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Resumo be healthy_feel_hapy

  1. 1. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia D. PROJECT DESCRIPTION D.1. SUMMARY The Project is designed to attract people’s attention to our most precious possession, our HEALTH, of which importance is understood when it is lost. It would be remarkable that people begin to care about it before it is too late, when they have the chance to save their health. Inspired from this idea, we would like to make everyone around us remember health’s value and acquire a positive change in lifestyles. With this Project we will help our students/parents/staff adapt a healthy lifestyle, putting a special emphasis on the importance of following a healthy diet and doing sports which are the two key factors in leading a healthy life. The first year of the project will be dedicated to the issue of healthy diet, presenting our traditional and healthy food as an alternative choice for unhealthy ones through preparing commercials, making plantations, etc. (O primeiro ano do projeto será dedicada à questão da alimentação saudável, apresentando a nossa cozinha tradicional e saudável como uma alternativa para os não saudáveis preparando campanhas publicitárias, fazendo plantações.) The second year will be employed to the promotion of exercising and sports by the extra volleyball, table-tennis, folk dances, football courses that are going to be opened, and competitions that will be held in each school. (O segundo ano será empregado para a promoção do exercício e desportos como do vôleibol, ténis de mesa, danças folclóricas, campeonatos de futebol que vão ser abertas a toda acomunidade bem como todas as competições que serão realizadas em cada escola.) On the other hand, our pupils/teachers will have a chance to see other countries’ lifestyles, their traditional food and sports/games which will enhance the European dimension of learning. Apart from being motivated for learning processes they will enjoy working collaborative with their peers all around Europe regardless of nationalities. As countries get to know more about each other, the gap between them will be minimized creating and spreading the idea of European and global citizenship. (Por outro lado, os nossos alunos / professores terão a oportunidade de ver estilos de vida de outros países (a comida tradicional, desportes / de jogos tradicionais), que irá reforçar a dimensão europeia da aprendizagem. Além de ser motivados para a aprendizagem de processos, irão desfrutar de um trabalho em colaboração com os seus pares em toda a Europa, independentemente das nacionalidades. Como países, irão conhecer mais sobre os outros, a distância entre eles será minimizada, para criar e difundir a idéia de cidadania Europeia e global) We will organize a big festival in the end, tournaments between countries, prepare journal with two editions, the Vegetable and Fruit Map of Europe, e-cookery book in our web-site designed for the project. D.2. RATIONALE 1
  2. 2. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia This Project is needed because according to the World Health Organization over one billion people are overweight globally, and that if current trends continue, that number will increase to 1.5 billion by 2015. Overweight and obesity are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of death and accounts for over 17 million deaths every year. We want to change the foreseen future of our kids with the help of this Project as Dr Robert Beaglehole, WHO Director of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion says “The real tragedy is that overweight and obesity, and their related chronic diseases, are largely preventable.” "Approximately 80% of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer could be avoided through healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoidance of tobacco use." Childhood years are the time when the persons are building up their lifestyle so it is crucial to act during this period. Because habits are hard to change once they are gained and it is only meaningful to act before wrong choices have become part of their lifestyles. Our project will help individuals to make good choices in their diet, be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to have an active life. We know that a healthy lifestyle in childhood has an utmost effect on lifelong health, growth and intellectual development. If the body is healthy, it creates a happy community, happy communities constitute happy nations and thus a happy Europe and World in the end. It is important to cooperate with other European partner schools to make the project more efficient, penetrant and attractive. All of these will increase the stability and effect of the promotion of healthy living. It will start from one country and spread to Europe raising the quality of living within. With the help of this project the pupils /staff will be prompted to discuss their everyday life and gain an awareness of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Instead of junk-food, fizzy drinks they consume everyday without a second thought, they will beeducated about their negative effects and proposed to eat traditional and healthy food alternatively. Also schools will compose their own plantation where students cultivate their own vegetables and they will be encouraged to eat vegetable and fruits during breaks. With the sport competitions, opening extra sports courses, Olympics they will be motivated to adapt themselves into a lifestyle with a regular physical activity. We believe that sports should be presented as a pleasurable activity rather than a tedious must in order to adjust it into persons' lives for a life time. In addition the Project will help students from different nationalities investigate each other’s culture and lifestyles through study visits in which they are going to be involved. This will enhance the concept of being citizens of Europe and ability to respect the diversity in communities. Integrating the students and staff into Project activities and mobilities, they will have a contact with other participating countries which they haven’t had at all so far, due to financial constraints or lack of opportunity. Forming a community spirit they will enjoy the experience of working together regardless of religion, race or special needs. We are proud of having a variety of schools committed to the Project allowing us to distinguish and embrace the differences and similarities between cultures, institutions and individuals. A school from 2
  3. 3. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia French Polynesia, on an island in the middle of Pacific Ocean- a school for the special needs in Belgium gaining our students an understanding and sympathy of the handicapped and acceptance them into the society– one school in England and one in Poland, the former is the host country of the Olympics, the latter of the football Euro Cup in 2012, a great chance for our students and teachers to link the topic of sports - a school in Spain which is running the Bilingual Programme, so not only will benefit from the project at a European level but also will have a chance to introduce and promote the usage of programme to other countries developing the quality of the education in them- a school in Italy that will consider the main theme of the Expo 2015 "Feeding the Planet", for encouraging a deep understanding of a healthy style of life- a school in Portugal specialist in growing vegetable- a school in Greece to focus on healthy Mediterranean Diet- and finally the coordinator school in Turkey famous for its rich cuisine. Moreover our students will apply what they have learned in all curriculum areas to their daily lives. They will improve the ability to make connections with lessons to every day life by employing the information they have acquired in health education, biology, P.E., science or geography classes. As English is the tool of communication during the Project, students will have the opportunity to practice their language skills, thus realize the importance of speaking a foreign language and be highly motivated for the subject. Also they will enlarge their vocabulary of other less common European languages like Polish, Turkish, Greek, Dutch through the web site or study visits. Teachers will be able to share, update and improve their teaching techniques with their colleagues all around the continent enhancing the European dimension of education. This will result in raising the standards of education in schools at a European level. Furthermore as a result of their cooperative work friendships will be established which will form the very basis of other projects in the near future. D.3. PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY WE AIM TO : -Develop an awareness of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. -Guide the children/staff/parents and the wider communities to make correct choices on nutrition. -Increase the number of students having healthy breakfast at home and also consume healthy food during break or lunch time. -Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and exercise to facilitate sports participating through challenges. -Encourage students of all abilities to participate in sports activities. -Create an environment for our students and teachers to develop their language skills. Our students will have a chance to put their language skills into practice. They will use it in context and thus see it is not limited to classroom. This will further motivate than what we, as teachers, try to achieve during lessons. 3
  4. 4. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia -Trigger the curiosity and interest towards other cultures, discover different lifestyles, traditional food, national sports and games. -Embrace the differences and similarities between individuals of different origins, special needs, and show respect for all. -Promote cultural interaction through visits. -Develop ICT skills through using media such as twinspace, Skype, web sites, search engines. -Create environments for parents to participate in school experiences with their children. -Establish a long-lasting friendship between participants. -Cooperate with our European colleagues/peers for a common purpose. -Cooperate with local institutions such as clinics, sport clubs, authorities, etc. -Open school not only to the local community but also at a European level. THE SUBJECTS OR PROBLEMS TO BE ADDRESSED: Unhealthy lifestyles Poor eating habits Lack of exercise. Insufficient participation in sports activities. Lack of motivation towards foreign languages. Difficulty in keeping pace with the fast-going technology. Lack of knowledge of other cultures, their food, national sports, geographical locations, local vegetable, etc. APPROACHES TO BE USED: Cross-curricular approach. Constant exchange of information using interactive tools. Propose alternatives for wrong choices on food, cultivation. Opening extra sports courses and awarding the participations. Use of the English language as the vehicular language of the project. Creating a virtual learning area. Interaction with local experts who share their experience and offer role models. Collective collaboration of all partners to create concrete final products. D. 4. RESULTS AND OUTCOMES 4
  5. 5. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia D.5. EUROPEAN ADDED VALUE What is the added value of your project towards a more intensive European cooperation? Through the project the children will understand that being healthy and eating a healthy balanced diet is a key to successful learning and positive life outcomes. The pupils will use creative methods to share their knowledge to the other European partners. (Através do projeto as crianças vão entender que ser saudável e comer uma dieta saudável e equilibrada é a chave para o sucesso da aprendizagem e para os resultados positivos de vida. Os alunos usarão métodos criativos para compartilhar os seus conhecimentos para os outros parceiros europeus) They will have the opportunity to use a foreign language to communicate, hence introducing and enhancing the awareness and application of European languages. Using the language in the host country will also aide them in seeing the application of their learning and develop basic competency in a particular foreign language. The experience of multi-national communication before visits, accommodation in the host country and multi-national lessons/workshops during visits will encourage future learning of different European languages. 5
  6. 6. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia Bring in through the curriculum the history, geography and culture of the countries involved in the project. Applying their learning in these areas will also be enhanced through visits as they can employ their developing language skills. Celebrating and embracing the similarities and differences between cultures, through the varied experiences, will foster a greater understanding of different habits and traditions, thus breaking through the barriers of racism and prejudice. Introducing the countries involved in the Comenius project through an ongoing school display, raising the profile of the European Union and the quality of life within. The relationship between health and learning and the direct link with childhood illnesses. Raising the profile of the Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme through In service training and it’s place in encouraging European partnership between schools. Communication with partner schools in the project using a chosen European language, making it easier to exchange resources, pedagogy and different styles of teaching and learning. This experience will result in the sharing of good practice and will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. This will foster a greater understanding of the different school systems and to help in the teaching of particular European languages. Using newsletters and letters to raise the profile of Europe and what it means to be part of Europe and a European citizen. Celebrating European languages and cultures through events such as European show, festivals, Olympics, etc. Using the project to raise health issues in our community. D.6. IMPACT THE EXPECTED IMPACT OF THIS PROJECT ON STUDENTS: (resultados esperados nos estudantes) Having a healthy lifestyle and habits from their early ages. Recognizing the value of physical activity and a healthy diet, as well as the positive and negative consequences of their decisions. Improving their language skills. Increasing their motivation to learn a foreign language. Improving their ICT skills. Learning more about other cultures such as eating habits, education systems, lifestyles etc. Strengthening their social and communication skills. Developing an open attitude towards new challenges and experiences. Enhancing creativity. Making them set achievable, smart, realistic goals. Arouse the sense of tolerance among all participants. Ter um estilo de vida saudável e hábitos saudáveis desde tenra idade, reconhecendo o valor da atividade física e de uma dieta saudável, bem como as conseqüências positivas e negativas de suas decisões. Melhorar as suas competências linguísticas; aumentando a sua motivação para aprender uma língua estrangeira. 6
  7. 7. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia Melhorar as suas competências em TIC. Aprender mais sobre outras culturas, tais como hábitos alimentares, os sistemas de educação, estilos de vida etc Fortalecimento das suas competências sociais e de comunicação. Desenvolvimento de uma atitude aberta para novos desafios e experiências. Melhorar a criatividade. Tornando possível, inteligente, metas realistas. Despertar o sentido de tolerância entre todos os participantes. THE EXPECTED IMPACT OF THIS PROJECT ON TEACHERS: Improving language skills. Increasing their knowledge about other countries’ education system. Sharing and introducing different teaching methods. Strengthening a teamwork and CLIL approach among teachers. Increasing the awareness of LLP in programmes. Developing an open attitude towards new challenges and experiences. Enhancing creativity. Learning more about other cultures. Melhoria das competências linguísticas. Aumentar os seus conhecimentos sobre o sistema de outros países educação. Partilhar a introdução de métodos de ensino diferentes. Do reforço da abordagem CLIL trabalho em equipe e entre os professores. Aumentar a consciência da LLP nos programas. Desenvolvimento de uma atitude aberta para novos desafios e experiências. Melhorar a criatividade. Aprender mais sobre outras culturas. THE EXPECTED IMPACT OF THIS PROJECT ON SCHOOLS: Strengthening teacher-student, staff relationship. Improving the quality of teaching through an exchange of ideas, methods, and tools thereby giving each school an additional European dimension. Encouraging a large number of curricular activities. Extending importance of health related subjects. Increasing the prestige of the school by participating in a European Project. Fortalecimento relacionamento pessoal professor-aluno, Melhorar a qualidade do ensino através da troca de idéias, métodos e ferramentas que confere a cada escola uma dimensão Europeia adicional. Incentivando um grande número de atividades curriculares. Relevando a importância de temas ligados à saúde. Aumentando o prestígio da escola, ao participar num projecto europeu. THE EXPECTED IMPACT OF THIS PROJECT ON PARENTS AND COMMUNITY: Promoting a healthier lifestyle among parents and other members of the community. Increasing participation of parents, local people and associations with the school. Learning about European cultures. 7
  8. 8. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia Presenting the local community to European publics. Reinforcing a sense of unity among the adult members of the community because of their children’s participation into a European Project. E.1. RELEVANCE TOWARDS THE OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME Please enter the programme objectives addressed by your project. To improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility involving pupils and educational staff in different Member States (COM-OpObj-1) To improve the quality and to increase the volume of partnerships between schools in different Member States, so as to involve at least 3 million pupils in joint educational activities during the period of the programme (COMOpObj-2). To encourage the learning of modern foreign languages (COM-OpObj-3) To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning (COM-OpObj-4). To enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training (COM-OpObj-5) To support improvements in pedagogical approaches and school management (COM-OpObj-6) Describe the relevance of the project in your context (national and/or regional or other) and in the context of the programme objectives chosen by you. COM-OpObj-1 : Special emphasis has been put on the importance of the pupil involvement to the mobilities. They are going to be actively involved and will have a chance to work together with their peers from different countries in the tournaments and festivals mentioned in the work programme. The planning of both teachers' and pupils' mobilities to the partner countries have been arranged and ensured. COMOpObj-2 :Through this project, we plan to provide creative and collaborative work between teachers and pupils between European partnership schools and ourselves. In order to improve the quality of the partnership, certain communication tools have been decided to be used during the project programme at certain times. The key factors in a good partnership which are trust, goodwill, and team spirit have been long established thanks to the Preparatory Visit. COM-OpObj-3 : The pupils and staff will be able to use their language skills and realize the value of ability to communicate. Students will not only appreciate it but also find a reason to continue learning a foreign language as they progress to secondary school. Adults will be motivated to learn other European languages accordingly. 8
  9. 9. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia COM-OpObj-4 : Our work will be shared in the virtual area through the project web site. There will be video conferences through Skype or msn live, e-cookery book design, sharing recipes or photos, all of which are to improve participants' ICT skills and keep up with the innovative technologies. COM-OpObj-5 : The opportunity to observe different classroom practice, teaching techniques, use of the good practices will result in the further raising of education standards gaining each institution European dimension. E.5. HORIZONTAL ISSUES Please enter the horizontal issues addressed by your project. - Promoting an awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe, as well as of the need to combat racism, prejudice and xenophobia (Div) - Cultural and linguistic diversity (CulDiv) 9
  10. 10. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia - Making provision for learners with special needs, and in particular by helping to promote their integration into mainstream education and training (SpecNeed) - Promoting equality between men and women and contributing to combating all forms of discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation (Discr). PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION F.1. DISTRIBUTION OF TASKS All partners are going to participate in the school activities. They will have to complete the suggested tasks and contribute to the fulfillment of the specific goals. THE PARTNERS ARE GOING TO - Create a school project team and appoint tasks. - Plan how they are going to fulfill the activities. - Cooperate in creating financial reports, the reports of undertaken activities whenever they are asked to do so by the coordinator or the national agency. - Cooperate in making up the final product and outcomes. - Maintain relationships with the other partners in the project. - Participate in meetings. - Disseminate the project results among the local community. - Use the skills/resources of partnership schools and cooperate with the local authorities, clinics, health centers, etc. THE COORDINATOR IS GOING TO - Manage the project team. - Coordinate all the activities. - Establish a system of communication and tasks for each team. - Mediate in solving conflicts. - Coordinate the writing of the report of undertaken activities. - Control the production of the final outcomes and products. ALSO EACH COUNTRY VOLUNTEERS TO DO THE SPECIFIC TASKS BELOW SPAIN- a journal at the end of each year related to the issues of our project. POLAND - a "life guide" booklet and the questionnaire which is going to be applied in the beginning and in the end. ENGLAND - the web site and logo. 10
  11. 11. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia FRENCH POLYNESIA - e-cookery book on our web site. ITALY - project jingle and a photo album, a compilation of all the photos taken throughout 2 years. BELGIUM - invent a game for our project. GREECE - the Vegetable and Fruit Map of Europe. PORTUGAL - will teach other partners how to cultivate their own food in their school garden and prepare the project mascot. TURKEY - a big festival at the end of the project with the participations of students/teachers from each country, nearby schools, parents, authorities and local media. The seminar about the importance of healthy living and hygiene will be given by doctors/specialists from the clinics or health centers that each school has cooperated with. TO ENSURE THE ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT OF ALL PARTNERS The work programme is being arranged at the Preparatory Visit giving them their tasks. The dates and the responsibilities have been made clear. Deadlines for each task will be set and clearly outlined in work meetings and our web site. To control the process there will be monthly updates (agreed on it to be the last Tuesday of every month). F.2. COOPERATION AND COMMUNICATION COOPERATION: The fact that all the countries came together and worked on the project outline at the Preparatory Visit shows how much they are enthusiastic about cooperating with each other to create a healthy Europe. The students will be actively taking part with their peers from other countries either on study visits or networks. In some activities such as in tournaments they will make up teams regardless of origins and compete for a common purpose encouraging the group work. In order to design the e-cookery book, all of them will be asked to send recipes to the project web site or their favorite vegetable/ fruit to make the Vegetable and Fruit Map of Europe. Apart from the cooperation of partners and students, parents will be working together with the school community on some activities such as choosing the traditional recipes to be sent to partners, trying new dishes from other cultures, and help students cook what they have learned on the big festival to be held in Turkey. We would like to extend the cooperation to other local institutions to ensure the impact and effect of the project, so each school has already cooperated with a clinic or health centre for the informative seminars to be given during the project to reinforce and spread the healthy way of living into the wider community. 11
  12. 12. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia COMMUNICATION: -The participant students, teachers and also parents will communicate through Twinspace portal, Comenius Project page on Facebook, group mail which have already being used by the staff in each school. They can share ideas and experience by using different programs, such as MSN Live, Skype (allowing for multiple conferences), etc. These are very good alternatives for learners in order to use and improve their language and ICT skills keeping pace with the new technologies. - Teachers/students will chat via Skype at set times and on set dates as determined by the coordinator, in order to answer to queries and send urgent information. All the partners will share their works, reports and their progress status on their school web-sites and also on the project web-site. - Mobilities will also ensure the effective communication and relationship among partners. - Every school will organise a project board called “Comenius Corner” which aims to show all the work mainly to the school and local community. The board will be constantly updated with the current activities. - Every school will present their international cooperation to the local media. 3. PARTICIPANTS' INVOLVEMENT The fact that our topic is directly related to a positive change in pupils' lifestyles makes them inevitably participate in all the activities. The pupils in cooperation with their teachers are going to choose, plan, search, work out information, collect, discuss, compose, develop a group-working spirit, adopt responsible choices and behaviors on matters of diet, exercise, hygiene and taking care of their bodies. They will develop their ICT skills, communicate with other students from abroad, achieving in this way an opening of their school towards global community and finally realize the need to use a common language as a means of communication with the rest of the world. They will prepare posters, commercials, share ideas and experiences with their friends all around Europe. They will be active in competitions, tournaments held both in other countries and their schools. Active involvement in sports competitions and tournaments will be awarded with medals of attendance encouraging the participations in order to ensure the maximum involvement in each school. They will negotiate and find alternative healthy solutions for the wrong choices of eating habits. Cultivate their own vegetable and fruit in the school gardens. Also they will fill evaluation questionnaires at the end of the project to evaluate the impact of the project. 12
  13. 13. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia All participating staff will be involved in the project meetings in order to plan and evaluate the project’s activities. Staff will coordinate and facilitate students’ participation in all phases of the project. They will also adapt the activities to the real school context. 4. INTEGRATION INTO ON GOING ACTIVITIES The objectives and the contents of the project are in accordance with all our national curriculums, so we will integrate it into our learning activities. Activities: INTERDISCIPLINAR: Every Tuesday we will celebrate “The fruit day”. Every pupil will have to bring fruit for his/her lunch. HEALTHY WEEK, once a year all the schools will celebrate the “Healthy Week” with lots of different activities to develop all together. This activity also includes the participation of all the School Community with activities such as reading books, doctors and dentists seminars for parents and children, cooking recipes, art contests, sports competitions, visits and short trips. SCIENCE: posters and leaflets promoting healthy living, gardening, learning local vegetable and fruits. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: we will learn different games and sports from the other partners, thus understanding the importance of doing sport. Our schools are taking advantage of the 2012 Olympic Games so our children will have a better understanding of the training and the commitment to participate in Olympics and Paralympics Games. We will celebrate Mini Olympics between all the Partners when we visit other Partners schools. In the end of the project we are going to give Prizes and medals to all the pupils participating at the Sports Challenges between all the classrooms. MUSIC: we will learn and create songs and dances related to healthy habits in the "European Show" in the partner school. ART: drawing, painting, production of posters. ICT: creating an e-cookery book in English during the ICT lessons and exchanging by e-mail traditional recipes and information with our partners, searching for materials in Internet, uploading photos to the project web site in order to improve children’s abilities. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: We will encourage our students to talk about healthy habits in this language, apart from getting in touch with all the rest of the languages from the countries involved in the Project, so children will gain a better Intercultural understanding. We will try to implement the English language curriculum with songs, chants which contain health subjects, formulate healthy tips in English, working in pairs and group to develop communicative skills. GEOGRAPHY: fair trade, location of the countries/cities, countries' climate that reflects the sort of food. 13
  14. 14. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia 5. EVALUATION How will you evaluate, during and after the partnership, whether the aims of the partnership have been met and the expected impact has been achieved? All institutions agreed in the use of differents means and different times of evaluation (Initial, Continous and Final) and that this evaluation must be done focusing on all the activities, experiences and sectors from the school community participating in the Project. We will use a wide range of instruments to evaluate the project such as surveys, reports, questionnaires, diaries, meetings, level of participation and discussion. In order to evaluate our Project we have planned the evaluation as follows: - A survey about lifestyles is going to be applied using some questionnaires which are going to be filled by everyone participating in the project. The same questionaire will be applied at the very beginning to know the existing habits and at the end of the Project. Thus, the results will show the impact of the Project and will help us to find out whether or not their habits and attitude towards health issues have been changed by their participation in the Project. - Data collected from the school cafeteria will show us whether a decrease in consuming packed or pre- processed foods has been reached. - The increase in the number of pupils attending table tennis, football, voleyball, folk music, chess courses which are going to be opened to encourage doing sports/exercises will also serve as a concrete proof of evaluation. - Questionnaires about the level of satisfaction of the community will help us to know the right impact of the project. - Each school is going to have self-evaluation throughout the project, having regular meetings ( first Monday every month), reporting and discussing the progress of the activities, sharing the experiences acquired by all the participants and so having the necessary feed-back to make necessary changes. - All the mobilities will include teachers’ evaluation to improve the project. We will evaluate every type of intervention through different instruments, participation on our web, activities, experiences, video conferencing. - The pupils are going to evaluate the programme expressing their ideas through discussions. They also keep diaries during all the progress of the programme. A term report with the pupils' feedback will offer pupils the opportunity to evaluate the project. - In the project web site, there will be "suggestion" and "complain" boxes to express ideas about the project. - The local community involvement in the project is going to be evaluated through its support and participation in the school events. 14
  15. 15. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia F.6. DISSEMINATION AND THE USE OF RESULTS How will you disseminate and use the results, experiences and, where applicable, products of the partnership? - in the participating organisations? - in the local communities? - in the wider lifelong learning community? IN THE PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS : From the start of the project the collective work will be displayed on the “Comenius Corner” boards in each school with pictures, journals, letters, etc. allowing both the staff and outsiders be aware of the work. Project web site will be updated monthly and all visitors will be able to see the calendar and the activities of the Project. Each school will inform the students and their parents about the project and related activities during the ceremonies in the start of new education year. In the meetings, the staff will be informed and updated about the activities regularly. IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Since we will include students into mobilities, they will share their experiences with their friends and the neighbourhood which will affect the local community very much. In some activities parents will be working with us having being told about the whole process. For the local media and press, mobilities will serve as a great attraction for them, so they will be informed about the activities and outcomes of the Project. At the end of the project the last visit will be to the coordinator school and we are planning to celebrate and disseminate our work with a big festival with the participations of everyone involved in the project as well as the local community, nearby schools and authorities. It will be like a fair area with parents cooking and selling traditional food on stands, students playing the national games of each other, organization of sports tournaments,etc. Also the cooperation work with the clinics, health centres’ in the neighbourhood will be an effective tool for dissemination of the promotion of healthy diet and exercising. Those institutions are going to display and deliver our booklets/posters to the local community. IN THE LIFELONG COMMUNITY: During regular teacher meetings in the area, the teachers who wish to run a Comenius project for their schools will be guided and by sharing our experiences with them they can be enlightened upon the matter. 15
  16. 16. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia They will be informed about the process of a project application, finding partners, and running the project for two years. 16
  18. 18. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia 18
  19. 19. BE HEALTHY/ FEEL HAPY SEJA SAUDÁVEL / SINTA-SE FELIZ EB1/JI de Vila Nova da Baronia 19