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Get paid to introduce businesses to LIFT’s Mobile Marketing Service. Perfect for restaurant, retail and service providers.

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Mobile Referral Partner2012

  1. 1. What is Mobile ConnectHow it works LIFT Mobile ConnectBecome a Referral Partner Referral Partner Program
  2. 2. About LIFT Network LIFT Provides industry-leading small business marketing services and solutions designed to LIFT acquire and retain customers and increase sales with our targeted, professional loyalty solutions and communication tools. Our web-Mobile based solution, is designed specifically for small businesses and is easy–to-use,Connect affordable, and requires no technical expertise. LIFT Network services are accessible over the Internet, by phone or by our provided proprietary reader, so businesses don’t need to purchase anything to use our services.
  3. 3. A Marketing Revolution Mobile Connect Mobile marketing is changing the way businesses market to their customers and it’s revolutionizing the advertising world.100% Opt-in NO SPAM! LIFT’s Mobile Connect offers businesses…Easy To Use  Easy And Convenient Way To Build Or Grow A Customer ListFast and Relevant  A few clicks and an offer, coupon orAffordable incentive can be sent to subscribers cell phone  In minutes subscribers receive offers, polls, TXT2Win opportunities and it’s relevant because the subscriber opted-in to receive the text.  Inexpensive way to reach existing customers
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing FactsSMS or text messaging allows a user to send and receive up to 160character messages . Americans have sent more than 2.5 trillion texts 94% of text messages are read in 9 minutes or less 90% of shoppers carry a phone 82% of people from 18 – 55 use texting Response rates of 15% Mobile Marketing is expected to generate more than $20 Billion dollars in sales.
  5. 5. LIFT Mobile Connect Send customers coupons, offers, incentives or use as a customer satisfaction tool. Get customers excited with contests and keep them with offers and satisfaction or comment polls.Send offers and Track it.* Easy-to-use Simply login, create your message and click send. Youre done!Customer Comment Survey The fastest and easiest way to deliver a coupon or your offer.Build Customer listTEXT 2 Win Works with current advertising, marketing or stand-alone. GET OUR DEALS ON YOUR PHONECustomer database Text > Restaurant To > Give your business a Major Mobile Marketing / Text Messaging Wireless Carriers MMA-compliant mobile messaging solution- Standard text messaging rates apply
  6. 6. LIFT Mobile Connect DIY & Full Service LIFT’s Send 2 TXT offers business owners a Do-It-Yourself or Full service Mobile marketing solution.+ Message blast works with Facebook and Twitter social networks in real time. NOW With facebook fan connect. Unlimited Data Capture Capture emails, names, addresses, carriers, comments, questions, timestamps and more. Full export and Import function. Scalable Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of our dealer network and their customers. Compliant Complies with the MMA and our carriers. Give your business a
  7. 7. Customers OPT-IN 1 The Merchant logs into their account online, and creates a welcome message, offer or TEXT2Win campaign. OPT-in and CRM 2 The merchant advertises and displays their mobile GET OUR DEALS ON YOUR PHONE club and asks customers to Text > Restaurant To > 59925 join . 3 The Customer gets a welcome message and a first time offer and the business owner can keep sending offers, incentives, customer service polls.Major Mobile Marketing / Text Messaging Wireless Carriers MMA-compliant Give your business amobile messaging solution- Standard text messaging rates apply
  8. 8. LIFT Mobile Promotions It’s as easy as 1-2-3! No software to Learn Marketing Coach Results
  9. 9. Any business can use Mobile Connect Retail – Send coupons, offers or deals of the day Restaurant-Coupons, Specials, new menu, empty tablesTry Mobile marketing Bars/Clubs – Events, Special cover or Drink specials for your business. Call Me!OPT-in555-5555 (555) and CRM Salon/Spa – Appointment reminders, new services or couponsStd msg & Data Rates may apply. Doctors/Vets/Professional services Appointment reminders & new services Give your business a
  10. 10. Why business would want LIFT SEND 2 TXT Easy To Use Reach customers quickly Create a database of customers on the fly… No software No hardware No investment Works with Outlook & Email Providers*OPT-in and CRM DIY or Full Service business owners can create, send and manage their system with ease or the can ask us to do it for them. Affordably priced for any business need. Give your business a
  11. 11. What’s In It For You? Free Trial Giveaway Get paid monthly on accounts Get in the door faster Make more money from your portfolio or existing business. Increase your salesA great tool for prospecting, showing customer appreciation or even saving an existing merchant from switching to your competition.Empower your merchants by giving them the ability to send coupons, buy one get onefree promotions and other special offers to their customers cell phones. And the best part of all - its FREE to try.
  12. 12. We Provide the collaterals. Call: 866-701-7106 E-mail:
  13. 13. FreeFor Active ReferralMarketing Mobile Partners. Try Mobile marketing Want to know for your business. how to increase Show merchants how it Call Me! sales? (555) 555-5555 works, use it for advertising Text ME! and marketing your Std msg & Data Rates may apply. services. GET OUR DEALS ON YOUR PHONE Text > OFFER To > Works with current advertising, marketing or stand-alone. Place your message on Postcards, your website or email messages.Major Mobile Marketing / Text Messaging Wireless Carriers Give your business aMMA-compliant mobile messaging solution- Standard text messaging rates apply
  14. 14. Join Our Network CALL TEXT Email TO 59925 TEXT OFFER partner@ liftmysales.com866-701-7106 Option 6 Give your income a