A3 language as the glue for lean transformation


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A3 language as the glue for lean transformation

  1. 1. A3 language as the glue for the Lean transformation Marcin Kokott http://twitter.com/MKokott Agile/Lean Coach, Senior Consultant Tieto, marcin.kokott@tieto.com© 2011 Tieto Corporation
  2. 2. We all have powerfull tool• We have most powerfull tool that natural selection have ever devise • Implanting your thoughts from your mind to other… without surgery!• Chimpanzees can’t improve... We can  • …take one idea and improve it• Seeing something means I can steal it • Languages to block the threath • Social learning or „family groups”• How many languages we have in our organizations • Cultural, Management levels, groups… © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  3. 3. Introduction• Former developer, team leader, project manager• ...more than 9 years experience in IT• Currently Agile/Lean Coach of business critical cases in Tieto• ...has been implementing Agile & Lean in various types of projects for last 3 years in context of distributed deliveries (whole Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, India and China)• Core team for Lean@Tieto © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  4. 4. Improvement:• NOW?• REALITY?• Anything for ME?• NOT FIRE-FIGHTING?• ACTIONS?• HOW LONG?• HOW MUCH?• CHECK IT?• WHEN it will be DONE?• …and we don’t have a time - make it one page . © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  5. 5. © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  6. 6. Simple• “If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough” A.Einstein• „No pictures ??? It’s boring…”• GO and SEE• „SPACE-BOXED” © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  7. 7. Common goal• Different people, roles, expectations• Show whole elephant• Sell it – not push it! • Money, Lead-time, Delivery speed, Challenging (Kaikaku)• Transparent ”Most business processes are 90% waste and 10% value-adding work” (Jeffrey K. Liker) © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  8. 8. Everyone speaks• Agreed by every stakeholder • Continuous discussion and selling• Understandable by everyone • ROI, CSS, Lead-Time, Efficiency• No YES-NO • If you don’t agree fully – show different situation © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  9. 9. Solid• Investment• 30-60 days of implementation• Measurable• Clear ROI and fast • Schedule, measure • Cost of change • Actions © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  10. 10. Summary• “If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough” • A.Einstein• Use language to LEARN• Bottom-up, Top-down… and „injections of catalyst”• „Think fast, speak slow” © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  11. 11. See also on BoF:Roman Smirak„Transforming 18000 peoplecompany – Lean@Tieto”Marcin KokottAgile/Lean Coach, Senior ConsultantTieto,marcin.kokott@tieto.com http://twitter.com/MKokott © 2011 Tieto Corporation