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Enjoying eBooks ~ Getting Started
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Enjoying eBooks ~ Getting Started


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Getting Started will tell you the basics about using Lancashire's eBook & Audiobook Library, including starting reading straightaway anywhere on anything using your browser. …

Getting Started will tell you the basics about using Lancashire's eBook & Audiobook Library, including starting reading straightaway anywhere on anything using your browser.

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  • 1. Enjoying eBooks & Audiobooks from Lancashire County Library Getting started
  • 2. You can Read eBooks and listen to Audio Books from Lancashire County Library
  • 3. To get started… Visit our Download Library at
  • 4. Browse the Library … Using the Menu or Search for an author or title
  • 5. Show me… There are lots of ways to help you find the book you want
  • 6. Details To see full details of the book plus other similar items, click more
  • 7. Options… Hover over a title to see your choices
  • 8. eBooks and Audio eBooks are shown with a book symbol, Audiobooks with headphones. A black symbol means a book is available, grey, it’s on loan and can be reserved
  • 9. Available now You can choose to only view books that can be borrowed straightaway.
  • 10. Sample eBooks Click ‘Sample’ and you’ll see a guide to reading online and then enjoy excerpts
  • 11. Sample Audio Click to sample an Audiobook and you’ll hear a two minute excerpt
  • 12. To borrow you’ll need… • your library card number • and library PIN
  • 13. our Library eBooks and Audio May only be borrowed by library members living in the Lancashire area Most adjacent authorities also offer a similar service to their users
  • 14. Login to your account To borrow, reserve and add to your wish list
  • 15. One click You can now Browse and Borrow or Reserve with one click
  • 16. Read anywhere you can read and access all features Within your internet browser using OverDrive Read without downloading
  • 17. Read anywhere includes many new features  Read a sample before you borrow  One click to Borrow  One click to Return  Read Anywhere  Online or Offline*  No software needed  No registration necessary
  • 18. Read Anywhere To find titles you can read on or offline Click on OverDrive READ in Format
  • 19. Borrow to Read To read the whole book anywhere, you must borrow it from the library first
  • 20. Bookshelf Go to your bookshelf to see your loans Click on ‘Read (in your browser)’
  • 21. OverDrive Read is a browser-based eBook reader which is compatible with most of today’s popular devices. Note that, on a Windows PC, if you are still using an old Internet Explorer browser, you’ll need to switch to a modern browser, e.g. Firefox or Chrome.
  • 22. Reading Options when the book opens in a new tab or window You can begin to read and have various reading and navigation options
  • 23. Reading Options Click on the OverDrive Read symbol to see your options Click at the bottom of the window to bring up the menu
  • 24. Reading Options Click to go to any chapter of the book Or Word search the whole book* (*This feature is only available when you are online)
  • 25. Reading Options You can adjust the size of the text or alter the appearance of the page
  • 26. Bookmarks You bookmark or make notes on any page
  • 27. Read later When you’ve finished reading Just add the page to your browser favorites to make it easy to come back and continue reading where you left off.
  • 28. Anytime up to the expiry date or Read in your browser on a different device Read later You can come back and read more You can return a book before it expires, provided you have not clicked Download
  • 29. Read Everywhere Once you have borrowed a Library eBook As well as ‘Read’ in your browser, you can download it to any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • 30. Formats eBooks and Audio are available in several formats to suit different computers and devices
  • 31. Download If you want to download a book, you will need to choose the right format. You can search for books compatible with your device
  • 32. Before you Download  You’ll need to download & install software on your computer  Register with an email address  Download an App on your tablet or smart phone
  • 33. Once downloaded… • eBooks can be transferred to most eReaders • Audio books can be transferred to most Audio players or CD
  • 34. Library eBooks can be read on… a PC or laptop  a tablet or smart phone
  • 35. Library eBooks can be read on… most eReaders but not Kindles Library eBooks can’t be wirelessly downloaded to your eReader
  • 36. BUT Library eBooks can be downloaded wirelessly and read on Tablets including Kindle Fire
  • 37. You can listen to Library audio books a PC or laptop  a tablet or smart phone on…
  • 38. You can listen to Library audio books on… most Audio players  or on your stereo if you transfer them to CD
  • 39. Downloading For details on downloading Library eBooks and Audio for your device See our separate guides:
  • 40. Help and Support If you need help with using Library books You’ll find lots in the Library
  • 41. Help and Support If you are having a problem with Library books Use the Support link under ? Help to contact us
  • 42. Your account You can now view your eBook and Audiobook loans and reservations Within your main library account
  • 43. Library catalogue You can now browse, borrow and reserve eBooks and Audiobooks We are adding them to the main library catalogue
  • 44. New! also available We now have a separate eBook Library especially for Kids Suitable for children up to 11-12 and with no adult content
  • 45. Find out more about the services Lancashire Libraries have available for you