11. Current Issues And Future Challenges Facing Ofsheea(Ontario) Joyce De Decker

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Ontario Family Studies and Home Economics Educators Association “ Nothing is constant but change!”
  • 3. Directions Please!
    • Which way are you going?
  • 4. A Little Bit of History
    • In 1903, through the advocacy of Adelaide Hunter Hoodless and supported by the Minister of Education, the Council of Ontario Educational Association approved the recognition of subjects bearing on household science, domestic science, home economics and domestic arts.
  • 5. A Little Bit of History
    • First annual meeting in 1904
    • 1920  name changed to Household Science Section of O.E.A. Later changed to Home Economics Section of O.E.A.
    • In 1970’s  name changed to Family Studies-Home Economics Educators’ Association and was incorporated shortly afterwards.
  • 6.
    • Ontario Family Studies-Home Economics
    • Educators Association
    • 1903-2009
  • 7. Our Mission
    • With the ultimate goal of strengthening the family, the role of OFSHEEA is to facilitate professional development and personal growth of educators to promote quality Family Studies programs in Ontario.
  • 8. OFSHEEA Objectives
    • To encourage continual professional growth in its members and solidarity with others of like professional interests.
    • To encourage active co-operation among Family Studies Home Economics Educators at all levels – elementary, secondary and post-secondary.
  • 9. OFSHEEA Objectives
    • To unite all groups and persons interested in Family Studies/Home Economics
    • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics
    • To offer conferences and workshops at the provincial and regional levels.
  • 10. Successful Past
    • Formed in 1903
    • Created a Website
    • Curriculum development and classroom resources in 1999 when the present curriculum was released
  • 11. Successful Past
    • Inform members through a regular newsletter
    • Recognize members accomplishments through awards and scholarships reviewed
  • 12. Where are we presently?
    • Very enthusiastic board
    • Association Administrator
    • Website & Newsletter
    • Summer workshops
    • Sponsorship initiatives
  • 13. Current Challenges
    • Fewer Family Studies Teachers than in the past
    • Undervaluing of professional affiliation by younger teachers
    • Meeting the needs of many cross-over teachers
  • 14. Where are we going?
    • Strategic planning
    • Curriculum review process: Writing of curriculum resource materials
    • Continue to develop relationships with other like minded groups i.e. OHEA, OFSLC, IFHE
  • 15. Strategic Planning Process
    • Reviewing the structure of the board
    • Reviewing Association funding (Corporate Sponsors)
    • Revisited mission statement to potentially include an advocacy component
    • Must be relevant to the times
  • 16. Curriculum Review
    • Draft scheduled to be released in September 2010
    • Must be implemented in 2011-2012
  • 17. Developing Relationships
    • OHEA
    • OFSLC
    • IFHE
  • 18. OFSHEEA Conference
    • “ Towards Tomorrow Together”
    • October 23 & 24, 2009
    • Maple High School
    • Maple, Ontario
  • 19.