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Echte interactie ontstaat pas als door crowdsourcing nieuwe, unieke verhaallijnen ontstaan. Verschillende soorten content vertellen via meerdere kanalen samen een verhaal. Transmedia Storytelling is daarmee een belangrijke aanjager van betrokkenheid. Rob Prass legt uit hoe dit werkt.

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  • games are about play
  • meet mr Marshall McLuhan
  • as if he was predicting serious games back in the 60 of last century
  • Multiplatform services mean more than
  • The story telling remains the same, but the tools that we now have offer new experiences. Critical difference here is that they are sit forward experiences. Whilst Traditional linear narratives on TV were generally sit back we are entering a world where engagement is critical to success. More games selling than DVDs means that people are wanting to be engaged. Linear TV narratives tend to be sit back experiences, but more and more people are sitting forward. They are seeking engagement. May be a rigidly structured single narrative or may not be. They might offer different perspectives on the same action They might change the POV of the audience, or offer a changed POV Depending on the story you are telling: You may need to ‘handhold’ the audience through the experience, but equally you may not need to as the story may allow them to construct their own narrative You will need to be aware that people will start at different starting points, so their experience will need to be managed. How will they orient themselves, what will their experience be You might think about offering an interactive narrative which allows viewer to explore action from alternative perspectives. Use the media form - video, audio, photos, text, animation, interaction - to present a segment of a story in the most compelling way
  • Transmedia Storytelling - Rob Prass

    1. 1. Rob Prass
    2. 3. een interessant probleem sommige marketiers zijn niet geïnteresseerd in storytelling de meeste storytellers zijn niet geïnteresseerd in marketing
    3. 4. Trans media is in feite zo oud als verhalen vertellen zelf, namelijk het verhaal vertellen via meerdere belevingsvormen over verschillende mediaplatformen.
    4. 6. "Storytelling” is de kern van wat de mens uniek maakt. Het is de manier waarop we onze ervaringen delen, leren van ons verleden en onze toekomst voorstellen. Maar hoe we onze verhalen vertellen, hangt af van een ander uniek menselijke eigenschap, ons vermogen om nieuwe technologie te bedenken en toe te passen. Van de drukpers tot het Internet, technologie heeft de mensen nieuwe manieren gegeven om hun verhalen te vertellen, zodat ze op nieuwe niveaus van creativiteit en persoonlijke ontplooiing kunnen komen.
    5. 7. de kracht van het verhaal
    6. 8. Je producten zijn top, maar je verkoopsucces in de toekomst wordt bepaald door de hoeveelheid aandacht die het verdient. reputatie x aandacht = waarde
    7. 13. conspiracy for good
    8. 15. the truth about marika
    9. 17. film
    10. 24. <ul><li>PLAY </li></ul>learning is about playing…
    11. 26. Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either
    12. 27. GAMIFICATION
    13. 30. Where we are now Audiences Fragmenting Simultaneous media use Networked Referring, recommending Business Licensing 24/7 products Archive mining Partnerships Marketing Integrated Marketing Brand management Increasing reach through aggregated campaigns Technology Create once publish any/everywhere Personalisation – Content Repurposing Altering Adapting Augmenting Stretching Stories across multiple platforms
    14. 35. So, stories on multiple platforms <ul><li>May be a rigidly structured, single narrative – could be multiple layered & interwoven stories </li></ul><ul><li>Could use a number of different entry points (into the story) </li></ul><ul><li>Might offer an interactive narrative, be open-ended or offer alternative endings </li></ul><ul><li>Sometimes are interactive experiences relying on the user to go on their own journey </li></ul><ul><li>Will use a number of different media - video, audio, photos, text, animation, interaction - to present a segment of the story in the most compelling way </li></ul>
    15. 36. 1. Find ways to work with and enable the new generation of Digital Native media professionals. Make sure that you are relevant for them! Collaborate, facilitate, connect! They can become partners but they could also become competitors! 2. Embrace new audience behaviour. Be open to user engagement, interactivity, user-generated content, and social media. Build communities around your TV content! 3. Work with Facebook, Apple, Google and other newcomers to broadcast. Social networks are the future for broadcasters to connect with your audience. These companies already have a direct relationship with your audience. Develop connected business models. This is mutual interest!
    16. 37. 4. Consider extending existing brands. There is an initial audience which can generate a lot of word-of-mouth. The production team already understand a lot about the world of their series, which makes working from STORY to keep extensions in canon much more understandable as the team goes through a steep learning curve. 6. Extend and maintain successful new series in ways that respond to its audience. Budget to keep character blogs, twitter streams, and forums running between an initial season and the next.
    17. 38. 6. Avoid watering down concepts and projects. Create groundbreaking content! Ensure your series follow through. 7. Educate your organisation! Consider establishing an innovation group to do things in new ways. Plan to disperse and embed the innovation group into production teams as soon as possible. 8. Establish a team of transmedia commissioners and editorial staff. To spot high-potential concepts and talent. To safeguard projects through development, production, release and maintenance. 9. Start today! Use research and audience planning as basis for your transmedia strategy.
    18. 40. Tijd is schaars Hoe valideer je de tijd van de gebruikers
    19. 42. Thanks for participating - see you online :) [email_address] 06 54240275