Porfolio = Proposal for Corporate Awards Night


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This proposal was created for a female corporate group celebrating their top sellers. The evening included a cocktail hour and then a dinner, both held in the same room. The proposal includes three thematic ideas for the event, as well as execution plans.

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Porfolio = Proposal for Corporate Awards Night

  1. 1. Cocktail Reception Option #1 COLOR BLOCKS The cocktail reception area will be divided into four segments, each saturated with a single shade of blue, red, yellow and purple lighting. Segments will feature a combination of seated or standing cocktail tables, soft seating and other color themed décor elements. PROPOSAL PREPARED EXCLUSIVELY FOR Portfolio Event was held at RADISSON WORLDGATE 120 GUESTS Presented by: Elizabeth Stephenson
  2. 2. Dinner Option # 1 GLOWING WHITE The dramatic lighting will be carried through into the dinner side of the room, but, in a softer way by using only white lighting and decor. Round tables that are covered in floor- length white linen will glow from within using special LED lighting and are surrounded by silver chaivari chairs. White fabric panels will be strategically placed around the room; the ceiling and walls will then be washed with the brilliance of LED lighting and customized gobo designs of the client’s selection.
  3. 3. Cocktail Reception Option #2 MONOCHROMATIC GOLD The entire perimeter of the room will be draped in a rich Gold Nugget Crushed Tergalet fabric that will extend 14 feet from the floor. This fabric will be softly gathered and will puddle gracefully onto the floor. Amber colored up lighting adds drama to the panels. Standing cocktail tables are scattered throughout the room and gold settees provide a luxurious lounge area. Several living statues divide the cocktail area from the dinner portion of the room and stand to amaze guests.
  4. 4. Dinner Option #2 MONOCHROMATIC GOLD The monochromatic gold theme is carried through to the dinner and awards part of the evening. The stage area will glow with amber colored LED lighting and be decorated with large floral arrangements that are coordinated with the buffet florals. Tables are set with floor-length brushed gold satin linens and accented with either gold-tipped rose centerpieces or gold cabarets.
  5. 5. Cocktail Reception Option #3 BLACK SPARKLE The cocktail reception glows with anticipation. Guests enter the room through a custom designed black canopy individualized with the client’s chosen logo. Inside the room candle walls line the perimeter and are accented with dramatic lighting. Standing cocktail tables are covered in black twinkling linens and topped with a small votive light. Black drapery is hung around the room to create intimacy and drama.
  6. 6. Dinner Option #3 BLACK SPARKLE The dinner and awards celebration starts with shimmering table linens and ends with a round of applause. Guests are seated in golden chaivari chairs at tables designed with black taffeta twinkle overlay linens covering black floor-length polyester tablecloths. They are topped with a traditional assortment of flowers in a glass and gold vase. On the buffet tables are color-coordinated large floral arrangements in a tall glass vase. Around the perimeter of the room bare branches line the walls and are strung with twinkling lights.