Final Class Project

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This is a alternative project to my original lost in a crashed computer. Still working on producing that original.

This is a alternative project to my original lost in a crashed computer. Still working on producing that original.

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8. Advantages of the Virtual World
  • 9. Some Virtual Worlds
    Second Life
    The Sims
    The Palace
    Disney ToonTown
  • 10. Some Websites using Avatars
    Second Life
    The Palace
    Maid Marion
    Disney Toontown
    Small Worlds
    Club Penquin
    Star Wars
  • 11. Are Virtual Worlds Games?
  • 12. Do Games Support Learning?
  • 13. How Do Virtual Worlds Support Learning?
  • 14. What is the Teacher’s Role?
  • 15. What do Teachers Need to Learn?
  • 16. How Will the Teacher Assess Learning?
  • 17. How will the teacher Engage the Student?
  • 18. How will Students Support Each Other?
  • 19. How will Students Engage Each Other?
  • 20. Which Subjects are Best for Virtual Worlds?
  • 21. How will Virtual Worlds Support K-12 Learners
  • 22. Will Virtual Classes support Distance Education?
  • 23. What is Necessary for Virtual Worlds to Support D E?
  • 24. Will Learning Styles Impact the Virtual Classroom?
  • 25. What Supports are there for Using Virtual Worlds?
  • 26. What Barriers are there for using Virtual Worlds?
  • 27. For Which Students will Virtual Classes work Best?
  • 28. Will Virtual Classes work IN “Regular” Schools?
  • 29. What do Parents Need to Know?
  • 30. Does e-Learning Transfer to Real Life?
  • 31. Are Students Playing or Learning?
  • 32. What About Being off Task?
    Or learning differently….
  • 33. Are there Standards for Virtual World Classes?
  • 34. Virtual Worlds Wave of the Future
  • 35. Virtual Schools the Wave of the Future
  • 36. Virtual Worlds Distance Education –A Solution
  • 37. Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sasha A.Barab
    Advocate for Virtual Worlds
    Virtual Classes
    New Ways of Teaching and Learning
  • 38. Images from
    Second Life .com
    Microsoft clipart
  • 39. Acknowledgements
    Special thanks to my sister Bethenia Price for her patience and encouragement.
    Special thanks to my daughter, Ana, for her admiration and perpetual joy.
    Special thanks to my learning community whose work inspired my own.
  • 40. Virtual Worlds
    Thank you, now ….
    On to the future!