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  • 1. POERUP: Summary of progressMs Ildikó MázárProject Manager, EDENLINQ13 16-17 May 2013, Rome
  • 2. The aim of the POERUP projectTo develop policies to promote the uptake ofOER (Open Educational Resources) in theeducational sector to promote• Wider access (in particular from developingcountries)• Higher quality of teaching• Lower cost of teaching
  • 3. Focus of the project• Universities• Schools• …and paying attention to the non-tertiarypost-secondary subsector (the ‘colleges’), asthey are often loci of the kind of informallearning that OER facilitates and this sector iscrucial to skills development
  • 4. Selecting countries for study• Not all in Europe – with some notable exceptions, manyEuropean countries are not yet active in OER• Only highlights from the USA – ever-changing and too muchto document fully• Outside Europe, concentrated on countries with linguistic,cultural or political links with countries in Europe• Liaised with organisations such as IPTS, UNESCO IITEMoscow, OER U/WikiEducator, CommOER/Wikipedia & OERAsia to avoid duplication of countries being studied in otherprojects
  • 5. First round of country studiesCountry reports Mini reportsAustralia ArgentinaBelgium DenmarkCanada FinlandFrance GreeceHungary Gulf States (3)Italy MexicoNew Zealand NorwayPoland PortugalThe Netherlands RomaniaUK South AfricaUSA SpainSwedenThailand
  • 6. Seven case studies of OER communities• Three schools-focussed projects:– Wikiwijs (Netherlands);– Bookinprogress (Italy);– Hwb (Wales) – dropped out• Three HE-focussed projects:– OER U;– Futurelearn (UK) – not certain;– Canadian OER HE community• One MOOC-based project to cover informal adult learning
  • 7. Policy focus• Original focus was at ‘national’ level (includinggovernments of devolved administrations)• But in the increasingly regionalised and part-privatised education environment, it is nowfelt more appropriate to focus on policies forinstitutions, consortia and private sectorchange facilitators
  • 8. Policy formulationAlthough not scheduled until the second halfof the project, requirements from EU entities(including IPTS and the Open EducationExperts Group), UNESCO and some nationalgovernments have meant that policy workstarted in June 2012 and is continuingthroughout 2013.
  • 9. Dissemination in 2012• Presentations at EFQUEL Innovation Forum (Granada, September 2012) :http://www.scoop.it/t/efquel-innovation-forum-2012/p/2637646411/poerup-slides-for-grainne-conole-s-double-act-with-rory-mcgreal-at-eif2012 and – http://www.scoop.it/t/efquel-innovation-forum-2012/p/2612219194/alternative-models-of-formal-education-delivery-paul-bacsich• Online and face-to-face workshop at EDEN Research Workshop (Leuven,October 2012): http://www.slideshare.net/witthaus/poerup-presentation-for-eden-22-oct-2012• Multi-project workshop on OER at Online Educa (Berlin, December 2012):http://www.slideshare.net/pbacsich/oeb-oerwspoerupbacsich
  • 10. Dissemination: January – June 2013• POERUP track at OER13 (Nottingham, March 2013)http://www.ucel.ac.uk/oer13/index.html• OCWC Conference, Bali (Indonesia), 8-10 May 2013http://conference.ocwconsortium.org/index.php/2013/2013• Learning Innovations and Quality (LINQ 2013), Rome, 13-14 May2013 http://www.learning-innovations.eu/2013/calls/call-for-projects• JISC RSC Webinar to the Wales OER community on “OER – aninternational view”, 24 May 2013• EDEN conference, Oslo, 12-15 June 2013 – http://www.eden-online.org/eden-events/2013-annual-conference.html (POERUPworkshop)
  • 11. Further informationWebsite: http://poerup.infoWiki: http://poerup.referata.com/wiki/Country_reports