Leadership Challenges


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Leading and managing a team can pose particular challenges due to the varying team dynamics. For a customised solution for your team development visit

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Leadership Challenges

  1. 1. About Us Leadership and Management Solutions (LMS) provides results driven improvement , enhanced productivity of your organisation through the development of your key asset, your people.
  2. 2. The Leadership Challenge Leadership can be a very challenging task. As leaders we don’t always get to choose who is on our team.
  3. 3. The Leadership Challenge Quite often a leader inherits a team, of which most of the members have been there far longer than the leader, and may even know more about the work than the leader.
  4. 4. The Leadership Challenge Irrespective of the situation, one of the responsibilities of a leader is to motivate the team to all work together towards the common goal.
  5. 5. The Leadership Challenge Quite often the team is comprised of very diverse members, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and work styles.
  6. 6. Team Dynamics The team dynamics are also often complicated by internal disagreements and personal conflicts. The leader, not only has work with this group of people but also needs to achieve the results expected by their superiors.
  7. 7. An effective Leader By understanding the basic personality types, the leader can use individual strengths of members for the good of the team, as well as assign tasks that individual team members naturally excel in.
  8. 8. An effective Leader A leader can also learn to communicate in a way that is motivating, by taking into account the needs, values and working preferences of different team members.
  9. 9. Leadership qualities A good leader will see the greatest results by working and utilizing the strengths and working style characteristics of the personalities on the team.
  10. 10. Leadership qualities By correctly positioning the individual member strengths and compensating for weaknesses, the leader can bring the team into a productive balance and harmony.
  11. 11. Leadership qualities By facilitating each team member to function in their areas of natural strength and motivating them by communicating in a way that inspires harmony and team work, the leader is well on the way to achieving extraordinary results.
  12. 12. About Us We are well-versed in the provision of learning and development solutions across local, national and global markets.
  13. 13. Our Facilitators Our dedicated facilitators have extensive national and international experience.
  14. 14. Our Solutions Leadership Strategic Management Global Business Teamwork Change Management Continuous improvement Women in Business
  15. 15. Contact Us www.leadershipmanagementsolutions.com.au