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Bernard carlton a2_evaluation

  1. 1. 1. How are you using media technologies in the construction, researc h, planning & evaluation stages?
  2. 2. During the construction stage of my ancillary tasks, I used AdobePhotoShop & Adobe InDesign to design and construct my work.Adobe PhotoShop worked as the main software I would use forimage manipulation, image composition and most importantlyimage editing as a collective such as, sharpening, colourcorrection, brightening & contrasting. For example, for myancillary task 2, the films poster, I researched the way in whichimages were often arranged on the page and how, what to theaudience is a simple piece of image composition in truth,requires an in-depth thought process and requires greatconsideration being taken into account of the links it has to thefilm to entice the audience to watching the film. For example, for my ancillary task 2, the films poster, I researched the way in which images were often arranged on the page and how, what to the audience is a simple piece of image composition in truth, requires an in-depth thought process and requires great consideration being taken into account of the links it has to the film to entice the audience to watching the film. For example, using „Adulthood‟ as a prime example I found that the places in which the characters were positioned on the poster had direct links to the films plot and its main messages. Nevertheless, using InDesign I was able to experiment how I would use text to present a more professional piece of work. I also looked in greater depth at the alternative platforms the urban genre caters for, such a music blogs, publication sites and artistic production establishments. One of which was RWDmag that would employ the use of simple layouts and text fonts to create their products. In reference to text fonts, I experimented on InDesign on various images and snapshots from the film to select and use as my final product. InDesign was a very straightforward programme to use, especially as it allowed you to create layers in which it became easier to manoeuvre words & titles around the page to suit the design brief I had made for my poster. I found that, in contrast to Photoshop, InDesign presented a sharper and more defined image for a poster that has to be visually pleasing for the target audience.
  3. 3. During the planning stage, I constructed templates for my ancillary tasksthat enabled me to have a rough idea of what needed to be done interms of image composition, text fonts and sizes to avoid making drasticchanges along the way. This planning was carried out in InDesign &PhotoShop as the text pieces were a crucial part to get right so I usedInDesign to create multiple templates on possible designs. This was a veryimportant stage and process as it enabled me to familiarise myself with allthe tools, effects and organisation. Initially I was using Microsoft word toexperiment with text fonts before taking it into InDesign. I also made roughtemplates for image composition in Adobe PhotoShop.I began by merging two images of our establishing shots, The London Eyeand The Houses of Parliament together to form one image. This was a wayof keeping consistency in terms of what is in the film and how it will bemarketed through the poster. Nevertheless, I marked out using the ruler Additionally, I searched the internet visitingtool where my four action images would be placed enabling me to clearly various font creating sites to sample a fewconstruct the poster. I also chose to begin thinking of fonts to use for the desired fonts I would possible integrate intomain title simply as a reference tool that would later be finalised in my ancillary tasks.InDesign. The poster was drawing to a finish but one or two things had caught my attention and needed redefining and editing in PhotoShop. As you can see, the film strip effect placed on the images is slightly slanted towards one side and because of this I chose to change it rather that overlook it.
  4. 4. Moreover, I used Adobe Premiere to produce the film trailerRansom. During this stage, I opted to experiment fonts for thetransitions to be used in the trailer. This also led me to fontcreating websites and also looking at fonts employed in currentreal media products as a basis to my own film. This exploratorypart of my research was carried out on Adobe After-effects, looking at what can be done to highlight and bringattention to the important tag lines that are to feature in my film.Additionally, Adobe After-Effects was a programme used tocomplete the film trailer. Here we have the initial scenes that work to build the scene, such as the protagonist being strapped to a chair. This is an enigma code, where we are unaware of the identity of the protagonist. Additionally, I have also looked to lock particular layers in order to make the editing stage much more easier. Here we had creatively used the police in our film. This was brought in at the very end of our film in order to add a sense of realism and present a strong element of verisimilitude. In editing I had to work between the two task bars to enable me to work more accurately between the trailers scenes. At the bottom of the workspace was the audio bar where the sound that had been incorporated with the action was place, also any special effects we implemented in our trailer. Also, they were sequenced to run in unison with one another to keep the transitions as smooth as possible.
  5. 5. In this section I was using Adobe After-Effects to create the inter- Here I went back into Adobe premier and implemented thetitles to be implemented in our film. I clicked on workspace inter-title that I designed and added effects to in Adobe After-which then opened a new slide in which I was able to change Effects. Although the two images are different, I used the samethe colour contrasts, brightness and transitions timing. principles and tools to design and implement them in my work.In this space I aimed to designate a separate workspace to Also, I began to fit the inter-titles into the trailer itself on thepreview the transition of my inter-title. In this very space, it timeline.became possible to extend the workspace also of the dropdown options which enabled me to also work much smootherand effectively. Research into sound tracks was vitally important as we had to make sure collectively we didnt fall into a situation where we used a common „Grime‟ or „Rap‟ track that could affect the theme and purpose of our film. Nevertheless, the soundtrack we used as our first track was one featured in the Inception trailer. This trailer was greatly influential & enabled us to think much more broadly in terms of effects we could add. I highlighted the segment or section that was relevant to the trailer and cut it out accordingly. Now that the desired part of the soundtrack is in place, I then needed to rename the file and place it in a specific folder in order to import it into the trailer. The file or soundtrack would now be saved as a .WAV file to produced a much sharper and clearer audio file which would prove important in the effectiveness of our trailer. Additionally, the tempo of the soundtrack had been edited slightly to increase tension and entice the audience to want much more than what they already have. This programme proved problem free and easy to use to edit audio for the trailer.
  6. 6. 2 . In what ways will your media products use, develop or challenge forms & conventions of real media products?
  7. 7. My media product design was heavily influenced by currentmedia products such as the Adulthood poster. As previouslyidentified, I acknowledged that the position of characters on theposter had a significant amount of planning and greatconsideration taken into how it links to the narrative of the film.For example, Robert Mooney characterised by Femi Oyeniran islocated at the far right of the poster signifying his position in thefilm. We see that Mooney wants to break away from theevermore decaying region of London they live in. This is furtheremphasised by the central position of Sam Peel played by NoelClarke who presents macho apparel. Additionally, props alsoplay a significant part in the design of this poster as a bat isplaced at the foot of Sam. This is to show that at the foot of theescalating problem concerning young people in London is theviolent subculture that people can be socialised into. This appliessignificantly to the way in which my poster was designed as Iaimed to present characters in such a way that it has significantlinks to my trailer.Furthermore, in reference to my magazine I aimed to use anddevelop upon the conventions employed by Empire, anestablished company who produce film magazines. I looked atvarious editions and aimed to understand how each genredetermined the design and effects used. For example, the titleof the film „Green Zone‟ has a poster designed with a greensurveillance effect added, to present a direct link to thenarrative or a surrounding theme in the film. In this instance, I willdevelop my product to have direct links to the narrative to avoidproducing a confusing product, achieving this by integratingthings such as the establishing shots into the background of myposter. However, I will look to challenge the conventions of Moreover, I also took into consideration the way in which thecurrent real media products by opting to not use weapons such poster designed for Inception was constructed, using a specificas fire arms or knives, in either of my ancillary tasks. This is scene of the film to create a collective image that would bothbecause, even though action films contain the common shoot- give a brief summary of the narrative, but also withholdouts and standoffs, I felt that I wanted to present the drama information that would entice the audience to want to watchelements of my film in the ancillary tasks and gradually integrate the film. From this, I opted to present key frames from the film toand portray the action elements in the trailer. allow the audience to understand and appreciate the theme of the film.
  8. 8. Nevertheless, my magazine will develop on the design paths taken by „Empire‟ & „Total Film‟. I have opted to merge an edition from each of these magazines on separate issues and develop thoroughly on the design employed by „Empire‟. Empire has strayed from an elaborative design to a simplistic approach, where the text font is a focal point for the magazine. This is something I will use in terms of using bold, identifiable fonts but develop on this further by adding visual effects to the images and texts to present an all round professional product. Furthermore, L.Mulvey‟s (1974/5) theory on visual pleasures and narrative cinema led me to consider the impact of corresponding colour schemes employed in my ancillary tasks. From this I would alternate the colours used in both ancillary tasks. It became evident that the poster the film company‟s release, are dissimilar to the design path taken by the magazine producers. This is because, the two products may cater for the target audience but the products will appear as replications if they are closely similar in terms of design.This is my ancillary project 1, the magazine and I found that afterresearch I needed to create a name that was appealing andhad a direct link to the products I was creating. This lead me tothe masthead and title „Legendary‟. This name implies ordenotes a substantial status in the industry, a magazine that hastop credentials and only markets the best media productscurrently in the market. Nevertheless, I also looked to integratean online website that I would act as an additional promotion As a result, I opted to produce a product for ancillary task 2 thatdevice used to push the sales and audience attraction of this had immediate links to the film and produce a magazine thatfilm. presented a subtle but effective portrayal of the film. Nevertheless, the fundamental colours such as black and whiteThe central image is of a character in the film who is not were the main colours to be employed in my ancillary tasks. Blackidentified to integrate an enigma, a sense of mystery that only connotes mystery, horror, darkness whiles white connotes a sterilebecomes clear as your read the magazine and also watch the product, one that is of cleanliness but such a juxtaposition offilm, so the two products work hand in hand to create one contrasting themes is what allows the boldness of my ancillary tasksstrong collective body of work. to stand out.
  9. 9. 3. What have you learned fromyour audience feedback?
  10. 10. The main thing I learned from audience feedback is that taking I found this encouraging as thissole consideration into what is needed to present a professional insightful feedback enabled me tobody of work for a specific target audience is crucial. I feel that build on the foundation I had tofrom listening to the viewpoints of classmates and various other further improve my magazine. Incollege students, I acknowledged that being able to present the reference to my poster, I found thatmain message in a few images is important. Reason being, when constructive criticism enabled me toa poster is seen from afar, the audience does not have a lot of build upon the foundation alreadytime to read every line of information, the most they‟ll see is the set in my design process.title and the main images that should be able to sell the story. In Additionally, I found that feedbackmy poster, it becomes evident that array of images I opted to from various people, not just mediause perfectly sold the story and enticed the audience to want to students allowed me to pinpointwatch this trailer/film. One thing I did to branch out or expand ways in which I could improve mythe responses I received was to send the poster to the actors work to effectively appeal to myand also display the poster on social networking platforms such target audience. One of which wasas „BlackBerry Messenger‟ to see what people thought of it. From to make the text slightly morethis I found that people of varied ages were interested in seeing readable from distance. This couldthe finished product (trailer/film) as a result of my successful be achieved through the use ofposter design. bolder colours and larger text fonts. Evu 18: In reference to my main task, the film trailer, I was pleased with the responses and feedback I gained from it. Once “the magazine in again I looked at a variety of viewpoints from different contrast to the people such as graphic design students, art poster is not as students, history, politics and English students also. This was strong in quality but to make sure that I was not simply catering for media is still a good piece studies students who have been taught to analyse such of simplistic but products and take critical responses upon such products. effective design.” Additionally, one other point that came of interests was that my trailer presented an issue that has not been explored by real media products currently circulating in Femi, 18: the industry. It was acknowledged that the common “the poster is a very strong piece of responses of people to such genres of film, is one that design, I feel that the way you have homogenises young people into anti-social subcultures captured the narrative in your poster but the opposite view was taken when I received especially is very good. Also, your trailer feedback. From this, I learnt that it is possible to create is very good, presents a side of London something that is socially desirable and can be seen to that I havent seen presented in the brake or stray away from the usual conventions identified media today so I think you‟ve done in urban dramas. Nevertheless, it became evident that by well. However, I do think the magazine collecting various perspectives on my media product could be better but overall a quality enabled me to learn what can be employed to improve piece of work all round.” my work further and how much more can be added.
  11. 11. 4. How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary task?
  12. 12. Creating an ancillary task that has no direct link to the trailer isvery much a disastrous thing to do which is why I aimed to keepa level of consistency throughout the planning, construction &also the research stages. Personally, I feel that I successfullymade a link between my ancillary tasks and the main task as, Iextracted elements of the main task into my magazine andposter to ensure the consistency was evident in each of myprojects. Additionally, I looked to transfer the fonts used in mymagazine to the fonts used in my poster to certify that Iconsistently kept the standard of my work at a high level.Moreover, I also went one step further and included the samefonts featured in the transitions in the film to the ancillary tasksalso. DIRECT LINKS Nevertheless, it became important for me to do this because; the text I use has a heavy influence on the ways in which the products are interpreted. The institutions I had designed and constructed also feature similar text fonts simply to present a professional piece of work and have direct links to all my pieces of work. The main aim of my poster and in essence both my ancillary tasks, was to successfully promote and market the film to reach a substantial peak in sales.
  13. 13. An example of a thorough marketing strategy was the integration of an enigma code. An enigma being a question that is not immediately answered and thus draws an audience to a text. In reference to my own text, this comes in the form of the identity of the protagonist being hidden for a prolonged period of time enabling the audience to become enticed into the film. This plays to the ideology of urban dramas that they in essence look to depict male strengths and present a masculine view of 21st century London. Moreover, this links to the theorist Roland Barthes, who presented the five codes. One code that perfectly summarises the way in which I have linked my products together is the proairetic code (ATC) in which tension is built through action and withholding information that proceeds ay given scene. This worked to develop the stories tension and keep the audience thoroughly interested. A progression from this proairetic code was the use of binary oppositions, this being a clear division between the protagonist and antagonist/good and evil.Nevertheless, my products all work to build audience interest so whenthe trailer is released; the acknowledgement of the poster is what luresthe audience to watch the film.Moreover, it is evident that every film has a marketing tool whether it is amagazine or poster it has a USP, a unique selling point that separatesitself from every other product currently on the market. My USP is thatsuch an issue has not been introduced and the way in which it ispresented, with no form of weaponry involved allows this film to beconsidered different to that of films such as Adulthood that is of thesame genre. I chose to present an archetypal character, one that couldbe identified by the audience to be universally accepted andrecognisable. This archetype character was the protagonist, thecharacter that found himself at the centre of controversy at no fault oftheir own. He is simply a humble character that is made a lucrativetarget by his former friends & this also presents itself as an archetypalcharacter.