Dealing With Debt Collection Presented by LCTaylor


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Are debt collectors making life difficult? You do have rights when it comes to

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Dealing With Debt Collection Presented by LCTaylor

  1. 1. Dealing With Debt Collection
  2. 2. LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371 lct@lctaylor.netAs more and more Canadians are fallingprey to overwhelming debt, we are facedwith a new breed of debt collectors.Debt collectors often resort to unethicalpractices in order to collect on a debt.Do you need to stop the harassing phonecalls and letters?
  3. 3. Discuss viable payment options with yourlender before your debt gets sold to a thirdparty collector.Once the debt is sold, collection effortsbecome much more aggressive.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371 lct@lctaylor.netNegotiate With Your CreditorsBefore You Get to Collections
  4. 4. The Office of Consumer Affairs has laws toprotect you from aggressive debt collectors andcollection. A debt collector may not:•Threaten to repossess your belongings or garnishyour wages•Call before 7 am or after 8 pm or on Sundays orholidays•Harassing your family, neighbors, or coworkers•Charge you service or collection feesKnow Your RightsLCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  5. 5. Avoiding the problem will not make it goaway. In fact, it will make it much worse.Answer the calls and see what types ofarrangements you can make.Answer the Phone. Open YourMail.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  6. 6. Many companies will arrange a paymentplan that lets you pay off your debt bymaking smaller monthly payments until thedebt is paid off.Others may negotiate to settle the debt forless than what you owe.Remember, it’s less expensive to negotiatethan it is to go to court.Negotiate a payment or settlement plan.
  7. 7. Get it in Writing.If you do agree to a payment plan orsettled amount, make sure you get theterms in writing before you begin makingpayments.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  8. 8. Keep Copies.Keep copies of any documentationyou receive, especially letters ofsatisfaction.Check your credit report andensure that your paid off debtshave been notated.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  9. 9. Never Forget – These Collectorsare Being Paid to Collect FromYou!LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371 lct@lctaylor.netDebt collectors are paid commission on everydebt the collect on.Some unethical collectors will resort to threatsand scare tactics to force payment.Know your rights.
  10. 10. If you feel you’ve done all you can on your own,enlist the help of a bankruptcy trustee.A Trustees will review your situation and provideyou with options.If necessary, both bankruptcy and a consumerproposal will legally stop all collection activityagainst you.Contact a Licensed Trustee inBankruptcy
  11. 11. When it Comes to Tackling Your DebtThe Best Action to Take is Any Action
  12. 12. If you having difficulty managing your debt orIf you are having problems with debt collectionin Manitoba or Ontario visitLCTaylor.comTrustees are available to answer your questions at ourWinnipeg and Kenora locations.Call us now to schedule your free consultation.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371