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Of all the species of animals and plants that occupy our world, it’s undoubtedly the human race that dominates the continents, the oceans and beyond. It's not our physical strength – a simple contest between a gorilla and a worlds strongest person will demonstrate this point – yet for some reason we have the ability to push these creatures to the verge of extinction and set the rules for the existence of life. Some will argue that it's our incredible knack for thinking and rationalisation that causes us to be capable of such vast knowledge, technological discoveries and innovations. However, none of this would be possible without one key factor: cooperation, a process that encompasses communication, joint efforts and a sense of communal togetherness to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

When people cooperate, they can often achieve more than going it alone by combining ideas, supporting each other and making a commitment to get the job done. Every individual has something to offer and can contribute to the other’s success; not working with the right people however, can have the complete opposite effect. One thing is for sure, without cooperation, it is quite possible that the human race would not have evolved to high society that we are today, regardless of our individual intellects and abilities.

The future of any success is determined on how well a person is able to get along with others. Getting ahead in life doesn't just involve learning new things and becoming an expert, working hard or being the best. While the familiar saying, "It's not what you know but who you know" might be accurate sometimes, it would be even more precise if it was followed by, “...and they liked you”! When you get along with people, others are far more willing to do more for you, to go out of their way for you and to recommend you to others.

Here are some keynotes from a recent presentation on the subject. Hope you like it!!!

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The Charismatic Champion - Simple Actions That Work

  1. 1. THE CHARISMATIC CHAMPION simple actions that workCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  2. 2. WHY ITS IMPORTANT because it promotes friendships, creates opportunities and builds trustCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  3. 3. WHEN, WHERE AND WITH WHOM? anybody, anyplace at anytimeCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  4. 4. PEOPLE WILL GO OUT OF THEIR WAY FOR YOU but only if they like youCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  5. 5. YOU BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE TO OTHERS they feel good when theyre with youCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  6. 6. NOT BEING CHARISMATIC could mean you MISS OUT to someone else who isCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  7. 7. AND THAT HURTS ouch!!!Copyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  8. 8. HERE ARE SOME TIPS to make new friends, improve business opportunities and open new doors around youCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  9. 9. THREE SIMPLE STEPS to becoming a charismatic championCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  10. 10. CHARISMA IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE DEVELOPED like any skill it requires practice and repetitionCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  11. 11. STEP ONE ‘STATE-OF-MIND’ become what you think about most of the timeCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  12. 12. THINK, BELIEVE AND DO actions speak louder than wordsCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  13. 13. CONVINCE WITH ATTITUDE body language, words and behaviourCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  14. 14. CHARISMATIC TRAITS presence, power and warmthCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  15. 15. STEP TWO ‘UNLOCK THE BARRIERS’ neutralise discomfort of pain, stress and fearCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  16. 16. BUILD CONFIDENCE discover comfort, peace and clarityCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  17. 17. THE DIFFERENT CHARISMA STYLES for different people in different situationsCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  18. 18. 1: FOCUS CHARISMATIC allows people to be heard, understood and feel appreciatedCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  19. 19. 2: VISIONARY CHARISMATIC delivers a convincingly bold vision whilst inspiring and involving others in your visionCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  20. 20. 3: KINDNESS CHARISMATIC creates an emotional connection by providing warmth and acceptanceCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  21. 21. 4: AUTHORITATIVE CHARISMATIC leads people to listen and obey through the projection of power and statusCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  22. 22. MIX IT UP alternate or blend the different styles depending on your specific goals, personality and situationCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  23. 23. STEP THREE ‘PUTTING IT TOGETHER’ planning, practice and preparation is the mark of a professionalCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  24. 24. MAKE FIRST IMPRESSIONS opinions are formed within seconds and often starts with your appearanceCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  25. 25. ESTABLISH FAMILIARITY people feel most comfortable with those who are similar to themCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  26. 26. VERBAL COMMUNICATION listen twice as much as you speakCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  27. 27. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION accounts for 90% of all communication which includes tone of voice, eye contact and body languageCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  28. 28. PAY ATTENTION people don’t always say what they mean, nor do they mean what they sayCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  29. 29. ENJOY THE BENEFITS experience the new way people relate to youCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  30. 30. CONCLUSION EXPECT EXCITING CHANGE new things will happenCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  31. 31. SETS YOU APART be held to higher standards than othersCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  32. 32. GAIN TRUSTpeople will naturally feel more comfortable with you and open upCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
  33. 33. AND ONE MORE THING charisma is a powerful tool, use it wiselyCopyright © 2012 Leon Goltsman
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