Trendsfactory 2012 - Guy Powell - ROI of Social Media
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Trendsfactory 2012 - Guy Powell - ROI of Social Media



Presentatie van Guy Powell tijdens Trendsfactory 2012

Presentatie van Guy Powell tijdens Trendsfactory 2012



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  • sorry for late reply, on the b2b agenda, companies we have in the audience are from;-          IT Services (outsourcing, system development, implementation) (DK)-          Telco – networks (FI)-          Pulp & paper (FI)-          Forklifts + services (FI)-          IT (Software + outsourcing) (FI)-          Marine & powerplantengines + services (FI) As it seems, still 90% of companieswillbe from various b2c areas so the focusshouldbethere, businesses cover e.g.-          food-          dairy-          telco - handsets-          telco - operator-          travel-          retail food-          retail hardware-          transport-          insurance-          brewery-          banking
  • Strong international growth
  • But there are really three major types of social media activities that drive the brand to a greater or lesser extentEach of these, but especially customer service have an impact on the brand. Customer service quality impacts the image attribute for ‘this brand has good service’Don’t confuse the sum of all messages in social media as social media marketingSocial media marketing is the response received from a marketing activity to drive messages in social media. It doesn’t necessarily include the background buzz a brand has that takes place regardless of marketingSearch and market research are probably more operational, but Customer service can certainly impact the brand, in terms of brand imagery.
  • So social media is just another media channel. It delivers messages. It delivers messages from trusted sources. It delivers messages with either a positive persuasion or negative. It delivers messages that change brand perceptions and imagery
  • Any media where others can listen, see the conversation, online (isn’t sales force a social media)Engaging with the brand is no longer just about purchaseWhat about F2F WOM?
  • Add-ons and late arrivals paid for the cost of the ad and the food. The first Denny’s free give-away.2million enjoyed the meal. Restaurant locater on the web was a key metric. A million chickens36,000 employees14,000,000 hits to website in 12 hours. Heard about it on text, call and facebook, mass email.2,300 news programs500 newspaper articlesJay leno, Jon Stewart.“Denny’s” 2nd most googled word1,500 restaurants 1 more visit delivered 11% more sales. Met financial goal for the quarter.

Trendsfactory 2012 - Guy Powell - ROI of Social Media Trendsfactory 2012 - Guy Powell - ROI of Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • #ROISM ROI OF SOCIAL MEDIA ROI of Social Media – how to measure the right things to drive your integrated traditional and social media marketing strategies #ROISM1
  • #ROISM There is strong global growth Tudou Source:
  • #ROISM Social media: Marketing v. Operations Market Research Customer service Advertising Executive Search3
  • #ROISM Social media is just another media channel Traditional Social Radio Digital Microblogs Photo TV OOH Blogs Video4
  • #ROISM Definition of social media vs. WOM Off-line On-line Observe Listen Face to face ROI of Social Media5
  • #ROISM Case study: “Will it blend?” > 9M downloads on YouTube Incremental revenue – 500% increase in sales on initial $50USD investment Became leader in the category Source:
  • #ROISM First message Social media is large Social media is complex, Social media is just another media channel Separate out operations from Marketing7
  • #ROISM How does your marketing strategy differ from your social marketing strategy?9
  • #ROISM Social media and marketing Social media Customer Marketing Other Service engagement stakeholders Other operations10
  • #ROISM What do you have trouble measuring and analyzing? Why?11
  • #ROISM “I can measure everything” Cost, time, accuracy12
  • #ROISM Consumer decision model: Putting it all together Purchase funnel Relevance Market utility Price $ € ¥ £ Probability of choosing an item13
  • #ROISM Summary To measure social media we need the right framework Investment must be in line with value14
  • #ROISM The refrigerator15
  • #ROISM Key book concept16
  • #ROISM Media Engagement Framework Segmentation Influencers Consumers Individuals / Personas Competitive Set Endorsement Share Brands Time Brand Image Influencer Endorsement Consumer Purchase Community Engagement Measurement Funnel Funnel Funnel Framework Reputation Awareness Awareness Reach Frequency Quality Consideration Consumption Conversation Subscription Follow Count Purchase intent / Profile Content Timing Purchase Loyalty Invitation17
  • #ROISM Social Media Tenets – in summary Social media is the new primary component of corporate communications with all stakeholders and is an equal with traditional, PR and other media channels. It is one of many media channels that needs to be fully integrated into the media mix Social media has two key components outbound marketing messaging and inbound customer service engagement. Engagement must take place with the right individual in the company at the right time in order to provide its full benefit. Social media is made up of many individual channels that must be treated as an integrated, bidirectional communications channel.18
  • #ROISM Products and services = our short advertisement MarketSim – Dynamic ProRelevant Engage – benchmarking markets, product/brand your social presence, tracking your launch, strategic decision support marketing success with Best-in-class consumer centric Marketing Calculator – Marketing modeling simulator design tool SurPlace – Marketing ROI based improved media buying Training – Public and customized private on marketing ROI and social media strategy and ROI19
  • #ROISM Client base profile Strategic decision-making support Global experience Drive long term strategic change in North America Sri Lanka decision-making methods Russia Singapore • P&G Malaysia Japan • GAB Hong Kong Morocco • Garuda Indonesia Vietnam Indonesia • FrieslandCampina Example clients20
  • #ROISM Thank you Guy R. Powell – Michiel van de Watering – Community: Facebook: Twitter: @ROISocialMedia #ROISM Join me on LinkedIn US: +1-404-816-4344 NL: +31 6 53 72 11 17 Sing: +65 9185-644321