The Livescribe Smartpen Project Final
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The Livescribe Smartpen Project Final



Final Class Project

Final Class Project



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  • Notetaking Assistive Technology Diagnostic Testing Guiding Student Progress Data Collection
  • Who first pioneered the interactive pen and paper? Who would benefit from using the innovation? What uses for businesses? What educational uses?
  • Smartpen Features include Camera Audio jack Microphone Speaker Livescribe_Pulse_Specifications USB connector LED Display Specialized writing tip
  • Schools Universities Businesses The lady next door
  • The strategies most persuasive in convincing them to adopt the innovation for my own team was our trainer’s comment about our scripting teachers, grading them, and conferencing with them was “Did the teacher not do it, or say it, or did you as the administrator, lead teacher or mentor not get it?” With the Smart Pen’s caption of “Never Miss a Word”, there should be no doubt or hesitation about its adoption.
  • The laggards in terms of rejecting the innovation would those who think that this innovation is a fad whose time will pass, those who will wait for “the kinks to get worked out” or those who will wait for the price to down
  • The strategies that would best help move them toward adoption would be for the earliest and lowest priced pen to become even cheaper, making the pen available on more markets, and a little more exposure on the Internet and television might help as well.
  • Finally, the combination of perceived attributes for helping my innovation meet critical mass in my industry would be to require their use for particular roles, classes, and assignments, distribute them to administrators and their staffs, and allow students to use them in their classes at every level.

The Livescribe Smartpen Project Final The Livescribe Smartpen Project Final Presentation Transcript

  • L. Martin Diffusion of Technology
  • Where there’s a Need… Note-taking at the next level Assistive technology for disabled. Diagnostic testing Data collection
  • Research How was the pen used during research? The chart shows early uses. The maker of Leapfrog is the innovator.
  • Development LeapFrog System The camera Microphone Speaker USB Connector MyScribe software with 25 languages Handwriting recognition Voice recording Special Paper controllers Uploading to computer Share notes Blogs
  • Commercialization Never miss a word! Always get it! Share it! $129.99 -$199.99 at Target, Best Buy and the Apple Store!
  • Where in the innovation-decision is the Smart Pen?
    • Knowledge-Who knows about it?
    • Persuasion- Who must be persuaded?
    • Decision- Who will make the choice to adopt or reject?
    • Implementation- Who will actually use it and for what purposes?
    • Confirmation- Is this a good thing? Is this a fad? How long will it last? Will it be discontinued?
  • The S Curve
    • Livescribe was founded in January 2007 by Jim Marggraff, an entrepreneur and the inventor of paper-based computing, including the LeapPad and Fly Pentop Computer.
    • Livescribe first blog about launching the Smart Pen in October 2007.
    • The Smart Pen launched Tuesday, January 29,2008
    • The Smart Pen shipped to pre-orderers in March 2008.
    • Smart Pen publicly available in April 2008.
    • Smart Pen goes to conferences April, May 2008.
    • Smart Pen wins first of many awards. May 2008.
    • Smart Pen national availability at Target,, and college and university bookstores nationwide. June 2008.
  • The S Curve
    • Smart Pen goes to Hollywood. August, 2008.
    • Smart Pen available internationally. October, 2008.
    • Smart Pen Mac compatible, software MyScribe available, print your own paper,November,2008.
    • People start reporting how they use the Smart Pen including “Pencasts”, January, 2009.
    • Tips and Tricks for using the Smart Pen shared online. February 2009.
    • Livescribe gets 18.6 million dollars in funding from investors..Mr. Gadget shows off Smart Pen on “The View” March 2009. Wins more awards, more uses posted online. March 2009
    • Livescribe to award 10 million dollars in scholarships and Smart Pens to college students. April 2009 .
  • The S Curve
    • The Smart Pen goes to high school. May 2009.
    • Smart Pen enters K-12 arena at NECC conference June,2009.
    • Smart Pen one of the Best 25 back to school gadgets. July 2009.
    • Smart Pen goes to “Good Morning America and Cornell University wins 200 Smart Pens. August, 2009.
    • Smart Pen transcribes text into more than 25 languages. September, 2009.
    • Livescribe awards $10,000 and 18 pens to Facebook winners. October, 2009.
    • Retrieved October 15, 2009 from .
  • The S Curve
    • 2007-Innovation Concept—
    • 2008-Launch of innovation ?% Early users
    • Marketing to college students and techies.
    • 2009-Innovation still relatively in early stages. % ? of possible market.
    • No sales or diffusion data discovered at this point.
    • The Smart Pen is at the decision stage of diffusion. Many people have not seen or heard about it even though there are two other competitors pens on the market.
  • Innovators and Early Adopters
    • College Students
    • Administrators
    • Lead Teachers
    • Mentors
    • K-12 Students
  • The Laggards
    • Those who wait and watch
    • Limited resources
    • Those reluctant to try any innovation
  • Strategies for Laggards
    • Lower prices
    • Required job/school innovation
    • Availability
    • Television commercials
  • Attributes for Critical Mass
    • Required use
    • Wider distribution
    • K-12 necessity
    • Administrative benefits
    • Business presentation and benefits
  • The Best Diffusion Approach
    • Decentralized Diffusion Approach Best
    • Peer to peer diffusion through horizontal networks
    • A problem centered approach
    • Local units deciding best use for adoption (Rogers, 2003, p.396)
  • Achieving Critical Mass
    • Recommended strategy for achieving critical mass would be to give incentives to innovators to involve their networks in adopting the innovation.
    • A self-sustaining critical mass will occur when enough individuals adopt the innovation.(Rogers. 2003)
  • Change Agents
    • Change agents are the innovators who:
    • 1. develop need
    • 2. Information exchange
    • 3. Diagnose problems
    • 4.To create an intent to change in client
    • 5.Translate intentions into actions
    • 6. To stabilize adoption and prevent discontinuance
    • 7. To achieve a terminal relationship with clients
    • (Rogers,2003 p.400)
  • The Need for the Smart Pen
    • Thorough note-taking
    • Assistive Note-taking
    • Conference Recall
    • Assistive Teaching
    • Shared Notes
  • Smart Pen Meets the Needs
    • Easy to carry
    • Available
    • Affordable
    • Adaptable
  • Where does it go from here?
  • Get the Smart Pen!
    • Whether home, school or work, the Smart Pen is the tool to use to put you and your organization on the cutting edge!
    • You won’t miss a word!