The portuguese atlets


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Portugal's choices!

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The portuguese atlets

  1. 1. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 1 Vanessa de Sousa Fernandes, portuguese athlete, was born on September 14, 1985 at Perosinho, VILA Nova de Gaia – PORTO She's daughter of the great Portuguese cyclist - Venceslau Fernandes - her first coach. She began swimming at six years old. With thirteen she started practicing athletics at FC Porto. In 1999 began her professional career in Peniche's Triathlon. At age 15 she joined the Jamor's High Performance Centre ( the most important in Portugal) She won 20 victories in the World Cup Triathlon! Was vice-Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 triathlon, where she received a silver medal. Currently she get an activity fully dedicated to the young, Triathlon Project 2013-2016 whose program includes the detection of Portuguese Talents. Currently their coaches are: Sergio Santos and Antonio Jourdan
  2. 2. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 2 Telma Monteiro – JUDO – Nuno Delgado Judo is a sport practiced as a martial art founded by Ryuji Sonoda in 1882. Judo had a great acceptance worldwide. Jigoro Kano, was a young teen who felt inferior whenever needed to use physical force to solve a problem. He managed to gather the essence of jujutsu, (martial art practiced by the bushi). Based on this knowledge, Jigoro Kano, modified the traditional jujutsu, unirndo different systems, transforming it into a powerful vehicle for physical education. In Portugal, Nuno Miguel Delgado was the greatest figure of male judo in the last decade. He was born on 27st August , 1976 in Lisbon. He graduated from the Faculty of Human Kinetics in Sport Science (1999), Highlights abound in his career. With 12 years age (1989), won the national championship, a feat that he repeated the following two years. He has participated in the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney where he won the bronze medal and brought his name to the forefront of Judo. On 2004, Nuno Delgado at the Olympics Athens was the standard-bearer of the Portuguese national delegation, given its sporting qualities and human. Today is the national coach of hopes (U17) of Portuguese Judo and share this task also as President of the School of Judo with his name: Nuno Delgado. He keeps to publicize the qualities of judo, a sport where physical activity, competition and respect for others go hand in hand.
  3. 3. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 3 Telma Monteiro was born in Almada, December 27, 1985). Competing since 2008 in the category -57 kg (previously competed in - 52 kg), have won four times the European Championship (twice in each category), having also won three times the silver medal at the World Championsh The European Champion, was considered, at age 27, the best Portuguese "judoka" of all time due to its vast history, she's also one of the best world's "judokas". She has also won 12 gold medals in World Cups, European Cups, Grand Prix and Grand Slam. Due to her outstanding curriculum and her contribution to the national sport, the athlete's Sport Lisboa e Benfica was chosen to be the standard-bearer of the Portuguese national delegation, to the London Olympics in 2012. Telma started judo with 12 years old, by her sister, influenced but she didn't like it much. She devoted herself to football, but was rarely used by the coach. So she decided to return to Judo (with 14 years age) and never more left it!
  4. 4. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 4 RUI Alberto Faria da COSTA Born in October 5th 1986 in the village of Aguçadoura – Povoa de Varzim. He is a Portuguese professional cyclist who currently runs the world’s elite, in the Spanish team Movistar. At 11 years old he joined the Athletics, for two years, where he competed for the “Aguçadourense”, wining most of the competitions and was rarely off the podium in the other. Two years later, influenced by his father, Costa goes to the cycling team “Guilhabreu-Vila do Conde.” Then went to “Santa Maria da Feira,” “Benfica” and “Caisse d’Epargne.” The sport newspaper “Record” considered him the best Portuguese cyclist of the last decade. With only two years of ProTour he figured in more than ten podiums and was in 2008 the best U-23 of the World, helping the Portuguese national team winning for the first time the “Nations Cup” in that year . He won three competitions, in 2011, for Movistar Team, two of which the most important of his career: the 8th stage of the Tour de France and the victory in the GP Montréal. For 2012 the rider provides his debut in “Mallorca Challenge.” 2012 was his better year ever. He won the general classification of “Tour de Suisse” one of the most important of World Tour. After winning the 2nd stage the yellow jersey went to his body and was his until the end of the Tour. This was the first time that a Portuguese cyclist won the “Tour de Suisse”. Participated in the Tour de France where he was 18. Ranked team in general, in the London Olympics ending in 13. Third position in the World Championship and finishing at 11. Place finish. Also In 2012 won the trophy for “Best Male Athlete” of the Sports Confederation of Portugal, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. It won the newspaper “The Game” in “Best Athlete of Modalities” and also the trophy for “Male Personality” category of Sport, Lux Magazine. A dream year for the Portuguese rider who finished 10th. Place in the World Ranking UCI World Tour. With the precious help of points earned in the Ranking, Rui Costa helped his team, Movistar Team, to keep the top echelon of cycling, World Tour, and along with the points of Tiago Machado led our country to 10 . place Ranking of Nations. 2013 started well, with the conquest of Classical Spring- Amorebieta early in the season (07/04/2013) and after a forced stop due to a drop in Paris-Nice. This is the last year of the contract for natural corridor Aguçadoura with Movistar Team, with the possibility of renewal at the end of the season
  5. 5. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 5 Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on 5 st February, 1985 in the Santo António’s parish, Funchal (Madeira). Ronaldo's story begins at the doorstep in Quinta do Falcão Santo António(Madeira) where he lived. On his birthday, the boy always asked to all family and friends a ball as a gift, just a ball. He spend the day, from morning till night, playing football. His life was to play football. Even some times, the boy has participate in some tournaments in his residence's area, along with the adults. He began playing football more seriously, on a small club of Madeira Andorinha where his father was responsible for the equipments (Andorinha means Swallow). Immediately he began to show up, arousing the lust of the two biggest clubs in Madeira (Marítimo and Nacional). Ronaldo entered at the "O National' schools" with a little help from his godfather. With only eleven years old, Ronaldo traveled to Lisbon for Sporting Clube de Portugal' schools. In 2003 he joined to Manchester United. In 2009 he entered to the Real Madrid, where up to the present. He is also the Selection Portugal's Team captain. The Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot in 2010/2011.
  6. 6. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 6 Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid's player is the new ambassador for Save The Children Institution. Promote physical activity and healthy eating it's the mission of CR7.
  7. 7. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 7 Tomás Cabrita Nunes Barroso Basqueteball Tomás was born on November 2, 1990 (Albufeira in the Algarve) is Portuguese basketball player and had begun to develop their ability to play basketball at an early age in Basketball Club Albufeira. Turned professional at 16 years old, in Spain, playing in the Espacio Torrelodones LBE league, where he trained with Croats and Serbs coaches. He had highlights in his debut season. After an injury, returned to Portugal and joined Sport Lisboa e Benfica. In Professional League, where besides many points scored for their teams (Gym and Penafiel), he stood out as particularly great assistant, rebounder and how defender, with much quality and attitude. He is regarded as one of the best basquetebal players at present in Portugal. The recipe that gives to his success is: Much Work and Humility. In 2010-2011 season, he participated as demonstrator in PRO CAMP during all four weeks of the Academy Monte Basket (Portugal's center stage of basketball).
  8. 8. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 8 Canoeing For the first time a Portuguese duo formed by Joana Vasconcelos and Beatriz Gomes, reached the final of women's canoeing K2 500 meters at the Olympic Games. Although they finished the race in 6th place in the final, it was the best ever result, of Portuguese's women, on canoeing in category K2 500 meters (2012 in London). Joana Vasconcelos and Beatriz Gomes: "We had never attained a final, so a sixth place was fantastic!" For Beatriz Gomes, the result unprecedented achieved produces gives her "a sense of accomplishment that will give momentum in the coming years." Joana Vasconcelos in 2009, was European and world's junior champion on 500m in K1. In 2010, she reached the European gold medal in K2 200 meters in category under-23 years old. In 2012, Joana Vasconcelos stood in 3 ª position in Championship of Europe, 2012, on the proof of K2 200 meters, in the seniors category. Beatriz Gomes, is the most experienced canoeists of Portugal, she’s 32 years old and currently represents the "Fluvial of Coimbra." She practices boating for 22 years ago and has a total of 44 national titles. Internationally, the Portuguese athlete has won six medals. Beatriz Gomes was European champion in 2005 and won the third place in the 2006 World Cup in the specialty of marathons. Beatriz Gomes had her first experience in 2008 (where he teamed with Helena Rodrigues), on the Olympic games of Beijing, ending in 11th place at race of the K2 500 meters.
  9. 9. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 9 Adapted Athletics Athletics is the most practiced sport in Portugal, the proof is the fact that the Portuguese track team adapted get the second title of world champion male and female of Adapted Athletics. The 9th World Championship Athletics INAS - Prague 2013, placed Portugal in the highest place of the podium nations, either in men or in women, revalidating the titles of World Champion achieved two years ago in Italy. According to the National Association of Sports for the Intellectual Disability (ANDDI), the Portuguese athletes that stood out were: Inês Fernandes, the discus; Tiago Duarte, Lenine Cunha and Erica Gomes, in the high jump; Cristiano Pereira and Samuel Freitas who managed the new Record of Portugal in the 800m. At the end of this event, the Portuguese athletes reached the impressive sum of 47 medals, including 18 Gold, 17 Silver and 12 Bronze, plus 3 World Records, 3 European Records and 3 National Records. They pratice a healthy life and they are the BEST of all!
  10. 10. Our choice - Athletes from Portugal - Be Healthy /Feel Happy EB1/JI Vila Nova da Baronia 10 Fernandes, Vanessa Sources:$vanessa-fernandes;jsessionid=Mhq8PzBo9gjDIytXGZnDjw Delgado, Nuno Sources: Monteiro, Telma Sources: Costa, Rui Sources: Ronaldo, Cristiano Sources: Barroso, Tomas Sources: PT&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=94ás_Barroso Gomes, Beatriz, and Vascnocelos, Joana Sources: Adapted Athletics Sources: Work made by: Rita Parreirinha, Ana P. Gonçalves, Alexandra Campos Paulo Mira, Dinis Chouriço, Ruben Paulo, Ruben Rebocho, Daniel Destapado.