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You can now borrow Audio Books, 'talking books' from Lancashire's Digital Library. With our eBook Library, you can read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks anywhere, anytime & on anything. On computers, you just need to install some free software on your computer and then you can listen to library Audiobooks or transfer them to your music player. Here a guide to how to download our Library Audiobooks for computers and music players.

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Enjoying Audio books ~ on computers & music players

  1. 1. www.lancashire.gov.uk Enjoying Audiobooks from Lancashire County Library On Computers and Music players
  2. 2. You can now borrow and listen to Audio books from Lancashire Libraries on your computer or music player
  3. 3. Before you can start enjoying Audio books from our Digital Library • You’ll need to download & install software on your computer • Or an App on your tablet or smart phone
  4. 4. But once this is done It’s quick and easy to borrow eBooks and Audio Books from Lancashire County Library
  5. 5. To get eBooks & Audio books, you’ll need … • a home computer or • a laptop or • a tablet or smart phone • plus Wi-Fi or an internet connection
  6. 6. Once downloaded… • Audio books can be transferred to most Audio players or CD
  7. 7. You’ll also need… • your library card number • and library PIN • plus a valid email address
  8. 8. our Library eBooks and Audio books May only be borrowed by library members living in the Lancashire area (Most adjacent authorities also offer a similar service to their users)
  9. 9. You can listen to Library audio books on… most Audio players  or on your stereo if you transfer them to CD
  10. 10. a PC or laptop  a tablet or smart phone You can listen to Library audio books on…
  11. 11. To get started… Visit our Download Library at www.lancashire.gov.uk/ebooks
  12. 12. Login to your account Using your library number and PIN
  13. 13. Register On your first login, you’ll need to enter your email address. If you tick to receive newsletters, we’ll let you know when your reservations are ready, books due to expire, etc.
  14. 14. My Account Go to your account to see your loans Plus reservations, loan history and remaining loans you have available
  15. 15. Browse the Library … Using the Menu or Search for an author or title
  16. 16. Preview Click ‘Preview’ to hear a sample of the book played in your browser
  17. 17. Reserve If a book is on loan, you can click to Reserve it or just view items available now
  18. 18. Borrow You can borrow eBooks or Audiobooks with just one click
  19. 19. Borrow You’ll be asked to confirm (and also shown how many loans you’ve got left) You can download now or continue browsing
  20. 20. Before you download It’s good idea to create a new folder for your library audiobooks, e.g. in ‘My Music’ or ‘My Documents’
  21. 21. Download Go to ‘My Account’ to download your books
  22. 22. Download On the Download page, click to ‘download complete eAudiobook’. This page also gives further instructions to help with your download.
  23. 23. Download Depending on your web browser and it’s settings the book, as a .zip file, will now be downloaded to your default folder or you’ll be asked where to save it.
  24. 24. Download Once the .zip file has complete downloaded, go to the folder it was downloaded to.
  25. 25. Extract Highlight the .zip file and choose the menu option to ‘Extract’ or right-click and choose ‘Extract All…’
  26. 26. Extract You’ll now be asked where to save the book, ‘Browse’ and choose your Audiobook folder and click ‘Extract’
  27. 27. Extract In your Audiobook folder, you’ll now find the complete Audiobook plus a user guide if you require further help.
  28. 28. Play Open you media player. It may automatically detect your audiobooks, or you my have to point it to them using Options/Preferences.
  29. 29. Play You can now listen and browse within the book.
  30. 30. Expired loans can no longer be read, so you can delete them Go to your Audiobook folder, highlight the item, right click and choose ‘Delete’. (You can delete the .zip file as soon as you’ve successfully extracted the book.)
  31. 31. Return early you can return a book at any time so you can borrow more This can be done in ‘My Account’ by clicking ‘Return’.
  32. 32. Transfer to player You do not need to transfer books to these, but can download directly and play using the BorrowBox App. See our guide to eBooks & Audio on tablets & smart phones for details Note that many modern players are also mini tablet devices (usually using the Android operating system)
  33. 33. Transfer to player Connect your music player to your computer. Your media player should detect it.
  34. 34. Transfer to player Highlight the book and click to add it to your music player
  35. 35. Transfer to player Alternatively, Open your music player’s files using Windows Explorer, then Drag and Drop the book on to your player.
  36. 36. (It is not currently possible to replace these with a single high capacity DVD) Transfer to CD most books will requires a number of CDs
  37. 37. Transfer to CD Open your media player and choose the ‘Burn’ option. Select the book, insert the CD(s) and click ‘Burn’.
  38. 38. Problems ~ No Audio Bookmarks Some media players (e.g. Windows Media Player) won’t remember your where you left off reading. “Every time I go to listen to an audiobook on my computer, it goes back to the start of the track and doesn’t remember where I was up to.”
  39. 39. Problems ~ No Audio Bookmarks Some music players (e.g. iTunes) won’t remember your end position unless you set the playback options for your music player manually for the book (album) you are listening to. “Every time I go to listen to an audiobook on my computer, it goes back to the start of the track and doesn’t remember where I was up to.”
  40. 40. Problems ~ No Audio Bookmarks If your player won’t remember your end position, You will need to install one that does, e.g. Media Go (free) or iTunes (free), or a podcast or audiobook player (e.g. Angel Vox available in free 30 day trial and paid versions).
  41. 41. Help for eBooks and Audiobooks on computers (Windows and Apple Mac) is available on every page of the eBook library website or Click the Feedback button in ‘My Account’ Help and Support
  42. 42. Help and Support for eBooks and Audiobooks on Tablets and Phones (Android and iOS) For any questions regarding the library, just click on the 'Send Feedback' button in the BorrowBox App. Help and Support
  43. 43. See all our guides at http://bit.ly/lancsbbhelp Help and Support We also have separate guides to eBooks and eAudio on different devices
  44. 44. www.lancashire.gov.uk Enjoying eBooks & Audiobooks from Lancashire County Library Note: The photos and instructions in this guide illustrate using audiobooks on Windows 7 & 10 PCs, Media Go and Windows Media Player software and Sony Walkman music player. Views, menus, features and button positions may vary on other computers, devices and software.
  45. 45. Find out more about the services Lancashire Libraries have available for you www.lancashire.gov.uk/libraries www.lancashire.gov.uk