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LG Soluciones para Hotelería
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LG Soluciones para Hotelería


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Disponer de tecnología avanzada a través de equipos de última generación es la diferencia que los hoteles pueden ofrecer a sus huéspedes. LG presenta lo más avanzado en tecnología inteligente, estilo …

Disponer de tecnología avanzada a través de equipos de última generación es la diferencia que los hoteles pueden ofrecer a sus huéspedes. LG presenta lo más avanzado en tecnología inteligente, estilo y diseño sofisticado de televisores LCD para el segmento sector hotelero.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Vertical Catalogue - Hotel WITH LG Successfull SOLUTIONS ENHANCE YOUR REPUTATION FOR HOTELBusiness Solutions CompanyLG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-721, Korea* Exact products and specifications shown may vary by geographic region and are subject to change. Actual products may differ from the images appearing in the catalog.* 2010 July version. Jul, ’10
  • 2. Hotel for LG Successfull Solutions WHY LG LG’s reliable and innovative solutions satisfy every business sectors to be able to maximize your business. For this, all LG’s business solutions have been designed to give maximum impact as well as practical benefits. Easy to control, practical features fit in wherever LG Business Solutions are in need. New era of business solutions are IN HOTEL led by LG With a team of design and engineering experts who have a thorough knowledge of our solutions, LG is well positioned to provide hotel and resort operators with reliable and innovative solutions. Knowing our products inside and out makes LG the ideal provider of service and support as well as refinements to technology. LOBBY Reliability as LG As a global leading supplier of electronics company, we have a full experience over GueST ROOM 50 years in this industry. At the same time, as a leading supplier of solution company to the hospitality industry, LG Electronics excels by preparing for the next generation BuSINeSS CeNTeR in digital CONFeReNCe ROOM Technology as LG LG electronics, a leading supplier of electronics technology excels in offering ReSTAuRANT comprehensive and indispensable solutions to suit your needs. With our expertise in research and development for the hospitality industry, LG prides itself in providing FITNeSS CeNTeR access to some of the most advanced and flexible products and technologies. CASINO EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE PARKING LOT Security Air FILL YOUR HOTEL full WITH DREAMS D.Signage Conditioner Monitor Hotel TV Laptop Printer Handset GREEN PRODUCTS Trust the experts - technology you can rely on LG Solutions will raise your prestige with the optimal solutions for the hotel environment Cease Hazardous Substances Product Recycling Environmental Marketing TV MOBILE • Improved the TV’s light efficiency • Replacing harmful materials with healthy substitutes, • To reduce Power consumption • Increasing energy efficiency and recyclability ENHANCE YOUR REFRIGERATOR • Eco-design reduce the environ-mental impact WASHING MACHINE • Adopted the Life Cycle • Assessment [LCA] system REPUTATION WITH of a product’s deve-lopment, production, • Reducing use of hazardous materials LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS FOR HOTeL OPTIMIZED ORGANIZATION FOR HOSPITALITY Single Contact Window He MC HA AC LCD/Plasma Mobile Refrigerators Commercial Aircon AV Laptop Washing Machine Residential Aircon Projector Built-in Appliance HomeNet Solution Bu Car Bu Dedicated R&D BS R&D Lab Develop optimized solutions for Hospitality (i.e. Pro:Idiom, Pro:Centric, SuperSign) Marketing MNT Bu LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 2/3
  • 3. LG Successfull Solutions DIMINISHES EVERY WORRY, FOR HOTELIERS AND GUESTS ALIKE For Your Property For Your Guest Q Isn’t there a way to reduce financial burdens while Q Where can I experience an environment unlike A increasing appeal for distinguished guests? anything I’ve ever seen and service of an entirely A new dimension? eCONOMIC eFFICIeNCY With dependable technological prowess, ReLIABLe TeCHNOLOGY LG Solutions not only provides customer Using the advanced technology of LG as its satisfaction but also enables efficient expense foundation, Solution increases service quality management. and maximizes customer satisfaction. Q What does it take to make a comprehensive Q I want to feel the comfort of my own room at my A management system that is beneficial for own house. Isn’t that possible? A executives and the staff alike? CONVeNIeNCe TOTAL MANAGeMeNT Offering up convenience that will make it seem The efficient unified management enabled like we’ ve simply moved the user environment with mutually organic LG Solutions and you used to over from your iPod or laptop, the accompanying products, satisfies both abundant interface and directly controlled administrators and workers alike. environment can be run from a single remote Q How can we make our customers long to come control unit. back? How can I become the kind of hotelier Q A memorable and relaxing space - A A they want to stay with again? couldn’t it be made a little more stylish? POSITIVe BRAND IMAGe, CReATIVe DeSIGN INCReASeD LOYALTY Recognized by the worldwide design authority The ease and efficiency of LG Hotel Solution Red Dot, its flair brings out the best of any will increase the productivity of workers and by environment and provides a visual feast for the increasing the quality of service, provide guests eyes of guests. with a higher level of satisfaction. Hand in hand with LG, now is the time to make the kind of hotel people want to come back to. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 4/5
  • 4. Usefull LOBBY Make it / For Hotelier The representative spot where a hotel gives its first impression. There is a definite need for the particular design sense that achieves visual concentration and harmonizes perfectly with the surroundings while increasing the efficiency of the staff and providing guests with easy access to information. LG Solutions optimize smooth communication between guests and hotel staff, and specifically in an environment with great fluid population aids in guest security and support for efficient management. Through acceptance of local advertisements, profits will increase providing another economic boon. Have it / For Guest The hotel provides an array of useful information including, check in/out, flight departure times, bus routes and times, and details on additional facilities. Furthermore, to ensure that everyone can have easy access to solution, the user environment has been designed in an intuitive way. NETWORK MONITOR (N1941W) LED MONITOR (E2350V) STRETCHED MONITOR (M2901S) SECURITY CAMERA (LVW700P/N) SEAMLESS MULTI VISION KIOSK (M4700K) Provides work execution related to Installation of a size optimized Installed in the foyer or other eye- Given the characteristics of the DISPLAY (P6030C) Installed in spaces that check in/out as well as tasks related for any environment is possible catching spots, it becomes an space, sur veillance must be The large-scale multivision attract people’s attention, to service support. And with the with high resolution images and important factor in fashioning the carried out without being noticed, installed on the wall of it will raise hotel’s brand security camera system connected minimized power consumption hotel’s image. With the design providing clear and vivid resolution entrance can be used a PR image and increase profits to the network, management of further raising economic efficiency. well matched for the space and at day and night regardless of window for products or the by providing information guests and the facility at large will high resolution that conveys the surroundings. LG Security Camera interior, ultimately bringing on the hotel and PR for increase. authenticity of images, it can be provides optimized function to about the effect of making affiliated companies. used as the window for diverse multiple locations, making possible brand image a window that information on weather, tourism, bus an efficient management with links represents the hotel. routes, and accommodations. to VCA solution. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 6/7
  • 5. Interactivefull HOTEL TV (42LG650H) REMOTE JACK PACK (RJP401W) TOUCH PAD LED LIGHTING (MR16) Guest can enjoy diverse programing from With the easy connection of Guest can enjoy a Light control with cost saving multimedia equipment in excellent resolution your iPod, MP3, and laptop, LG variety of services by energy efficiency and and even control guest room environment Solution provides comfortable h ote l p rov i d es long lifetime etc. among other factors when linked to homey multimedia environment interactively. Pro:Centric Solution on the TV monitor. in the bedroom and bathroom. GUEST ROOM By making it possible for customers to design their own room environment without -iPod -Laptop -MP3 Player -ETC. complicated operation, LG Solutions provide a distinguished and integrated service. EXTERNAL SPK OUT * available for North America region External Speaker Out For BathroomMake it / For HotelierThe special characteristic of this space requires the protectionof privacy while also providing relaxation, a solution to offerdistinguished service is a must. LG with reliable technologicalcapabilities will maximize productivity, which leads to facile anddirect service, raising the bar of customer satisfaction throughan integrated solution. Ultimately, it will fashion an image - of thekind of hotel guests will long to return to.Have it /For GuestThrough Pro:Centric Solution, only available through LG, youcan take control of all the multimedia equipment found in theguest rooms with just one remote control, and also receiveuseful information on the hotel. DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Pro:Idiom system’s high-quality security unlocks access to premium content availability to help assure rapid, broad deployment of HDTV and other high value digital content. Pro:Idiom has been designed specifically for industries that use premium HDTV content from cable, satellite or video on demand (VOD) services and as such, could result in lower costs, and reduced maintenance. This system is one of the leading DRM systems embraced by content providers for both of these key programming sources. By using this embedded approach, security is provided and helps eliminate the possibility of customers tampering with or removing needed components. Created from LG’s own technology Pro:Centric offers a unique and brand new hospitality service From the Interactive Data Service Platform. Various functions on the TV screen can be controlled remotely Customer convenience is maximized By offering useful information including hotel check-in, weather and local tourist information. Hotel customers can create their own room atmosphere. With remote care, unnecessary enquiries or requests are greatly reduced, enhancing work efficiency for the hoteliers and staff. In turn, customer satisfaction is heightened through improved service quality. Ultimately the service will boost the image of the hotel brand. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 8/9
  • 6. Smartfull NETWORK MONITOR (N1941W) LASER PRINTER (C544dn) SECURITY CAMERA (LDW2010) Geust can share information by With vivid and clear color With excellent stability that guarantees operations- connecting up to 31 computers expression and speedy print- related security, this system supports the efficient with only one PC. This is of utmost outs, it’s Geust’s ticket to a management of hotel access points. efficiency in business meetings. Geust smooth response to business can respond to a different business situations. environment in a closely connected -25ppm Color, 1200 DPI manner through rapid networking -128MB, USB2.0 along with energy efficiency based on LED LIGHTING (MR16) advanced low energy consumption BUSINESS CENTER technology. Light control with cost saving by energy efficiency and long lifetime.Make it / For HotelierThe spaces for guests on business trips or meetingsand customers who have to urgently handle workshould be equipped with a professional office solution.Through solution optimized for business environmentLG will raise the level of customers’ satisfaction.Have it / For GuestBy providing a state-of-the art interface linked todiverse multimedia players like laptops, cell phones,and projectors, LG helps you concentrate on yourbusiness, aided by equipment with top-notchfunctionality. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 10/11
  • 7. Purposefull Make it / For Hotelier Have it / For Guest A closely connected solution must be provided depending In a comfortable environment, you can focus on the on the diverse aims of events. The LG Solutions enable conference. The level of satisfaction will increase as you share conference participants to concentrate in comfort, and for the useful information in a pleasing environment. CONFERENCE ROOM staff to efficiently manage participants. Ultimately, it enables successful event-holding with an upgraded brand image.INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD OFFICE MONITOR (W1946S)(M7200EB) By enabling the provision ofB y i n c re a s i n g t h e l e ve l of answers to certain oft-repeatedvisual attention and the level of questions e.g., conference roomconcentration on meetings even reservations, by means of thein a wide space, the satisfaction display, employee productivity willof participants will also be increase, which in turn enhancesmaximized. the quality of service.SECURITY CAMERA(L6213B) TOUCH MONITOR (T1910B)Provides effective monitoring of By offering up information relatedevent halls and makes it possible to events and schedules, it helpsto efficiently respond to any participants of conferencesunexpected incidents that may concentrate on meetings withoutoccur during conference. confusion. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 12/13
  • 8. Tastefull Make it / For Hotelier As this space has to guarantee private time, a comfortable atmosphere is necessary. LG Solutions provide the optimized means for the satisfaction of taste along with comfort, making it possible to access a variety of cuisine in a visual way, guiding customers to enjoy the optimized taste through the efficient delivery of information. Furthermore, by increasing the RESTAURANT management efficiency, LG Solutions help hotels offer enhanced service. Have it / For Guest The high-resolution screen lets you experience a sizzling sensation. Information on the menu provided in advance leads to effective usage. TOUCH MONITOR (T1910B) Guest can enjoy a variety of services hotel provides interactively. Guest can easily access each provided content by touching screen simply without any input device beside. Let your guest just enjoy your preparations. STRETCHED MONITOR (M3801S) The monitor is stretched on both sides, enabling simultaneous delivery of information. By delivering information on seasonal menus and the use of facilities, this system will provide increased convenience to customers. KIOSK (M4700K) LG SuperSign is a break-through The installation at the entrance Digital Signage Solution designed enables customers to access to optimize restaurant. With an information on a diverse menu unparallel level of intuitive and in advance. The information will user-friendly operating features, it enhance the effects of service allows virtually anyone to operate for guests. The screen’s high the system conveniently. resolution gives off a sizzling sensation, drawing attention, which attracts more guests and boosts sales. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 14/15
  • 9. Fitfull Make it / For Hotelier Have it / For Guest As service is provided to hotel guests or exclusive In a refined atmosphere, you will be provided with members, the space should exude grace and pride distinguished service. With displays installed in with the atmosphere where people can concentrate on several places, delivering interactive information you exercise while feeling comfortable. LG Solution raises can efficiently operate a diverse array of programs. FITNESS CENTER the level of visual satisfaction, with aesthetic sense applied to this system as well as technological efficiency. Furthermore, with privacy protection, you can concentrate on exercise without interruptions. STRETCHED MONITOR (M3801S) While guest stays in fitness center, guest will be provided with a variety of information on the hotel, weather, news, and stock market as well as other facilities including the pool and spa. SECURITY CAMERA (LVW700P/N) With the people counting function, this system provides management and control in crowded places. While protecting privacy, it will efficiently prevent unforeseen events and accidents. MONITOR TV (M2380DF) While using exercise machines, guest could enjoy various entertainment contents including TV programs.It enables your guest experience the hotel facility fully with every contact points. KIOSK (M4700K) By providing information on on-going classes like yoga or dance, it plays the role of a promotion window, encouraging customers to participate in diverse programs. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 16/17
  • 10. Joyfull CASINO Make it / For Hotelier As an environment that must accommodate guests from home and abroad, the solution is required to provide a noble atmosphere suited to the hotel’s image along with entertainment to the nth degree. LG Solution provides a user-friendly environment with easy access for all and active management of customers, raising the hotel’s brand image and helping to generate profits. Have it / For Guest With comfort that continues even through extended use and privacy protection, guests can enjoy an array of entertainment options. SEAMLESS MULTI VISION DISPLAY (P6030C) Installed in the lobby, it can be used as a “way-finder” by providing information on the use of casino or additional facilities on the over-size screen. SECURITY CAMERA (L6213B) Through high-resolution imaging, this system will efficiently monitor and manage unexpected incidents, accidents, or inappropriate gaming while protecting privacy. TOUCH MONITOR (T1910B) With a real sense of touch, it adds the fun of playing games. Guest can enjoy games you want to play at the push of a button. Furthermore, an environment that visitors can immediately grasp helps customers concentrate on the games. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 18/19
  • 11. Carefull Make it / For Hotelier PARKING LOT MANAGeMeNT In a hotel, where managing brand image is important, By linking up with broadly installed IP cameras, Signage Monitor prevention of disreputable incidents and accidents from enables real-time facility monitoring. Users can also monitor occurring in advance is crucial above all else. In particular, in the on-site situation through an Internet-enabled cell phone or parking lots with fluid population, it is hard for staff to manage laptop, making this product helpful for users and administrators the safety of customers one by one. LG Solution, which provide alike. This technology recognizes congestion or high density PARKING LOT optimized location-tailored function, maximizes efficient and safe management effects with a minimum workforce. Furthermore, the guide service using recognition of license levels within the facility and adjusts automatically and effectively, saving you fruitless expenditures of time. More than all else, it is the ease of detecting and tracking unauthorized incursions that plates will increase the level of customers’ satisfaction as a make this solution superior in decreasing theft and accidents, differentiated service. and creating a safe and secure environment for both guests and environments. Have it / For Guest A broad blanket of security cameras and a network system connected in an integrated way ensure that you can use facilities without concern for safety or unforeseen incidents. LARGE SIZE DISPLAY (M5203C) Making use of a public display panel, it’s resilience is excellent, allowing you to place it vertically without having a negative effect on the picture quality or the display’s lifespan. And in a cramped parking area, it’s space-saving design will allow you to provide visitors with the guidance they need in an effective way. STRETCHED MONITOR (M3801S) With an extended horizontal form, viewing information on both left and right simultaneously is possible, while to save space, we have minimized the height to correspond to that of automobiles. This increases ease of use in the facility while providing useful information to cars entering and leaving including the current state of the facility and location information, all helping to achieve smooth and efficient guest management. SECURITY CAMERA (LSW900P/N) Provides a clear and detailed image even in dark environments and can capture license plate information too, conveying a vivid picture of the situation. With Parking Lot Management you will be able to effectively prevent crime and carry out efficient parking administration. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 20/21
  • 12. eNVIRONMeNTAL VISION LG Electronic’s vision is to grow into a leading envirmentally conscious company by working to protect the global environment and creating products with environmentally friendly features. We first announced our environmental policies in 1994. We have also developed activities tominimize environmental burdens associated with our operations. LG Electronics’ envirmental strategies are being implemented across the entire value chain. We are especially focused on issues related to green product features, climate change, and recycling. LG electronics’ eco-friendly Technology e evironme urce Reducti om n so Re H on t • Decrease noise and vibration • Reduce product weight/volume • Use recycled materials ubstance Ma Im bility prove sS cla na u me yHazardo Rec gem t nt en • Reduce use of heavy metal • Use recyclable material • Phase out certain hazardous • Reduce stand-by power material issions Redu urce Reducti em so Re on cti 2 CO on • Use renewable energy • Reduce power consumption • Reduce CO2 emissions • Reduce stand-by power through product life-cycle LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 22/23
  • 13. Product Lineup Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERA HOTeL TV 42LD650H 32/37/42/47/55LD650H HOTeL TV * available for North America region * available for North America region LD650H LD450C LD350C 55LD520C 32" 37" 42" 47" 55" 37" 42" 47" 19" 22" 26" 32" 55" Pro:Idiom PIP Pro:Centric (Java/Flash) Bed1/2 (Bed1/2/3/4) Pro:Centric Lite (Java/Flash) RJP Interface b-LAN embedded STB Compatible MPeG4 Universal Pillow Speaker IP Streaming Compatible Watermarking (TBD) MPI Slot MONITOR Public Display Setting (PDM 2.6) MPI Slot Port (RJ12) W1946S e2350V M2380DF T1910B Commercial Mode Set Up Menu external Speaker Jack (Express) Audio Out TVLink-Protocol RS-232C uSB Cloning IR Pass Thru uSB Media Host (JPeG & MP3) IR Out Splash Image - Logo Swivel +/- 90 degree (when booting) (32/37F/42F only) Multi Remote IR code Big Font UI COMMeRCIAL DISPLAY M2901S M3801S M5203C MV120C KeY FeATuReS SeCuRITY CAMeRA PRO:CeNTRIC _INTERACTIVE GUESTROOM LGS FRee-TO-GueST COST eFFeCTIVe SOLuTION LVW700 LDW2010 LSW900 L5213-B L6213-B Including an embedded applications platform, For Free-To-Guest hotel installations, when using LG televisions with b-LAN LG’s Hotel TV series allows hoteliers to customize integration plus LG’s Free-to-Guest Management Appliance (FMA), virtual the in-room experience. Pro:Centric provides an channel mapping, cloning of commercial installer menu settings, and other easy to interface with interactive program guides, adjustments can be made from the centralized head-end FMA system. This is games and internet data feeds, as well as an added value of time savings and therefore cost savings in labor charges by applications designed to connect guests to hotel services not having to go room to room for a change of settings. XD eNGINe PRO:IDIOM SOLuTION INFORMATION Six distinct processes contribute to picture improvement. XD Engine takes the low DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Pro:Idiomsystem’s high- quality security unlocks access to premium content availability to help assure N1941W N1742L N1642W RJP-401W iPod Docking Station resolution of analog signals to near HD levels rapid, broad deployment of HDTV and other high value digital content. by improving brightness, contrast, detail and enhancing color as well as reducing signal noise. 1024.3 87.1 NeTWORK MONITOR RJP (ReMOTe JACK PACK) DIMeNSION 487.1 SuPeRSIGN SOFTWARe NC1000 NC2000 685.2 621.2 260.9 SuPeRSIGN front side top LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 24/25
  • 14. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERAOFFICe MONITOR LeD LCD MONITORW1946S e2350V- 16:9 Aspect ratio- Brightness: 250cd/m2 - 16:9 Aspect ratio- Resolution: 1366x768 - Brightness: 250cd/m2- Contrast ratio: 30000:1 - Resolution: 1920x1080(Full HD)- Response time: 5ms(Typ.) - Mega Contrast Ratio- Signal input: D-Sub - Response time: 5ms(Typ.) - Signal input: HDMI, DVI-D(with HDCP), D-Sub - Low power consumption: 28W KeY FeATuReS KeY FeATuReS eXCeLLeNT PICTuRe QuALITY GReeN TeCHNOLOGY THAT HeLPS 15.5MM uLTRA SLIM FRAMe For users to conveniently access By reproducing the digital contents in Like a dark surrounding of a movie WITH FuLL HD ReSOLuTION THe eNVIRONMeNT & BuSINeSS various contents simultaneously, E50 their original proportion, movies, video theater, the area excluded from the Series can also be connected to a laptop and clips, and games in various picture ratios can be user’s mouse drag is dimmed to help viewers W46 Series supports Full HD(1920x1080 pixels) Although the W46 Series has reduced the W46 Series has a simple and square design with a be used as a dual monitor. viewed in their optimal size without being distorted. concentrate on the video clip resolution and provides 1:1 pixel match to a wide number of lamps from four to two, the screen narrow bezel of 15.5mm—making it suitable for range of HD content for crisp, vivid reproduction maintains an adequate level of brightness with multiple monitors to be connected to display a single of presentation documents, high resolution increased energy efficiency of the prism sheet. large screen for financial institutions, hospitals, and pictures and videos.(*Only available on 22” or As a result, energy consumption is lowered and control rooms. Navigation buttons are shown on the Dual Web offers optimized window size Auto Bright automatically provides larger) electricity costs have been cut by an average of screen area above the touch buttons with automatic screen division. From optimal brightness for the displayed 30%.(*Standard value when using 22” monitor) to make menu movement more convenient. web pages to documents, the windows are contents. As a result, the display supports automatically aligned in optimal sizes for you to luminance that reproduces the images most 15.5 mm see without making any adjustments. effectively while minimizing eye strain. 1366 1920 OFF ON 15.5 mm 768 1080 Conventional W46 Series 1366x768 Resolution Full HD (1920x1080) 19.0 mm >> Resolution Conventional No printed button items Dual Web Off Dual Web On Dark data source Brightness is increased 442.6 60.4 DIMeNSION 411.2 DIMeNSION 356.2 231.8 266.7 169.9 front side top front side top LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 26/27
  • 15. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERALeD LCD MONITOR TV TOuCH MONITORM2380DF T1910B- 16:9 A spect ratio- Brightness: 250cd/m2 - Screen Size: 19”- Resolution: 1920x1080(Full HD) - Brightness(Typ.): 200cd/m2- Mega Contrast Ratio - Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1(DFC)- Response time: 5ms(Typ.) - Viewing Angle(CR>10): 170/160- Built-in speaker: 5Wx2 - Response Time: 5ms- Woofer: 7W - Native Resolution: 1280 X 1024 - User Interface: D-Sub, USB(1up) - Stand: Tilt/Foldable - Touch screen (resistive type) KeY FeATuReS KeY FeATuReS uSB QuICK VIeW HD PLAY SuRROuND X 2.1 CHANNeL SOuND SYSTeM WIDe TILT FOLDING STAND FAST & ACCuRATe TOuCH Now various DivX contents can be viewed simply LGs Surround X maximizes the reality of WITH WOOFeR The stable folding stand adjusts to a variety of tilting options with the Highly responsive touch provides intuitive and precise interaction with fewer by connecting to the monitor through the USB entertainment contents by delivering vivid 3D easy-to-use control lever. Increase stability allows for comfortable screen errors. M80DF Series has built-in 5W speakers and a woofer port, without the hassle of turning on the PC. sound. Surround X breathes life into the interaction without any unwanted movements or instability. system to free you from the hassle of connecting various M80D supports codec for playback of MP3 files experience of watching movies and TV shows, external sound devices. Supported by deep bass and and video clips in various formats as well as for playing games, and listening to music by magnificent sound, M80DF will redefine the experience viewing digital photographs reproducing crisp sound and vivid human voice. of listening to orchestra music and live concerts, as well Turn on your M80D and indulge yourself with the as watching blockbuster movies at home. Also, the heart throbbing sounds of a concert hall. woofer system maximizes the reality of video and computer games by providing rich sound reproduction. PC Photo MP3 DivX 94 70.1 509.6 54 61.8 406.3 DIMeNSION DIMeNSION 75 92 16.6 32.5 75 16 135.7 14 18.4 378.3 330.5 15.8 75 407.3 344.5 221.9 303 214.5 28.9 100 196.9 42.6 119.4 26.2 232.5 193.9 front side back front side back LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 28/29
  • 16. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | DISPLAY | SECURITY SUPER SIGN | KIOSK | STRECTHED SECURITY CAMERALARGe SIze LARGe SIzeDISPLAY SeRIeS DISPLAY SeRIeSM2901S M3801S - Screen Size : 29” - Screen Size : 38” - Aspect Ratio : 17:6 - Aspect Ratio : 16:4 - Native Resolution : 1366 x 480 (HD) - Native Resolution : 1920 x 502 (FHD) - Brightness : 420cd/m2 - Brightness : 420cd/m2 - Contrast Ratio : 1,200:1 - Contrast Ratio : 1,400:1 - Viewing Angle (H x V) : 178 x 178 - Viewing Angle (H x V) : 178 x 178 - Response Time : 8 ms (G to G) - Response Time : 5 ms (G to G) KeY FeATuReS KeY FeATuReS ez-NeT MANAGeR WIDe VIeWING ANGLe eZ-net manager lets the user control monitors which are installed in remote areas through Ethernet. So you can check the status of Super In Plane Switching or Super IPS is the exclusive feature of LG LCD Display. This unique technique has the better control of liquid crystal Monitors and Change the Input and Volume and even Update the Firmware from Server. and in consequence, it allows you to watch the screen virtually at any angle. Super-IPS Structure VA Structure CF Layer CF Layer Large Small Contact Area Contact Area Small Large Cell gap Cell gap TFT Layer or TFT Layer IPS Panel VA Panel Wide Viewing Angle Small Viewing Angle 763.4 763.4 763.4 701.5 701.5 701.5 86.8 86.8 86.8 986.4 986.4 986.4 DIMeNSION 697.685(A/A) 697.685(A/A) 697.685(A/A) 58 58 58 DIMeNSION 935 930.246(A/A) 935 930.246(A/A) 935 930.246(A/A) 90 61.7 90 61.7 90 61.7 243.219(A/A) 243.219(A/A) 243.219(A/A) 245.16(A/A) 245.16(A/A) 245.16(A/A) 299.4 299.4 299.4 305.8 305.8 305.8 10~15 10~15 10~15 248 248 248 249 249 200 249 200(VESA) 200(VESA) 200(VESA) 10~15 10~15 10~15 200 200 30 30 30 30 30 30 10 10 10 10 10 10 400(VESA) 400(VESA)400(VESA) 4-M6 4-M6 4-M6 400 400 4004-M6 4-M6 4-M6 front side back front side back LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 30/31
  • 17. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERALARGe SIze SeAMLeSS DeSIGNDISPLAY SeRIeS 120” MuLTI-VISION DISPLAYM5203C P6030C exclusive PD Module Flexible Design Virtually Seamless 120” Screen - Reliable Picture Quality - Common Speaker & The seam size of one side has only 2mm. Viewer s can enjoy the - Portrait mode Slim Bezel virtually seamless screen on the 2×2 120” multi-vision display. - No Blackening Defect - Video Wall Usage - Wide viewing angle - Various Interface - Distortion Free image - Software Compatibility - Fire Retardant Management Tool 2mm - Enhanced Scheduler eco-Friendly Product - Image Sticking - Eco-Design(ROHS, WEEE) 2mm Minimization(ISM) - Power Saving - Ez Net Manager Coin Depth - SuperSign Compatible Seam Size KeY FeATuReS SuPeRIOR PICTuRe QuALITY & PeRFORMANCeS ReLIABLe PICTuRe QuALITY 600Hz SuB FIeLD DRIVING 0.001ms FAST ReSPONSe TIMe LG Commercial MNT adopts the exclusive public display module whose reliability is far better than that of a normal TV module. The public LG’s advanced 600Hz Subfield Driving technology substantially reduces LG’s plasma are engineered with self-illuminating pixels and fast display is known for high resistance to image retention and the gravity-related defect. Therefore, the public display module is a perfect fit motion blur, judder, and artifacts even for the fastest action sequences response Time, 0.001ms which react with outstanding precision to for severe operation condition. in movies, sports or video games, and so on. changes on the screen. This translates to remarkably fast-moving 60 Pictures / second pictures with zero motion blur. TV Panel Public Display Panel with 10 Sub-field Pictures 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 10th LG Plasma Display Other Device DYNAMIC MeGA CONTRAST RAITO uLTRA BRIGHT PANeL / 1,500 Cd/m2 Image retention Shift to Other Image Image retention Free The picture with dynamic mega contrast ratio are exceptionally clear Latest generation plasma panel combines improved brightness and and crisp with significantly reduced optical glare and light reflection. considerably low black levels to ensure on-screen images look crisp and Dark is darker, white is more brighter realistic. DIMeNSION Dynamic MEGA Contrast Ratio Conventional Ultra Bright Panel Conventional front side back LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 32/33
  • 18. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERAIP DOMe NeTWORK CAMeRA 6mm CCD IP DOMe CAMeRALVW700P/N LDW2010- 540 TV Lines - 6mm(1/3 type) Super HAD II CCD- 1/3’’ Vertical Double Interline CCD - H.264 & MJPEG (dual codec)- Varifocal Lens (2.8~11mm) - 30fps @ D1 (NTSC), 25fps @ D1 (PAL)- Min. Illumination : 0.1 Lux (Color mode, Sens up off) - 2-way audio 0.00003lux (B/W Mode, Sens up on) - Digital Day & Night- Compression : H.264, MJPEG(Dual Stream Support) - Power over Ethernet- Resolution (Max) : 704X480(NTSC), 704X576(PAL)- Frame Rate (Max) : 30 fps/25fps(NTSC/PAL) @ D1- ICR True D&N- Wide Dynamic Range- 1port Video Output- Two-way Audio- Alarm In/Out- Protocol : TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, UDP, DHCP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, ARP, ICMP, DDNS(LG)- Client/Server Management S/W (Max 64ch Live/NAS Recoding support)- VCA (Video Contents Analysis) support (LVW701P/N)- 8 Privacy Masking- 3-Axis KeY FeATuReS KeY FeATuReS ADVANCeD TeCHNOLOGY PeRFeCT IMAGe ACTIVe MANAGeMeNT 6MM (1/3 TYPe) CCD H.264 / MJPeG DuAL CODeC 2-WAY AuDIO A comprehensive network solution that brings Life-like quality thats good enough to nab even Timely and rapid response to problems from The adopted CCD sensor shows far superior low The latest codec H.264 enables high quality Two-way audio data are transmitted over the analog and digital together. Through highly- the perfect criminal. You will be able to view the occurrence through resolution. With the saving - illuminance images compared to CMOS. images to be transmitted and stored without internet, enabling real-time audio detection and evolved transmission technology, connectivity is highest possible image quality using the and storage of key scenes and a count of damage, compared with existing MPEG4. warning through speakers in the frontlines. worldwide and networking can be achieved with smallest amount of data space and enjoy a people in and out, the artificial intelligence a variety of devices. With remote management clean and clear image thanks to the XDI DSP system allows early diagnosis and recognition of capabilities, no matter where you are in the Chip Solution that prevents blur and adjusts for problem situations actively, offering the perfect world, its just like being on the scene. video quality. total care solution. • Simple and easy installation • The highest picture quality with the lowest • A real-time remote care system • Economical installation cost data usage • Active monitoring system Conventional 6mm (1/3 Type) CCD MPEG4 H.264 • Reduced upkeep costs • Fluid network response • Diagnosis and procurement of evidence • Outstanding flexibility, powerful compatibility DIMeNSION 156 BRACKETS DIMeNSION 102.3 Ø122 124 52.5 R51 400 102 135.8 140 155.8 263 120° 140 Ø106 80.0 Ø180 Ø180 Ø80 side front LSO-300P LSO-300W side front top LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 34/35
  • 19. Product Info. TV | MONITOR | COMMERCIAL DISPLAY | SECURITY CAMERAIP FIXeD NeTWORK CAMeRA HIGH-eND DOMe CAMeRALSW900P/N L6213-B/L5213-B- 540 TV Lines - 6.0mm (1/3 Type) CCD- 1/3’’ Vertical Double Interline CCD - 620 TV Lines- Min. Illumination : 0.1 Lux (Color mode, Sens up off) - Min. Illumination 0.00003lux (B/W Mode, Sens up on) : 0.06 Lux (Color mode, Sens-up Off)- Compression : H.264, MJPEG(Dual Stream Support) 0.000001 Lux (B/W, Sens-up x 128)- Resolution (Max) : 704X480(NTSC), 704X576(PAL) - 3 Axis- Frame Rate (Max ) : 30 fps/25fps(NTSC/PAL) @ D1 - Vari-Focal Lens (f=2.8~11mm)- ICR True D&N - ICR Day & Night- Wide Dynamic Range - Sens-up (3D-DNR)- 1port Video Output - EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)- Two-way Audio - HSBLC (Highlight Suppress BLC)- Alarm In/Out - Wide Range of White Balance- Protocol : TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, UDP, DHCP, - 8 Privacy Zone Masking FTP, SMTP, NTP, ARP, ICMP, DDNS(LG) - Vandal Proof, IP 66 (only L6213-B)- Client/Server Management S/W (Max 64ch Live/ NAS - 15 Multi-Language OSD Recoding support) - Low Power Consumption- VCA(Video Contents Analysis) support - DC12V/AC24V- 8 Privacy Masking- AC24V, DC12V, PoE- RS-485 Support KeY FeATuReS KeY FeATuReS H.264 CODeC VIDeO CONTeNTS ANALYSIS TRue DAY & NIGHT 620TVL HORIzONTAL ReSOLuTION VARI-FOCAL LeNS VANDAL PROOF/IP66 • High quality Image/Lowest image recording Intruder Detection / Crossing Line It provides an ideal high quality image in both By removing the optical false color structure By embedding vari-focal lens, it is possible to Its durable cover protects the camera from • Optimized network enviroment Object Removal / Counting Tampering day and night mode. When light falls down to a using LPF, and combining 12 bit A/D serial adjust the angle and video quality to match the outside impact such as extreme changes of • HDD uses which are efficient certain level, cameras switches to B/W mode signals with image enhancement technology, environment, always providing the optimal temperature, humidity and vandalism. automatically. allows the achievement of 620 TVL resolution. image. Ultimately providing high-definition monitoring ** Vari-Focal Lens (f=2.8~11mm) in any environment. MPEG4 H.264 Intruder Detection Vari-Focal Lens Day Mode Night Mode Conventional 620TVL Conventional Vari-Focal Lens IP 66 Vandal Proof DIMeNSION 128.5 69 DIMeNSION L6213-B L5213-B Ø140 Ø140 54 91.7 87.3 side front side top side top LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 36/37
  • 20. Solution Info.NeTWORK MONITORN1941W/ N1742L/ N1642W How does it work? Network Monitor operates by using software that enables users to virtually share a single host PC. Once this software is installed on a PC, multiple users can share a single PC, with each user running any application that they desire by using Network Monitors, keyboards and mice as if they were usingN1941W N1742L N1642W separate PCs. All computing tasks are done on the shared PC, while the monitors, keyboards and mice of the users communicate with the shared PC via- Aspect ratio: 16:9 - Aspect ratio: 5:4 - Aspect ratio: 16:9 a connection device. Today, even entry-level PCs feature 2.0 GHz dual-core processors and high-performance RAM. It is extremely inefficient for users to- Resolution: 1366x768(WXGA+) - Resolution: 1280x1024(SXGA) - Resolution: 1366x768(WXGA+) tax these computing powerhouses with simple work or educational tasks such as word processing, browsing the Internet, and sending or receiving- Contrast ratio: 8000:1(DFC) - Contrast ratio: 8000:1(DFC) - Contrast ratio: 5000:1(DFC) E-mails. However, Network Monitor conserves energy by allowing multiple users to share the computing strength of a single PC. The virtual desktop software of Network Monitor divides computer resources into independent sessions, so that all users can simultaneously use a single PC. Users can- Response time: 5ms(Typical) - Response time: 5ms(Typical) - Response time: 8ms(Typical) individually enjoy a high-quality PC experience, while the PC transmits divided desktop screens to each user like a data administrator, and handles the- Signal input: D-sub, - Signal input: D-sub, - Signal input: D-sub, separate keyboard and mouse of each user at the same time. Meanwhile, the virtual software effectively communicates with Network Monitor through X-port(Signal from X550 X-port(Signal from X550 X-port(Signal from X550 UXP (User eXtension Protocol). by LAN Cable) by LAN Cable) by LAN Cable)- Invisible speakers(1Wx2) - Invisible speakers(1Wx2) - Invisible speakers(1Wx2) * Tips : Recommended PC spec. Case1 : 2-6 Users (1 X 550 PCI Cards) s Dual core processor at 3.0 GHz or higher with 2 GB of system memory (i.e. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2) A Sensational Solution for the Recession Case2 : 7-11 Users (2 X 550 PCI Cards) s Quad core processor at 2.66 GHz or higher with 4 GB of system memory (i.e. Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Phenom X4) "CRISIS CAN LeAD TO OPPORTuNITY" The LG Business Monitor suggests you consider Network Monitor Series as an asset to help your business weather the global recession. LG Electronics’ technological innovation can reduce the purchasing price of a single computer by 60% by allowing up to 30 monitors to connect to a single host computer system. You can additionally save up to 70% on maintenance costs and up to 90% on energy costs, making Network Monitor Series an excellent choice during these difficult economic realities. Providing additional software solution N series (16", 17", 19" : N1642W, N1742L, N1941W) Lowest Cost and Best Multimedia i-com(Interactive Communication solution) i-com is a remote control system that allows you to access the status of individual monitors from a remote Host Computer host PC. This enables you to see how much your students are understanding at a glance, personally give demonstrations on screen, helps teacher and students communicate using messages in an ideal and interactive way, all of which makes teaching more effective. - Direct connection - PC in one room (10m) - Full multimedia IP-pro(Virtual IP solution) - Up to 11 users per PC If separate IP addresses are required to check each user with the IP, like for a call center or a softwarethat uses individual IP to monitor students screens in an education solution program, virtual IP is allocated to the logged-in users using the NIC information and the user runs the allocated application and leaves a job log using the allocated virtual IP. User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4 User 5 User 6 Multi-Share(Isolation solution) The Public Modulator is provided to allocate a unique area to each user in a virtualizationenvironment, so as to Recommended PC spec. Peripheral connections Direct connection from host PC uSB ports on host PC prevent interference or conflict of files, registry, or object access when the application is installed or executed - Dual core processor at 3.0 GHz - PS/2 Keyboard and mouse - Up to 11 users per host can be assigned to in a multiuser environment. or higher with 2 GB of system - Speaker output - Multi-media / Internet individual users memory (i.e. Intel Core 2 Duo or - Office productivity AMD Athlon X2) electricity Air conditioning e-waste Network Monitor consumes merely 1 - 5W, Lower energy consumption also means lower heat Most PCs are discarded after 3-5 years, but Network compared to the approximately 110W consumed by generation. A room with multiple PCs requires an air Monitors can be used for more than 10 years. In a single PC. This means that you can reduce the conditioner to control the room temperature, but this addition, the monitor creates less waste than the energy consumption of each user by up to 99%. does not apply to a room with just a host PC and approximately 10kg of waste produced when PC is Network Monitor will pay for itself within a year Network Monitor. This means that you can cut down on discarded, leading to a decrease in waste transportation DIMeNSION N1941W N1742L N1642W through energy savings alone. the number of air conditioners you require, save money volume and the size of landfills. on your electricity bill, and vastly reduce your costs. Remote control system Virus regulation Data security The host PC can check each users monitor using To prevent viruses and to apply patch upgrades, Data security has emerged as a hot issue in companies, the remote control system (i-com), meaning it installation can be performed in one convenient factories, government agencies, and schools. According becomes efficient for learning and teaching guides step, since only the host PC needs to be managed. to the research of British IT Security Company front side front side front side and Managing entire network monitors. (Sophos), corporate PC users are the source of 44% of the risk factors related to data security. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 38/39
  • 21. Solution Info.SuPeRSIGN easy editing LG SuperSign’s easy content editor resolves all content production issues.What is SuperSign Solution? LG SuperSign is so easy and efficient that even first-time users can quickly get used to the system’s functionality. With sample templates tailored for specific industries and simple operating features such as ‘drag & drop’, you can create expert contents conveniently.SuperSign Solution is a Digital Signage Solution that was developed exclusively by LGElectronics. The LG SuperSign Solution offers Display, Media player (hardware andsoftware), and Management programs. Wizard Pre-defined Template Urgent Message Drag & Drop Drag & Drop menu coupled with preview feature. Content Editor Scheduler Manager Even a novice user can Customized templates Digital bulletin board to Facilitated editing of Easier and efficient Customized management easily produce content in designed for various display various information contents scheduling display to maximize a few clicks. industries. and emergency notices. productivity easy update LG SuperSign’s remote content delivery allows you to manage your contents quickly and efficiently. Display Media players Software LG SuperSign supports high-caliber remote content delivery. In LAN/WAN-equipped environments, you can promptly deliver contents to High Performance Displays Easy and Quick Management through Media Playe Easy and intuitive software that allows even the each display. A digital signage is connected to the media player SuperSign Solution’s Media Player includes the novice to operate conveniently and is used to show advertising videos. SuperSign NC1000 & NC2000 hardware as well as the SuperSign Solution provides the SuperSign Solution supports most LG Electronic monitor display SuperSign Player Software Manager software, an all-in-one management product. Brightness, resolution, sound, and other program that is used to Control the display and display product features can be controlled by the the media player, as well as create and distribute SuperSign Manager software. media. Bar Shop Sports Center Morning Lunch Night NC1000 NC2000 ( MEDIA PLAYER ) EXTERNAL ( MEDIA PLAYER ) INTERNAL easy Maintenance LG SuperSign’s easy maintenance saves your time and cost so that you may focus your attention on making your business grow even further. LG SuperSign’s real-time monitoring and diagnostic system allows you to manage the system easily even from remote locations. Detachable external easy & Convenient media player is easy to remove from the unit. That way you can respond much more efficiently in case of an emergency. Remote Control Fault Tolerant System Log Report A BReAKTHROuGH DIGITAL SIGNAGe SOLuTION Automatic Network Re-connection Maximum 5x5 Video - Wall Display 1FullHDand1HD(Max3HDMovies) Software Resumption Maximum 5X5 Both the display and external media player can be In case of temporal errors, Super- sign software Information regarding display and content are recorded Video-wall Display powered on and off and software upgrades can be provides the fault tolerant functions for automatic for future reference in an easy-to-read log report. USB Contents Play installed through LAN. network reconnection or software resumption. LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 40/41
  • 22. Solution Info. SpecificationsRJP (ReMOTe JACK PACK)RJP-401W /iPod Docking Station PANeL Screen : Size 42LD650H 42" Model Name Brief Spec 47LD450C CCFL/FHD 42LD450C CCFL/FHD 37LD450C CCFL/FHD Aspect Ratio 16:9 LCD SPeC. Resolution 1920X1080(FHD) 1920X1080(FHD) 1920X1080(FHD) Power source 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz Brightness (cd/m2) 500 500 450 TuNING # of Tuners 2 (1 : ATSC/NTSC, 2 : DATA) Dynamic Contrast Ratio 60,000:1 60,000:1 60,000:1 SYSTeM ATSC Yes (Air Ch2~ Ch69, CATV 01Ch ~ 135Ch) Viewing Angle Degree 178/178 178/178 178/178 NTSC Yes (Air Ch2~ Ch69, CATV 01Ch ~ 135Ch) Response Time (GTG) 4ms 4ms 4ms QAM Yes True Viewing Angle ● ● ● DCR(Digital Cable Ready) No Life Span (hr) 60,000 hr 60,000 hr 60,000 hrembrace multimedia with Hotel TV’s RJP seamless connectivity QPSK No Broadcasting System Analog ● ● ● Tuning FS DigitalLG Hotel TV’s Remote Jack Pack offers quick and easy connectivity with personal MODuLe Diplay Format 1920 X 1080 ATSC ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner)electronic devices such as MP3 players, digital camera and laptops. Our TVs Brigntness 400 cd/m2 (Typ) VIDeO XD Engine ● ● ●automatically detect when a device has been connected and immediately links it Contrast Ratio 3000 : 1 (Dynamic 20,000:1) Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9with the TV screen, allowing your guests to turn their television into a personalised View Angle(H/V) 172°(Min) 172°(Typ) Aspect Ratio Correction 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set byentertainment hub. VIDeO All Format Converter Yes (1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i --> 1080p) program, 4:3, Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) program, 4:3, Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) program, 4:3, Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) Comb Filter Yes (3D Digital) Just Scan (0% overscan) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) - when ""Just Scan Mode"" selected." Color Temperature Yes (Cool / Normal / Warm / User) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Enhanced Video Yes RF(1080i/720p) RF(1080i/720p) RF(1080i/720p) (DLTI / DCTI) Yes Color Temperature Control 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) (Black/Blue Stretcher) Yes 24p Real Cinema(24p 5:5 / 2:2 Pull down)- HDMI ● ● ● Auto Flesh Tone Yes AV Mode (Picture & Sound) Cinema / Sport / Game Cinema / Sport / Game Cinema / Sport / Game 3:2 Pull-Down Yes Picture Mode 7 modes (Vivid, Standard, Cinema, 7 modes (Vivid, Standard, Cinema, 7 modes (Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Aspect Ratio Correction 5 Modes(16:9, Just Scan, 4:3, Set by Program, Zoom) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) XD Color(Active Color Management) Yes ISFccc (Ready) ● ● ● iPod Docking Station Image Sticking Minimization No Enhanced noise reduction 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) XD Engine Yes Eye care (Anti-dazzling) IDG-20G/W ● ● ● Picture Status Mode "8 Modes(Intellingent Sensor, Vivid, Standard, Fresh white ● ● ● Cinema, Sports, Game, Expert1, Expert2)" Intelligent Sensor Mode NO NO NO AuDIO # of Speaker 2 woofer xvyCC ● ● ● Dolby Digital Decoder Yes AuDIO Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP) ● ● ● Mono/Stereo/SAP Yes Audio Output (Watts - THD 10%) 10W + 10W 10W + 10W 10W + 10W Surround System infinite sound SubWoofer - - - Total Audio Watts (RMS) 2 x 10 W Speaker System Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Bass/Treble/Balance Yes Dolby Digital Decoder ● ● ● RJP-401W EZ SoundRite (AVL) EZ Sound Yes "5 Mode(Standard, Music, Cinema, Sports, Game) / Surround System Bass/Treble/Balance Infinite Sound ● Infinite Sound ● Infinite Sound ● clear voice,infinite sound" Auto Volume ● ● ● Graphic Equalizer No Sound Mode 5 modes (Standard, Music, 5 modes (Standard, Music, 5 modes (Standard, Music, JACKS RF in 1 (NTSC+ATSC tuner) Cinema, Sport, Game) Cinema, Sport, Game) Cinema, Sport, Game) A/V In 2 (Rear + Side) FeATuReS USB 2.0 MP3 ● ● ● Monitor Out No JPEG ● ● ● S-Video In 2 (Rear + Side) DivX (HD/SD) NO NO NO Component & R/L Audio In 1 (Y,Pb,Pr)-480i/p,720p,1080i,1080p Special Picture Wizard ● ● ● RGB In (DB15-RGB) 1 (Rear,for PC RGB) Intelligent Sensor NO NO NO Audio in(Phone Jack) 1 (Rear) Smart Energy Saving(Basic/Plus) ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute DVI No HDMI 2 Mechanical Switch-Off NO NO NO Digital sound out 1 out Broadband (VOD) No No No Design Speaker Out Yes PC contents Sharing (DLNA) No No No RS-232C 1 (Rear) Widget Service(Yahoo/Netflix) No No No RJP-401W : Wall-mounted IR In/out 0/1 Bluetooth No No No iPod Docking Station RJP (RJ-45) 1(Rear) HD DivX NO NO NO Ethernet (RJ-45) 1(Rear) DviX File Format NO NO NO USB 1(Rear) DviX Caption Format NO NO NO MPI Slot 1 Slot (STANDARD TYPE ) 1080P Source Input HDMI (60/30/24p), Component HDMI (60/30/24p), Component HDMI (60/30/24p), Component MPeG-4 AV H.264 full HD real time decoding, AC-3 decoding (60/30/24p), RGB (WXGA) (60/30/24p), RGB (WXGA) (60/30/24p), RGB (WXGA) Interface CABINeT Style Monitor Look(Invisible Speaker) AV Input Navigation/ EZ Input searching ● ● ● DeSCRIPTION Control Panel Direct Type(Side) Input Labeling ● ● ● Available for Laptops, digital cameras, DVDs, MP3 players Local Key Menu, TV/Video, Vol(+/-), Ch(+/-) Flashback(Quick View) ● ● ● - HDMI : All digital audio/video interface Type Soft Touch Clear Voice II ● ● ● IR Breathing LED, RGB sensor, Power key Quick Set-up Guide capable of transmitting uncompressed stream ● ● ● Swivel(° ) ± 90° Key Lock/ Child rock ● ● ● - PC video in : Carries analog video signals Input Side/Rear Demo Mode (Auto Demo) ● ● ● - Video In : Composite video Security Screw Hole Yes(4EA) TruMotion (120Hz) Demo No No No Remote Unit E-Con Modify E-Streamer ● ● ● • Video quality is prioritised in the order SPeCIAL Programming Guide No Moving LED II NO NO NO HDMI>RGB>S-video>Composite video FeATuReS Picture In Picture (1 Tuner) Yes Closed Caption ● ● ● POP(4 Pictures) No SIMPLINK ● ● ● Double Window(Flexible Size) YES THX Certified Display NO NO NO Swap(Main/Sub) Yes (Supporting Only RF/AV1/AV2 at Sub) EZ OSD Language 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) Position(4 points) No Alvin UI 10 New UI 10 New UI 10 New UI Main Source Yes Channel Auto Tuning ● ● ● Sub Source Yes (Supporting Only RF/AV1/AV2 at Sub) Manual Tuning ● ● ● OSD Type (Menu System) Channel Edit ● ● ● Trilingual Menus Yes (English, French, Spanish) Favorite Channel ● ● ● LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 42/43
  • 23. Specifications 42LG650H 47LD450C 42LD450C 37LD450C 32LD350C 26LD350C 22LD350C 19LD350C Type Alvin JACK PACK Time/Clock Auto/ Manual Clock ● ● ● AuDIO Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP) ● ● ● ● Commercial Installation Menu Yes (English Only) On Time/ Off Time ● ● ● Audio Output (Watts - THD 10%) 10W + 10W 7W + 7W 7W + 7W 7W + 7W TV Link Protocol TV Link-Commercial Sleep Timer ● ● ● SubWoofer - - - - Discrete IR Yes Auto off/ Auto Sleep ● ● ● Speaker System Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Invisible Speaker 1 Way 2 Speakers Auto/Manual Clock Yes (Manual Clock Only) Media Box Rear Dolby Digital Decoder ● ● ● ● On/Off Timer Yes TV Side AV In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Surround System Infinite Sound Infinite Sound Infinite Sound Infinite Sound Sleep Timer Yes HDMI In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Bass/Treble/Balance ● ● ● ● Auto/Manual Programing Yes USB 2.0 ● 1(EMF) ● 1(EMF) ● 1(EMF) Auto Volume ● ● ● ● Channel Labeling Yes Headphone Out X X X Sound Mode 5 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game) 5 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game) 5 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game) 5 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game) Favorite Channel No TV Rear RF In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 FeATuReS USB 2.0 MP3 ● NO NO NO Turbo Search System No AV In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 JPEG ● NO NO NO Closed Caption Analog/Digital Component in(Y,Pb,Pr) + Audio ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 DivX (HD/SD) NO NO NO NO INDEX (VFD & LED) No Digital Audio Out(Coaxial/ Optical) ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Special Picture Wizard ● ● ● ● Auto Demo No HDMI/HDCP Input ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Intelligent Sensor NO NO NO NO Snap-Shot No DVI Input - - - Smart Energy Saving(Basic/Plus) ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute ● Basic- Backlight Control + Video mute CC When Mute No RGB In (D-sub 15pin) - PC ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Mechanical Switch-Off NO NO NO NO Mute Yes PC Audio Input ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Broadband (VOD) No No No No Decryption Yes LAN (For Modem) NO NO NO PC contents Sharing (DLNA) No No No No RJP Plug&Play Support Yes RS-232C ● 1 (Control & SVC) ● 1 (Control & SVC) ● 1 (Control & SVC) Widget Service(Yahoo/Netflix) No No No No Flashback(Quick View) Yes Remote Control In port 1(IN) 1(IN) 1(IN) Bluetooth No No No No Parental Control/V-Chip Yes Wireless Control Jack X X X HD DivX NO NO NO NO Calibration Mode Yes RJP(RJ-45) ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 DviX File Format NO NO NO NO Function Menu Yes External Speaker Out (RCA) ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 DviX Caption Format NO NO NO NO b-LAN Yes POWeR Voltage, Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 1080P Source Input HDMI (60/30/24p), Component (60/30/24p), RGB HDMI (60/30/24p), Component (60/30/24p), RGB HDMI (60/30/24p), Component (60/30/24p), RGB HDMI (60/30/24p), Component (60/30/24p), RGBReQuIReD UL, C-UL, NOM Yes Consumption (Max) 330W 260W 200W AV Input Navigation/ EZ Input searching (WXGA) (WXGA) (WXGA) (WXGA)APPROVALS Consumption (Typical) 250W 182W 139W Input Labeling ● ● ● ●ADDITIONAL Product Availability: Stand-by ( Cable card off ) 0.2W 0.2W 0.2W Flashback(Quick View) ● ● ● ●INFORMATION Target MP Date - Timing Guide TBD Energy Star (EPA4.0) ● ● ● Clear Voice II ● ● ● ● UPC Code TBD DIMeNSIONS Weight 1) SET (w/o stand) 17.5kg 13.5kg 10.8kg Quick Set-up Guide ● ● ● ●DIMeNSIONS Weight (Kg) 1) SET (w/o stand) 13.9 2) Included stand 19.5kg 15.1kg 12.5kg Key Lock/ Child rock ● ● ● ● 2) Included stand 15.5 3) SET Weight+Packing & Box Weight 23.9kg 18.9kg 15.9kg Demo Mode (Auto Demo) ● ● ● ● WxHxD (mm) 1) SET (w/o stand) 1024X621X87.1 WxHxD 1) SET (w/o stand) 1136mm x 698mm x 76.5mm 1023mm x 635mm x 76.6mm 916mm x 575mm x 77.4mm TruMotion (120Hz) Demo ● ● ● ● 2) Included stan 1026.2x685.9x111.8 2) Included stand 1136mm x 757mm x 270mm 1023mm x 685mm x 261mm 916mm x 625mm x 261mm E-Streamer No No No No 3) Packing 1240mm x 803mm x 253mm 1108mm x 770mm x 228mm 995mm x 660mm x 228mm Moving LED II ● ● ● ●DIMeNSIONS Closed Caption NO NO NO NO SIMPLINK ● ● ● ● THX Certified Display ● ● ● ● EZ OSD Language NO NO NO NO Alvin UI 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) 4 (English, Spanish, French,Korean) Channel Auto Tuning ● ● ● ● Manual Tuning ● ● ● ● Channel Edit ● ● ● ● Favorite Channel ● ● ● ● Time/Clock Auto/ Manual Clock ● ● ● ● On Time/ Off Time ● ● ● ● Sleep Timer ● ● ● ● Auto off/ Auto Sleep ● ● ● ● JACK PACK Media Box Rear 32LD350C 26LD350C 22LD350C 19LD350C TV Side AV In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 HDMI In X X X XModel Name Brief Spec CCFL/FHD CCFL/FHD CCFL/FHD CCFL/FHD USB 2.0 ● 1(EMF) ● 1(SVC) ● 1(SVC) ● 1(SVC)LCD SPeC. Resolution 1366 x 768 (HD) 1366 x 768 (HD) 1366 x 768 (HD) 1366 x 768 (HD) Headphone Out X X X X Brightness (cd/m2) 420/450 450 350 300 TV Rear RF In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50,000:1 50,000:1 50,000:1 50,000:1 AV In ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Viewing Angle Degree 178/178 178/178 178/178 178/178 Component in(Y,Pb,Pr) + Audio ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 Response Time (GTG) 5ms 5ms 5ms 5ms Digital Audio Out(Coaxial/ Optical) ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 True Viewing Angle ● ● ● ● HDMI/HDCP Input ● 2 ● 2 ● 1 ● 1 Life Span (hr) 60,000 hr 60,000 hr 60,000 hr 60,000 hr DVI Input - - - -Broadcasting Analog ● ● ● ● RGB In (D-sub 15pin) - PC ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1System Digital PC Audio Input ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ● 1 ATSC ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) ● (ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM 1 tuner) LAN (For Modem) NO NO NO NOVIDeO XD Engine ● ● ● ● RS-232C ● 1 (Control & SVC) ● 1 (Control & SVC) ● 1 (Control & SVC) ● 1 (Control & SVC) Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 Remote Control In port 1(IN) 1(IN) X X Aspect Ratio Correction 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by program, 4:3, 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by program, 4:3, 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by program, 4:3, 6 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Set by program, 4:3, Wireless Control Jack X X X X Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) Zoom1, Cinema Zoom 1) RJP(RJ-45) ● 1 ● 1 - - Just Scan (0% overscan) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) HDMI(1080i/1080p/720p) External Speaker Out (RCA) ● 1 ● 1 - - - when ""Just Scan Mode"" selected." Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) Component(1080i/1080p/720p) POWeR Voltage, Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 100 V ~240 V, 50 / 60 Hz RF(1080i/720p) RF(1080i/720p) RF(1080i/720p) RF(1080i/720p) Consumption (Max) 150W 140W 70W 48W Color Temperature Control 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) 3 Mode (Warm, Medium, Cool) Consumption (Typical) 111W 80W 51W 31W 24p Real Cinema(24p 5:5 / 2:2 Pull down)- HDMI ● ● ● ● Stand-by ( Cable card off ) 0.21W 0.21W 0.21W 0.21W AV Mode (Picture & Sound) Cinema / Sport / Game Cinema / Sport / Game Cinema / Sport / Game Cinema / Sport / Game Energy Star (EPA4.0) ● ● ● ● Picture Mode 8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Natural, Cinema, 8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Natural, Cinema, 8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Natural, Cinema, 8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Natural, Cinema, DIMeNSIONS Weight(Kg) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) Sport, Game, isf Expert1, isf Expert2) 1) SET (w/o stand) 8.2 6.2 4 3.1 ISFccc (Ready) ● ● ● ● 2) Included stand 9.2 7.3 4.3 3.4 Enhanced noise reduction 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3D NR/ (MPEG NR) 3) SET Weight+Packing & Box Weight 12.0 9.5 5.6 4.6 Eye care (Anti-dazzling) ● ● ● ● WxHxD (mm) Fresh white ● ● ● ● 1) SET (w/o stand) 800 x 509 x 73.8 663 x 423 x 79.9 526 x 331 x 65 457 x 290 x 65 Intelligent Sensor Mode NO NO NO NO 2) Included stand 800 x 565 x 206.8 663 x 484 x 206.8 526 x 377 x 164.9 457 x 336 x 164.9 xvyCC ● ● ● ● 3) Packing 965 x 600 x 190 770 x 525 x 190 657 x 412 x 138 595 x 381 x 138 LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 44/45
  • 24. Specifications W1946S e2350V M2380DF M2901S M3801S M5203CPANeL Size(Inch) 18.5" 23.0" PANeL Size(Inch) 23.0" MODuLe Screen Size 29"(29.1") 38"(37.9") PANeL Screen Size 52” Panel Type TN TN Panel Type TN Aspect Ratio 17 : 6 16 : 4 Aspect Ratio 16 : 9 Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native Resolution 1366 x 480@60Hz 1920 x 502@120Hz Native Resolution 1920 x 1080(WUXGA) Resolution 1366*768 1920*1080 Resolution 1920*1080 Display Area 697.685X245.16(mm) 930.24X243.219(mm) Pixels(H x V x 3) 6,220,800 Brightness 250cd/m2 250cd/m2 Brightness 250cd/m2 Pixels Pitch 0.17025X0.51075(mm) 0.4845X0.4845(mm) Brightness 700 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio(DFC) 30,000:1 5,000,000:1(LED) Contrast Ratio(DFC) 5,000,000:1(LED) Brightness 420cd/m2 420cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 4,000 : 1, 5,000 : 1(DCR) Response Time 5ms(Typ.) 5ms(Typ.) Response Time 5ms(Typ.) Contrast Ratio 1,200:1 1,400:1 Viewing Angle(H x V) 178 x 178 Viewing Angle(CR≥10) 170/160 170/160 Viewing Angle(CR≥10) 170/170 Viewing Angle(H x V) 178 x 178 178 x 178 Color Depth 1 Million Display Colors 16.7M 16.7M Display Colors 16.7M Color Depth 16.7 M 1.06 B Response Time 8 ms(G to G) Panel Surface Anti-Glare Anti-Glare Panel Surface Anti-Glare Response Time 8 ms(G to G) 5 ms(G to G) Surface Treatment Super clearJACK INPuT Signal Input D-Sub • • JACK INPuT /OuTPuT D-Sub •/OuTPuT Surface Treatment Hard Coating(3H) Hard Coating(3H) VIDeO Max Input Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz DVI-D(with HDCP) - • DVI-D(with HDCP) - Anti-glare Anti-glare HDMI - • Composite • Life time 50,000 Hr. (Minimum), Landscape 50,000 Hr. (Minimum), Landscape Recommended Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz Audio Intput PC Audio In - - Component • Audio Output Headphone Out - • SCART • (1ea) VIDeO Max Input Resolution "1280 X 1024@ 60Hz(Analog) "1920 X 1080@ 60Hz(Analog) H-Scanning Frequency 30 ~ 83kHzSPeAKeR Built-in Speaker - - HDMI • (2ea) 1280 X 1024@ 60Hz(Digital)" 1920 X 1080@ 60Hz(Analog)" V-Scanning Frequency 56 ~ 85 HzPOWeR Input/Output Type/Input LIPS/100~240V Adaptor/100~240V USB • Recommended Resolution 1360 X 480 @ 60Hz(Analog / Digital) 1920 x 502 @ 60Hz(Analog / Digital) Pixel Frequency Max. 148.5 MHz Consumption Normal On(Typ.) 22W 28W PC Audio In • Video Input RGB / HDMI RGB / HDMI Sync Compatability Separate / Composite / Digital Power Save/Sleep Mode(Max) 0.5W 1W Headphone Out • Picture mode • • Video Input RGB, Analog / Digital DC Off(Max) 0.5W 0.5W Optical Out • Color temperature Cool / Warm / Normal / User Cool / Warm / Normal / User Picture ModeFReQueNCY Analog 30~61kHz/56~75Hz 30~83kHz/56~75Hz DTV Tuner(MPEG4) • ReAR Component In/Out - - Color Temperature Warm / Normal / Cool Digital - 30~83kHz/56~75Hz SPeAKeR Built-in Speaker 5W x 2 INPuTS 7W VGA In/Out • • ReAR Component Video 2(480i/p, 720p, 1080i)FeATuReS Smart Package Dual Web • Woofer INPuTS Composite In/Out - - PC Input via 15-Pin Sub “D” 1 Auto Bright • POWeR Input/Output Type/Input Adaptor/100~240V Audio Output - - Composite Video Input / Output 1/1 Original Ratio • Consumption Normal On(Typ.) 33W Audio Inputs - - Audio Output Cinema Mode • Power Save/Sleep Mode(Max) - Fun Package Original Ratio - DC Off(Max) 1W HDMI In/Out • • Audio Inputs 3 Plus PC Sound Photo Effect - Analog 30~83kHz/56~75Hz RS-232C In/Out • • HDTV Formats 720p / 1080i S-Video - - PC Formats Auto Scaling to WUXGA EZ-Zooming - - FReQueNCY Surround X • Photo Effect - FeATuReS Auto Volume • LAN • • HDMI / DVI with HDCP Yes Original Ratio • sRGB - Audio Jack Built-in(No Amp) - - RS-232C Input / Output 1 / 1, Female-to-Female Crossed Type f-Engine • • DDC/CI - Discrete IR Input • • RJ-45 Yes sRGB • • ARC • External_Speaker Out - - S-Video 1 Plug & Play - DDC2B Remote Control • AuDIO Auto Volume - - Audio Jack Built-in(No Amp) Forte Manager - - Plug & Play DDC2B Balance - - Discrete IR Input Yes Wall Mount(VESA 75 x 75) • - Wall Mount • Audio Power - - AuDIO Surround MAX Yes Special Features EZ Control OSD Special Features USB Quick View HD Play, Hotel Mode* Speaker On/off - - Auto Volume YesSTAND Base Detachable • • STAND Base Detachable • Sound mode - - Audio Power 20W(10W x 2) Tilt(Angle) • (5o~15o) • (-5°~15°) Tilt(Angle) • (-5º~10º) SPeCIAL Advanced Picture In Picture - - Balance Yes Others - 2-way Stand SIze/ Dimension Set(with Stand) 547 x 194 x 428 FeATuReS WeIGHT New Temperature Sensor - - Sound Mode Swivel(Angle) - (mm/W*D*H) Set(without Stand) 547 x 73 x 408 Cooling FAN - - SPeCIAL Advanced Picture In Picture No Height Shipping Dimension 624 x 470 x 140 FeATuReS Weight(kg) Set(with Stand) 4.4 New Split Zoom(Self Video Wall, Max 5 x 5) - - New Temperature Sensor Yes Pivot - Set(without Stand) 3.4 Image Zoom - - New Lamp Fault Sensor Yes Dual Hinge - Size/Weight Shipping Weight TBD ARC • • New Split Zoom(Self Video Wall, Max 5 X 5) Yes, Supports natural modeSIze/ Dimension (mm/W*D*H) 443x170x356 560x198x428 STANDARD TUV-GS TUV-Type Source Selection Digital(HDMI) / Analog(RGB) Digital(HDMI) / Analog(RGB) Image Zoom NoWeIGHT 560x40x355 FCC-B, CE • Brightness/Contrast Yes Yes Source Selection Digital(HDMI / DVI) / Analog(RGB) / Component / AV Set(with Stand) 443x60x267 Set(without Stand) 511x405x120 619x493x120 Windows Certification - Color Normal / Cool / Warm Normal / Cool / Warm Brightness/Contrast Yes Weight(kg) Shipping Dimension 3.4 3.3 User Control(R/G/B) User Control(R/G/B) Color Warm / Medium / Cool / User Control(R/G/B) Set(with Stand) 3.1 3.1 * Hotel Mode: TV linker, RS232C(SVC Only), USB(SVC/MP3/JPEG/DivX) Position H/V H/V Position H/V Set(without Stand) 4.6 5.4 Tracking - - Tracking Auto / Clock / PhaseSTANDARD TCO5.0 Shipping Weight • Set-up Language(English only) Language(English only) Set-up Language(English / French / Spanish / Italian / German UL(cUL) • • Ez-Net Manager • • Portugues / Korean /Japanese / Chinese / Russian) TUV-GS - TUV-Type ISM Method • • ISM Method Normal / White Wash / Orbiter / Inversion / Dot wash SEMKO • • Advanced None None XD FCC-B, CE • • Time Clock Hour / Clock Minute / Week Day / On/Off Timer / Clock Hour / Clock Minute / Week Day / On/Off Advanced Gamma / Film mode / Black Level / Noise Reduction EPA 5.0 • • Sleep Time / Auot Sleep / Power Saving Timer / Sleep Time / Auot Sleep / Power Saving Special ISO13406-2 • Infromation display S/W Version S/W Version Auto Power/Source Memory Yes Windows Certification Vista Basic Windows 7 Mute No No Key Lock Yes Sleep Timer • • CABINeT Color Black Key Lock • • Monitor Dimensions(W X H X D) / Weight 50.52” x 30.17” x 4.62” / 114.64lb DPM Select • • Monitor with Optional Stand N/A : No Stand Power Indicator • • & Speaker Dimensions(W X H X D) Set ID • • Carton Dimensions(W X H X D) 55.1” x 34.5” x 14.5” FRC - • CABINeT Color Black Black Packed Weight 125.7lb POWeR Power Supply 100-240V~, 50/60Hz 100-240V~, 50/60Hz VESATM Standard Mount Interface(mm) 800 X 400(AP-WX60) Power Type Built-in Power Built-in Power POWeR Power Supply 90-264V / AC(47 ~ 63Hz) Power Switch Type On/Off Switch On/Off Switch Power Type Built-in Power Power Saving Power Switch Type Tact Switch Normal 70W(Typ) 104W(Typ) Power Saving Stand-by/Suspend 2W(RGB) / 2.5W(DVI) 2W(RGB) / 2.5W(DVI) Normal 400 W STANDARD DC Off 0.5W 0.5W Stand-by/Suspend 1W(RGB) / 2W(HDMI/DVI) (CERTIFICATION) Switch Off 0.3W 0.3W STANDARD Safety UL / c-UL / CB scheme / TUV / NEMKO (CERTIFICATION) Safety TBD TBD EMC FCC Class "B" / VCCI / C-tick / CE / KCC EMC TBD TBD LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 46/47
  • 25. Specifications P6030C LVW700 LSW900PANeL Screen Size 60” | 120" ReAR Component Input 1 Image Sensor 1/3 Vertical Double Interline CCD 1/3 Vertical Double Interline CCD INPuTS Type Varifocal Lens(2.8~11mm) C/CS Mount Native Resolution 1365 x 768 (WXGA) | 2730 x 1536 (WXGA) HDMI/HDCP Input 1 (HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color) Brightness 1,500 cd/ DVI Input / Output 1/1 Video Out 1.0Vp-p Composite Signal (75ohm) 1.0Vp-p Composite Signal (75ohm) RGB(D-sub 15pin) Input/Output 1/1 Auto Gain Control OFF/ LOW/ MIDDLE/ HIGH OFF/ LOW/ MIDDLE/ HIGH Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1 Exposure ALC/ELC ALC/ELC Viewing Angle (H x V) 179 x 179 RS-232C Input (Control)/Output 1/1 Electric Shutter 1/50 ~ 1/90,000(PAL), 1/60~1/90,000(NTSC) 1/50 ~ 1/90,000(PAL), 1/60~1/90,000(NTSC) Color Depth 10 bit / 1,073 billion colors Remote Control in port 1 Day/Night ICR Day/Night (Vari focal Lens)( Auto / Day / Night ) ICR Day and Night ( Auto/ Day / Night ) Response Time 0.001ms USB (Service) 1 Sens-Up Auto / OFF Auto / OFF Power Consumption Typical 470W PC Audio Input 1 Min. Illumination 0.1 Lux (Color mode, Sens up off) 0.1 Lux (Color mode, Sens up off) 100 Hz Equivalent Driving Yes SPeCIAL Energy Saving Mode Yes FeATuReS 0.00003lux (B/W Mode, Senseup on) 0.00003lux (B/W Mode, Senseup on) Corresponding 150Hz Effect Yes Clear Voice II Yes Resolution 540 TV Lines 540 TV Lines 600Hz Sub-field Driving Yes AV Mode II Yes White Balance ATW / AWC / Manual ATW / AWC / Manual Filter Type Clear Filter 1080 Source Input HDMI 60p/30p/24p, Component 60p/30p/24p Backlight Compensation BLC / WDR / HSBLC / OFF BLC / WDR / HSBLC / OFF Image Sticking Minimization Color Wash/Color Inversion AV Input Navigation Yes 3D-DNR OFF / Low / Middle / High OFF / Low / Middle / HighVIDeO Dual XD Engine Yes OPeRATION Operating Temperature 10°C ~ 40°C Privacy Masking 8 Zone 8 Zone Aspect Ratio 16:9 Humidity 0 ~ 80% Digital Zoom X8 X8 Aspect Ratio Mode 5 Mode (16:9/Just Scan/4:3/Zoom/Cinema Zoom) Altitude 2,000m DIS(Stabilizer) ON / OFF ON / OFF Just Scan Mode Component/HDMI 720P,1080I,1080P/RGB Life Time 60,000 hours Digital Effect OFF / V-Flip / Mirror / Rotate OFF / V-Flip / Mirror / Rotate Sharpness Adjustable Adjustable Color Temperature Control Cool/Medium/Warm Resolution(Max) 704 X 480(NTSC), 704 X 576(PAL) 704 X 480(NTSC), 704 X 576(PAL) Picture Mode 7 Mode (Vivid/Standard/Cinema/Sports/Game) INPuT Input Voltage AC 100V to AC 240V (Capable from 90V to 264V) CONDITION Output RJ-45(Network), CVBS(Monitor) RJ-45(Network), CVBS(Monitor) PC Resolution 1366 x 768 @ 60Hz Input Current 6.4A at AC 100V to 140V, 50/60Hz Frame Rate(Max) 30 fps/25fps(NTSC/PAL) @ D1 30 fps/25fps(NTSC/PAL) @ D1AuDIO Audio Output 10W Normal Frequency 50/60Hz (Capable from 47Hz to 63Hz) Video Compression H.264(Basic Profile) H.264(Basic Profile) Surround Sound Infinite OuTPuT 17 Voltage / Rated Current 2.0A / Min. 0A, Max. 3.0A MJPEG MJPEG Smart Volume Leveler Yes CONDITION 5.1 Voltage / Rated Current 3.9A / Min. 0.1A, Max 5.0A Dual Stream Support Dual Stream Support Sound Mode 5 Mode (Standard/Music/Cinema/Sports/Game) Stand by 3.5 Voltage 0.2A / Min 0.07A, Max. 0.5A Streaming Dual compressed stream Independent selection of Audio/Video Codec Dual compressed stream Independent selection of Audio/Video Codec Mute Yes 5.0 Voltage 1.0A / Min. 0A, 2.0A RTP/RTSP RTP/RTSP (Independent resolution, compression (Independent resolution, compression frame rate and bit rate (CBR/VBR) setting support) frame rate and bit rate (CBR/VBR) setting support) Direction Full Duplex(Line level input/output ) - Audio Input 1Ch, Audio Output 1Ch Full Duplex(Line level input/output ) - Audio Input 1Ch, Audio Output 1Ch Audio Compression G.726, G.711(A-law, u-law) G.726, G.711(A-law, u-law) Alarm In/Out 1 digital inputs, 1 relay outputs 1 digital inputs, 1 relay outputs Pre/Post Alarm Buffer Pre Alarm Buffer Pre Alarm Buffer Post Alarm Buffer Post Alarm Buffer Intelligent Video Advanced Motion Detection(VCA) Advanced Motion Detection(VCA) Event Detection Alarm In, VCA Alarm In, VCA L5213-B L6213-B Event Notification Relay, SMTP, FTP Relay, SMTP, FTP ID/Password Multi level user ID/password Multi level user ID/password L5213-BP L5213-BN L6213-BP L6213-BN (Admin, Power,Normal, Customer) (Admin, Power,Normal, Customer) Signal System PAL NTSC PAL NTSC Encryption HTTPS(SSL,TLS) HTTPS(SSL,TLS) Total / Effective Pixels No 470K / 440K 410K / 380K 470K / 440K 410K / 380K Physical Layer 10/100base TX Ethernet 10/100base TX Ethernet Image Device 6.0mm (1/3 Type) CCD 6.0mm (1/3 Type) CCD 6.0mm (1/3 Type) CCD 6.0mm (1/3 Type) CCD Protocol TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, UDP,DHCP,FTP,SMTP,NTP,ARP,ICMP, DDNS(LG) TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, UDP,DHCP,FTP,SMTP,NTP,ARP,ICMP, DDNS(LG) IP support Dynamic, Static, Private IP Dynamic, Static, Private IP DSP XDI-S2 XDI-S2 XDI-S2 XDI-S2 Simultaneous Connection Unicast 10 Streams / 50 user registration Unicast 10 Streams / 50 user registration Lens 2.8~11mm Vari-focal lens, F1.4 2.8~11mm Vari-focal lens 2.8~11mm Vari-focal lens 2.8~11mm Vari-focal lens Operating Condition -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C Digital Zoom X8 X8 X8 X8 Power AC24V, DC12V, PoE AC24V, DC12V, PoE Sync. System Internal Internal Internal Internal Dimensions 156(Diameter) X 155.8(H) 69(W) X 54(H) X 128.5(D) Scanning Frequency(H/V) 15.625KHz/50Hz 15.734KHz/59.94Hz 15.625KHz/50Hz 15.734KHz/59.94Hz Other 3-Axis RS-485 Support Horizontal Resolution 620 TV Lines 620 TV Lines 620 TV Lines 620 TV Lines S / N Ratio 52dB 52dB 52dB 52dB Minimum Illumination(30 IRE) 0.06 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 0.06 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 0.06 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 0.06 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 0.0001 lux @ Sens-up Auto, F1.4 0.0001 lux @ Sens-up Auto, F1.4 0.0001 lux @ Sens-up Auto, F1.4 0.0001 lux @ Sens-up Auto, F1.4 B/W 0.006 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 B/W 0.006 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 B/W 0.006 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 B/W 0.006 lux @ Sens-up OFF, F1.4 B/W 0.000001 lux @ Sens-up x128, F1.4 B/W 0.000001 lux @ Sens-up x128, F1.4 B/W 0.000001 lux @ Sens-up x128, F1.4 B/W 0.000001 lux @ Sens-up x128, F1.4 Control Method Inner Key button Inner Key button Inner Key button Inner Key button Video Output Signal 1 Vp-p Composite (75Ω) 1 Vp-p Composite (75Ω) 1 Vp-p Composite (75Ω) 1 Vp-p Composite (75Ω) Day & Night Auto / Day / Night Auto / Day / Night Auto / Day / Night Auto / Day / Night Backlight Compensation OFF / BLC / HSBLC OFF / BLC / HSBLC OFF / BLC / HSBLC OFF / BLC / HSBLC DNR 3D-DNR (Off/Low/Middle/High) 3D-DNR (Off/Low/Middle/High) 3D-DNR (Off/Low/Middle/High) 3D-DNR (Off/Low/Middle/High) Auto Gain Control Off / Low / Middle / High Off / Low / Middle / High Off / Low / Middle / High Off / Low / Middle / High LDW2010 Electronic Shutter Speed 1/50 ~1/90,000 1/60 ~1/90,000 1/50 ~1/90,000 1/60 ~1/90,000 Signal System NTSC | PAL Compression H.264 (Basic Profile) / MJPEG / Dual Stream Electronic Sensitivity OFF/Auto ( x2, x3, x4,...x 128 ) OFF/Auto ( x2, x3, x4,...x 128 ) OFF/Auto ( x2, x3, x4,...x 128 ) OFF/Auto ( x2, x3, x4,...x 128 ) Imaging Device 6 mm (1/3 Type) Super HAD II CCD Audio Full Duplex (Line Level Input / Output) White Balance ATW / AWC → Push / Manual (1,700°K ~ 11,000°K) ATW / AWC → Push / Manual (1,700°K ~ 11,000°K) ATW / AWC → Push / Manual (1,700°K ~ 11,000°K) ATW / AWC → Push / Manual (1,700°K ~ 11,000°K) Lens Fixed Lens (F=3.7 mm) Audio Compression G.726, G.711(A-law, u-law) Motion Detection 4 Zones 4 Zones 4 Zones 4 Zones Digital Zoom x8 Sensor / relay 1 Digital Input / 1 Relay Output Horizontal resolution 540 TV Lines Event Detection Sensor Input / Motion Detection Privacy Zone Masking 8 Masks 8 Masks 8 Masks 8 Masks Minimum Illumination (30IrE) Color : 0.3 Lux (Sens-up Off) Event notification Relay / SMTP / FTP Stabilizer(EIS) On / Off On / Off On / Off On / Off B/W : 0.00006 Lux (Sens-up On) ID / password Multi level user ID / Password (Admin, Power, Normal, Customer) User Color Mode Standard / Cool / Warm / Vivid Standard / Cool / Warm / Vivid Standard / Cool / Warm / Vivid Standard / Cool / Warm / Vivid Video output Signal 1.0 Vp-p Composite Signal (75Ω) Encryption HTTPS (SSL, TLS) Multi OSD Language 15 Languages 15 Languages 15 Languages 15 Languages Day & night (Digital) Auto / Day / Night physical Layer 10/100 base TX Ethernet Power Source DC12V/AC24V (Dual) DC12V/AC24V (Dual) DC12V/AC24V (Dual) DC12V/AC24V (Dual) Backlight Compensation BLC / HSBLC / Off protocol TCP/IP(IPv4), HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, UDP, DHCP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, ARP, ICMP, DDNS(LG) Power Consumption 2.8W (DC12V/AC24V) 2.8W (DC12V/AC24V) 2.8W (DC12V/AC24V) 6.8W (DC12V/AC24V) 3D-Dnr Off / Low / Middle / High Ip Support Dynamic / Static / Private IP Operation Temp. -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C Exposure ELC users Unicast 10 Streams / 50 Users Registration Storage Temp. -20°C ~ 60°C -20°C ~ 60°C -20°C ~ 60°C -20°C ~ 60°C Sens-up Auto / Off privacy Masking 8 Mask Zones Auto Gain Control Off / Low / Middle / High Stabilizer (DIS) On / Off Operation Humidity 0%RH ~ 80%RH 0%RH ~ 80%RH 0%RH ~ 80%RH 0%RH ~ 80%RH Electronic Shutter Speed 1/60 ~ 1/90,000 | 1/50 ~ 1/90,000 Digital Effect Off / V-Flip / Mirror / Rotate Storage Humidity 0%RH ~ 85%RH 0%RH ~ 85%RH 0%RH ~ 85%RH 0%RH ~ 85%RH White Balance ATW / AWC / Manual power Source PoE / DC 12 V (±10%) (1 A or above) Weight 323g 323g 640g 640g resolution (Max) 704x480 | 704x576 power Consumption About 4.2 W (DC) / About 5.7 W (PoE) Dimension ø140(Base) x 87.3mm ø140(Base) x 87.3mm ø140(Base) x 91.7mm ø140(Base) x 91.7mm output RJ-45 (Network) / CVBS (Monitor) operating Temperature / Humidity -10ºC ~ 50ºC / 0%RH ~ 80%RH (Non-Condensing) Accessory Screw / Install guide sticker/ Installation Manual Screw / Install guide sticker/ Installation Manual Screw / Install guide sticker/ Installation Manual Screw / Install guide sticker/ Installation Manual Frame rate (Max) 30fps | 25fps Weight 415 g Dimension (ØxH) 122Ø x 102 mm LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 48/49
  • 26. Specifications NC1000 NC2000 Software Specification N1642W N1742L N1941WGeNeRAL Mother board New Designed Board 150 x 80 (Supersign) BS Contents Editor Layout Lower Step Operation by Drag & Drop Module Feature Size(Inch) 16"class 17"class 19"class CPU Intel ATOM Processor 330 1.6GHz(Dual Core), FSB 533MHz Intel and Scheduler Description : Background Image, Image, Video, Text, Web Page, RSS, Music, Date & Time Panel Type (15.6,"diagonal) (17.0"diagonal) (18.5"diagonal) Memory DDR3 1066 1024MB/2048MB SODIMM type Hynix Support Predefined Layouts Display color TN TN TN Storage SATA SSD 8GB/16GB/32GB Sandisk Template Support Predefined Templates Aspect Ratio 16.7M 16.7M 16.7 M Chip Set Nvidia MCP7A-ION Nvidia Preview Yes Resolution 16:9 5:4 16:9 BIOS Phoenix, Inc. BIOS BS GUI Enhanced (Web 2.0 Based GUI : RIA framework) Brightness(cd/m2) 1366X768 1280X1024 1366X768MuLTI I/O Chip Set Nvidia MCP7A-ION Device and Notification Message SMTP Mail Service Circuit/ Contrast ratio(DFC)* 230 300 300PORT Serial Port One external RS-232 Serial port NC1000 Only Network Manager Video Wall 25(ea) Firmware Response Time 5000:1 8000:1 8000:1 USB Port USB Memory, USB Hard-disk, USB CD-ROM, Key board, Mouse Monitoring Visual, Fault Tolerant Viewing Angle(CR 5) 8ms 5ms 5ms LAN Port Realtek RTL8103E 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller Transfer Store Play Lamp type 100/55 176/170 170/170 Display HDMI Out Support(NC1000 Only) Content Previewer GUI Enhanced (Web 2.0 Based GUI: RIA framework) Panel surface CCFL CCFL CCFL VGA Out Support(NC1000 Only) / DVI Out(NC2000 Only) and Player Image File types : bmp, png, jpeg Jack Signal Input D-Sub non Glare non Glare non Glare 5-in-1 Card Support SD / MMC / xD-Picture/ Memory Stick NC1000 Only Movie File types : avi, wmv, mp4, mov, mkv, ts, tp, mpg, mpeg, flv (Codec installation Needed) Input/ PC input Yes Yes Yes PCI Express Card Slot Supported Music File types : wav, mp3, wma Output X-POR X-PORT X-PORT LINE OUT Supported NC1000 Only Misc. File types : pdf, ppt, xls, doc, swf (MS Office Needed) Lan cable limitation - Signal from X550 by LAN Cable - Signal from X550 by LAN Cable - Signal from X550 by LAN Cable SPDIF(Digital audio out) 5.1Channel Supported(Depend on source signal) NC1000 Only RSS RSS 1.O, RSS2.0, ATOM Supported Audio input Others SFTP Type:~6m(recommended),~10m(Max) SFTP Type:~6m(recommended),~10m(Max) SFTP Type:~6m(recommended),~10m(Max)OS OS XP Embedded MicroSoft Audio output Headphone Out From X-port From X-port From X-portMeCHANICAL Dimension Before Packing 250(W)X45(D)X220(H) mm Others Key board/Mouse out Yes Yes Yes After Packing 330(700)(W)X357(376)(D)X107(330)(H) Unit Box(Master Box) Speaker Type Yes(PS2x2ea) Yes(PS2x2ea) Yes(PS2x2ea) Weight Only SET 1321g Audio output Built-in Built-in Built-in With BOX 2470g(15,890g) With Unit Box(With Master Box) Power Input/Output Input 1W*2Ch 1W*2Ch 1W*2Ch Container Individual or 20ft : 288(Indi.) 612(Wooden) Consumption Normal On(Typ.) 100~240V 100~240V 100~240V Loading Quantity Palletizing 40ft : 288(Indi.) 612(Wooden) Power Save/ 20W(Typ) 32W(Typ) 21W(Typ)eNGINeeRING Supported Sync Type Separate Sync, Composite Sync, Digital / SOG-Not supported Operation Specification Sleep Mode(Max) 1W under 1W under 1W under Operating Frequency Analog / Digital : 30~68KHz(Horizontal) 56~60Hz(Vertical) Resolution Analog Max 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz DC Off(Max) Resolution Analog / Digital : 1920 x 1080@60Hz(Max / Recommend) Recommend 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz Frequency Analog Frequency(H/V) 1W under 1W under 1W under Input Voltage Voltage : 100~240Vac , 50 or 60Hz / Current Rating Digital Max 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz Special Multi-computing 28KHz~50KHz/56Hz~63Hz 30~66Khz/56Hz~63Hz 30~50Khz/56Hz~63Hz Sound output R/L : 10W(Reference :1KHz 0.7V RMS sine wave input) Recommend 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz Feature f-Engine Yes Yes Yes Wattage Spec : (9W~11W) With Monitor (M4224C) Input Voltage Voltage : 100 ~ 240Vac, 50 or 60Hz 4:3 in wide Yes Yes Yes Inrush Current 50A under(230Vac input Base) Sound output Wattage RMS Audio Output 10W+10W(R+L) with LG Monitor Sound Yes - Yes Operating Condition Sync (H/V) Video LED Wattage Inrush Current 50A(230Vac) sRGB Yes Yes Yes Normal Mode Normal On/On Active On ≤40W PC Operating Condition Sync (H/V) Video LED DDC/CI Yes Yes Yes Deep Sleep Mode Power SW Off/Off Off Off ≤1W PC OFF Normal Mode On/On Active Green Intelligent Auto Yes Yes Yes (Set = Off) Off Deep Sleep Mode(Set=Off) Off/Off Off Off (Auto Resolution) Yes Yes Yes MTBF 50,000HRS Lamp Life : Environment Condition Operating Temperature 5°C ~ 35°C Plug & Play DDC2B DDC2B DDC2B with 90% 50,000Hours Humidity 10% ~ 80% Mechanic Standard Base Detchable Yes Yes Yes Confidence (min) Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C Non-condensing Tilt(Angle) Yes / -5 (front) ~ 20 (rear) Yes / -5 (front) ~ 20 (rear) Yes / -5 (front) ~ 20 (rear) level Humidity 5% ~ 95% Non-condensing Size/ Dimension Set (with Stand) 381.7(W)*198.4(D)*323.9(H) 369.6(W)*184.8(D)*391.3(H) 448.4(W)*198.4(D)*357.9(H) Weight W*D*H Set (without Stand) 381.7(W)*56.7(D)*260.3(H) 369.6(W)*59.0(D)*315.1(H) 448.4(W)*57.63(D)*278(H) mm Box 434(W)*338(D)*117(H) 421(W)*362(D)*115(H) 511(W)*119(D)*359(H) Wall Mount No VESA(75*75) VESA(75*75) Weight Set (with Stand) 2.6 3.1 3.5 Kg Set (without Stand) 2.4 2.8 3.2 Set(with Stand & Box) 3.6 4.2 4.9 Standard/ Standard TCO03 No Yes No Package UL(cUL) Yes Yes Yes contents TUV-GS TUV-Type TUV-Type TUV-Type SEMKO Yes Yes Yes FCC-B, CE Yes Yes Yes EPA Yes Yes Yes VESA Mount No Yes Yes RJP-401W IDG-20G/W Package Contents Basic Monitor, Stand, Power cable, 15pin D-sub, Manual, Driver CD Monitor, Stand, Power cable, 15pin D-sub, Manual, Driver CD Monitor, Stand, Power cable, 15pin D-sub, Manual, Driver CD Optional PCI card/Vspace CD, Lan cable PCI card/Vspace CD, Lan cable PCI card/Vspace CD, Lan cableeND-uSeR Video In Composite Video Jack 30p Dock ConnectorDeVICe 1 Vpp, 75 ohms" 1 Vpp, 75 ohms"INPuTS Audio In L/R Left - Right Audio Jacks 30p Dock Connector (Nom In: 250mV RMS @ 22K ohms) (Nom In: 250mV RMS @ 22K ohms) LG may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at anytime without notice. Copyright©2010 LG Electronics Inc. All Overload In: 1.6V RMS Max Overload In: 1.6V RMS Max rights reserved. “LG Life’s Good” is a registered trademark of LG Corp. The names of products and brands mentioned here in may be the Audio In 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack None Digital Video In Digital Video Connector None trademarks of their respective owners. PC Video In 15-pin RGB PC Monitor Connector None USB In None(Only optional iPod Docks 2 USB Connector Charge(5V,0.5A), Data(5m) USB thru path with 24V Charger In) (“A”-type female) With 24VDC Adaptor AC Outlets None T-Cord for 24VDC AdaptorOutput Video Out None 14p Wafer 1 Vpp into 75 ohms, Composite Audio Out L/R Left/Right Audio Jacks 14p Wafer Max: 1.6 V RMS (1 KHz) @ 600 ohms, Max: 1.6 V RMS (1 KHz) @ 600 ohms, Typ: 250mV RMS @ 600 ohms Typ: 250mV RMS @ 600 ohms Digital Video Out Digital Video Connector (HDMI) None RGB Out None None USB Out USB "A"type Male Plug 14p Wafer with USB-Hub (For optional iPod Docks USB thru path) or Local MMP(Music/Photo) Control Out Control Jack (8-Pin RJ-45 $ 9-Pin RS232) 14p Wafer Software iPod Audio/Video Dock In(14-Pin Wafer) Standard Scaler RJP SW IDS SW FCC(DoC_Class B) FCC(DoC_Class B) CE, C-Tick CE, C-Tick Cable Bundle Length 12 feet 3 feet Include (Additional Converter Cable) Mixed Signal Breakout Cable None(Optional Mixed Signal Breakout/30p dock Cable) LG SuCCeSSFuLL SOLuTIONS 50/51