A strong ambition to educate for the future
  4. 4. The Context• Open region :)• SME’s crucial• Agriculture, tourism, andhealth care dominate• Economic, social andeducational issues
  5. 5. The research to discuss• Knowledge21 =• NHL21 +• Education21 +• EU projects like ODS and Transit• How to develop NHL as an open successfulUniversity of Applied Sciences?
  6. 6. Some developments• Ten primary and secondary schools acted asliving labs in 2010-2012• Teachers as action researchers workingtogether with students on local researchquestions gave a boost to the development ofthe schools• 2013-2014 we expect to work with 20/40schools and 40/80 teachers and five NHLresearch groups, and our education programs
  7. 7. Knowledge21 objectives• Further development of our network of regularand lifelong learners, and applied researchers,together with regional innovators andprofessionals in the field of education• Contribute to innovative design, access, use,and validation of digital knowledge media(education and research resources andservices)• To realize an open and co-creative educationand research region
  8. 8. Goals for the field of Education• Development of an open and co-creative framework for (lifelong)learning and research in our region• Schools become living labs with a localresearch and development agenda• NHL functions as a networked living lab(online, open, pro-active, etcetera) aspart of this framework
  9. 9. Our research questions• What is an applicable and successfulmaturity model for a networked livinglab steered by integrated, open and co-creative education and research?• What factors contribute to thesuccessful development of ournetworked lab?
  10. 10. Maturity levels Example
  11. 11. Implementation agenda• Program for the transformation of primaryschools into living labs for the development ofhigh quality education (going on)• Program for action research programs in theselabs (going on)• Program for the development of our educationbachelor programs into open networkededucation (In development)• Program for the integration of education andresearch (In development)
  12. 12. Thoughts about the Future• Open education needs to become integrated withR&D; it is about open development?• We should not waste the energy and capacities of theyouth. Expect changing roles from student to teacherfrom junior to senior from master to apprentice, ...• Learning at the workplace, professionalization inUniversities?• A university of applied sciences like NHL is just aliving lab, how to develop yourself as a networkedliving lab?