Learning Innovation...in Reality - Piers Lea


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  • Secure apps – no third party code with possible trojansSecure communications – between the LINESTREAM architecture componentsSecure content – CMS
  • The Mobile HC considers the harmony between People, Process, Technology and Content categories within the business environment and prevailing learning culture before looking across the detail of five key themes:The business big picture… where we examine the organisation’s business goals and culture and produce a set of guiding principles Learning & communications… where the stakeholders examine how the learning could be provided more effectively via mobile devices as apposed to existing methods and mediaMedia & technical… where we analyse which mobile media and technology choices are appropriateMaking it all work… where we focus on the effectiveness of the implementation and support activities that ensure the scalability and sustainability of the solution is established Measuring the results… where we define the systems and processes required to evaluate the impact of your mobile solutions
  • Learning Innovation...in Reality - Piers Lea

    1. 1. Learning Innovation …in reality Piers Lea CEO
    2. 2. SummaryLearning Technology – do you use it/does it work?Some results storiesThe emergence of mobileSome examplesHow can you scale its use?Ingredients of a strategic approachQuestions and debate
    3. 3. “Now, this complete, all-in-one model has a thirty-nine-tube television receiver,equipped for both black-and-white and color reception;AM and FM radio; a recordplayer geared for 33 13 rpm,45 rpm and 78 rpm;automatic record changer;the latest thing in a wirerecorder; and this large,roomy cabinet at the bottom,in case anything new isinvented.”
    4. 4. You?• How many are involved in or oversee the running training for a large organisation?• How many of you have the support from your top management or leadership when it comes to Learning Innovation and Learning Technologies?• How many of you feel they listen hard enough on this subject?
    5. 5. CEO Survey L&D strategy and delivery is completely aligned with your company‟s operational strategy Agree 18%Independent opinion researchamong senior decisionmakers at 100 of the UK’s largest500 firms by turnover.Conducted by:Coleman Parkes for Capita
    6. 6. 70/20/10 Experiences 70% Relationships Supply Chain 20% Sales & & Partners Individual Internal Distribution Experiences Experiences Formal 10% Education Education
    7. 7. Automotive - Ford of Europe
    8. 8. Automotive - Ford of Europe Over 24,000 sales people registered
    9. 9. Automotive - Ford of Europe Per capita training cost reduced by 74%
    10. 10. Automotive - Ford of Europe Training time reduced from 37 months to 13
    11. 11. Automotive - Ford of Europe Average of 2.4 cars increase per learner (21.8% increase in sales)Control Group Sizes of 1,000 peopleAcross 21 European markets
    12. 12. Government - Identity and Passport Service
    13. 13. Government - Identity and Passport ServiceTwice as effective as benchmarked management and leadership programmes* * Knowledge Advisors – independent study
    14. 14. Government - Identity and Passport Service Return on investment: 2:1 * Knowledge Advisors – independent study
    15. 15. Government - Identity and Passport Service Customer satisfaction rating: 96%
    16. 16. Retail – IKEA – management training
    17. 17. Retail - IKEA Training time compressed by 50%
    18. 18. Retail - IKEA €1.2m saved in first year
    19. 19. Retail - IKEA Further Asian expansion made possible
    20. 20. Business School - IMD “How do you…save money on printing, contribute to environmental sustainability, improve networking opportunities among participants and bring cutting edge knowledge into the classroom?”
    21. 21. Business School - IMD
    22. 22. Business School - IMD 400 iPads issued to delegates in Summer 2010
    23. 23. Business School - IMDiPads paid for themselves in 2 short courses
    24. 24. Business School - IMD Environmental benefits 500,000 sheets of paper saved at annual summer course = 60 trees saved* *Research by the University of Maine, 1992, showed that 8,333 sheets of A4 paper equated to a tree with a height of 12.2m and a diameter of 15-20cm
    25. 25. NHS - Radiology
    26. 26. NHS - RadiologyFourfold increase in the number of radiologists qualifying
    27. 27. NHS - Radiology Reduction of time to competence: 16 weeks down to 7 weeks* *Trial by: Norwich Academy of Radiology
    28. 28. NHS - Radiology Most important benefits to the NHS: …reduced demand on senior clinicians time and… …the consistent quality of learning across the NHS
    29. 29. NHS - Radiology “the most positive development in medical education in 20 years.” NHS Chief Medical Officer
    30. 30. Towards Maturity - update
    31. 31. Towards Maturity 6 longitudinal surveys 2200 organisations
    32. 32. Towards Maturity 22% improvement Time to Competency
    33. 33. Transforming businessLINE through learning innovation
    34. 34. Using the right channels creatively andLINE technically to deliver the most effective learning
    35. 35. • Survey just completed across 500 organisations• Organisations that say they will implement mobile learning over the next two years 76%
    36. 36. Cultural awareness iPhone
    37. 37. Cultural awareness iPhone
    38. 38. Cultural awareness iPhone
    39. 39. Outstanding Leaders As part of British Airways’ Behaviours for Success programme. A blended programme comprising a two-day workshop, video scenarios, online and offline activities, printed materials, social networking, blogs and support tools.
    40. 40. Programme summary
    41. 41. iPad framegrabs
    42. 42. iPad framegrabs
    43. 43. iPad framegrabs
    44. 44. iPad framegrabs
    45. 45. iPad framegrabs
    46. 46. iPad framegrabs
    47. 47. Public > Brand home
    48. 48. Public/staff split Public > Vehicle page Public > Brand- specific home page Dealer > Home page Dealer logged in
    49. 49. But how?
    50. 50. Our Customers needed: ▪ Unlimited capability to build apps. ▪ Apps for iOS, Android on tablets & smartphones. ▪ A way to publish to mobile in days not weeks. ▪ To ensure that content is available to all authors. ▪ To protect their apps and also their content/IP. ▪ The ability to easily make language and localised versions. ▪ An easy way to gather usage data for ROI. ▪ Standardised navigation for simplicity. ▪ Standardised branding to support their organisations brand ▪ A partner that understands their IT mix.
    51. 51. Product Statement:LINEstream allows you to easilycreate, manage and publishmobile content throughout yourorganisation in a controlled,secure, future-proof and scalableway, with no programming skillsrequired.
    52. 52. Create dynamic appsCreate app solutions that instantly streamline, inform and inspiredifferent areas of your operations
    53. 53. Apply best-in-class learning expertisePerfectly package and deliver your content with LINE‟s built-in e-learningand communications expertise - developed over 20 years of best-in-classdelivery
    54. 54. Deliver targeted knowledgePut focussed knowledge and learning directly into the hands of youremployees when and where they need it
    55. 55. Stream content from your expertsStream up-to-date information from your experts, archives and partneragencies into and throughout your organisation
    56. 56. Learn to create apps in one dayNon-technical content developers can learn to create, publish andupdate apps and mobile content in a day
    57. 57. Unified navigation, structure & brandingConsistency of user experience will mean your people will understandhow to use each new app straight away
    58. 58. Maintain a secure app ecosystemSecure apps, secure communications, secure content
    59. 59. Simply integrate with existing IT systemsWide reaching infrastructure compatibility and easy integration
    60. 60. Create simple or sophisticated appsEasy, pre-designed, templated app creation for beginners or detailed appcontent customisation for experts
    61. 61. An end-to-end Approach CREATE MANAGE PUBLISH US UK CHINA
    62. 62. App creation in your hands
    63. 63. App creation in your hands
    64. 64. App creation in your hands
    65. 65. App creation in your hands
    66. 66. App creation in your hands
    67. 67. App creation in your hands
    68. 68. Learning Architectures /Mobile channelUse of learning technology still in its infancySpeed and complexity of our world means it has to be strategic
    69. 69. Creating a strategy People Process Business & Culture Content Technology Media & The The Learning & Measuring the Communications Learning Making it Work Results Business Business Technologies Benefit!Slide 75
    70. 70. Learning Architectures /Mobile channel Use of learning technology still in its infancy Speed and complexity of our world means it has to be strategic Mobile learning and communications - a significant „kicker‟ Create your own strategy and learning architecture Within that create the mobile channel in your organisation Recognise this covers learning and communications Make sure you own the channelSlide 76
    71. 71. Summary Learning Technology – do you use it/does it work? Some results stories The emergence of mobile Some examples How can you scale its use? Ingredients of a strategic approach Questions and debateSlide 77
    72. 72. piers.lea@line.co.uk