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Future Thought - Futurerising @ Bournemouth University

Future Thought - Futurerising @ Bournemouth University



Presentation on Future Thought for Futurerising @ Bournemouth University February 29, 2012

Presentation on Future Thought for Futurerising @ Bournemouth University February 29, 2012

Compiled by Liam Brennan (Digital Director - Carat Global Management)



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  • One of top three media agencies in the world – 10k+ staff. Highest number of digital media staff for any agency group – helping move our clients in digital direction
  • We spend about15% of our global media spend on digital, just about to overtake print in the next 1-2 years (the biggest is TV 46%). Spend on digital is growing at about 15% YOY – fastest of any media.
  • A job that came up on Twitter – a ‘new’ job. Not here to predict new jobs – they will appear based on current trends over time. But many jobs stay the same – advertisers and agencies need to adapt to keep up with current consumption trends
  • We don’t invent tech – we use it. It’s the application to the idea and the consumer need/behaviourthat we need to consider and then how we use tech to address it
  • George Pathe – Phonograph, Cinema, Newsreel, Henry Ford – Model T, Steve Jobs – Personal Computer, Smartphone/Music Player. Didn’t invent the tech – but they knew what consumers wanted/how they behaved and altered their business for the better. Pathe – took expensive, bulky tech and made it cheaper/brought it on the road. Ford – assembly line. Jobs – made computing easy to use and not look like a ‘computer’ with new tech. THAT’S THE KIND OF THINKING WE NEED
  • My nemesis – Nike. How much more can you innovate in footwear? Cheaper, waterproof, lighter etc. But you can look to available tech to make them more than just shoes to stay ahead of the competition
  • Nike + - footwear goes tech. Insight: people go running with their digital devices – maps, music timing etc. why not bring the two together, make a deeper experience and socialise it. Nike Digital Sport (Set up 2010) – set up with MIT engineers to bring Nike products into the digital age like the new Fuelband
  • Nike understands consumers are moving away from traditional media, and their marketing spend reflects that move – broadcast to conversational media. This is facilitated by new tech – jobs still the same, some specialist roles created, and some specialist roles go
  • Three trends happening now that will effect us in the next five-ten years. May create new jobs, modify current jobs.
  • Don’t often think about it – but how we connect to the digital world greatly shapes how we use it, when we use it and how often
  • Broadbandkickstarted the digital era (as far as we’re concerned) – rich media online. Wifi – the laptop becomes entertainment for more than one person and can mesh. 3G – phones are more than just texting, calls and the odd game of snake.
  • 2011 the year of mobile – Smartphones outselling PC for the first time globally. Smartphones now outselling dumbphones in many markets. Access from phone is up – but it’s not a PC beater yet. Why? It’s slow – not a great user experience
  • LTE will allow for mobile speeds above that of fixed broadband connections (10-20Mbps in reality – maybe 100 if lucky). Streaming HD media, real-time gaming, no caps etc. A game changer for marketers, mobile developers and of course consumers
  • Digital access is poor in emerging markets – poor phone lines, expensive to install broadband, computers expensive and take up space. Cheaper and quicker to set up LTE towers, mobile devices cheaper to produce – will make digital media truly global
  • Not just Facebook – media and advertising is becoming socialised due to developments in tech. Its not broadcast its conversation. The Water cooler moment has moved to digital platforms
  • #vma 2011. Tweets per minute during the VMAs – a TV broadcast where people could interact online. 10M tweets in the 2.5 hour period – Peaking at 130k per minute at Beyonce Pregnancy.
  • 50% of uk mobile users mesh. Using the concept of the second screen to get more from your TV experience – Zeebox in partnership with Sky is brining new levels of interactivity to TV programming
  • Personal recommendation is the most powerful decision maker – especially when comes to travel. Facebook app allows people to tag countries they’ve been to – TA pulls in your friends and allows you to ask them for tips on holiday destinations
  • KLM and Ticketmaster – pulling in your Facebook friends to allow you to decide where to sit. Socialization is pulling real world activities into the virtual – so many more uses still to come
  • Digital has changed the way we shop forever – easier, cheaper, wide selection of goods. We essentially want to make it as possible for people to buy product (as well as telling them about it!)
  • Gerry Harvey – Australian Business owner of Harvey Norman. Unhappy customers were turning away from his store and shopping online – demanding a government implement a tax on online shopping rather than change his business model. Retailers need to change to how their customers shop – otherwise they lose outmarketshare, or worse, close down
  • Christmas Day 19 percent of ASOS's traffic was via a mobile device.Asos chief executive Nick Robertson -"I would be amazed if somewhere between 20 percent and 30 percent of our revenue wasn't (eventually) derived on a global scale off a mobile device,”. Facebook experience – last site in/out – success? Maybe – but they understand that companies need to make shopping easier based on consumer behaviour
  • One of the most controversial topics right now – how much information is too much information? Your data is highly valuable and it helps make more sales. Target ads based on Facebook data – but banners can also change (Struq) based on your browsing behaviour.
  • Cannes Titanium winner for 2011. The future – Koreans time poor, Homebase lacked stores. Solution? Bring the shop to the people via mobile. Order arrives when they get home. What impact does this have on the high street?

Future Thought - Futurerising @ Bournemouth University Future Thought - Futurerising @ Bournemouth University Presentation Transcript

  • Future ThoughtLiam BrennanDigital DirectorCarat Global Management@LCBrennan Client logo here
  • Carat: Communication planning & media buying 80+ MARKETS 25 MARKETS 11 MARKETS 20+ MARKETS 16 MARKETS 30+ MARKETS 120 MARKETS 25 MARKETS 30+ MARKETS 50 MARKETS 112 MARKETS 30+ MARKETS 56 MARKETS 8 MARKETS 33 MARKETS
  • Carat: Redefining Media
  • A job of the future now
  • The future is here,Its just not evenly distributed yet.William Gibson, Author and digital visionary
  • Three men who used the present to shape the future
  • Nike+ - Footwear powered by digital
  • Digital at the heart of Nike’s marketing strategy
  • TRENDS FOR THE FUTUREAccessibilitySocializationShopping & Payment
  • TRENDS FOR THE FUTUREAccessibilitySocializationShopping & Payment
  • Devices and connections shape how we use digital Broadband Wi-Fi 3GA high speed, always on From the basement to the Allowing a multimedia web connection living room and beyond experience in your pocket
  • 2011: Smartphones outsold PCs for the first time
  • LTE Adv (4G) is 10x as fast as fixed broadband
  • LTE: Tipping point for digital in emerging markets
  • TRENDS FOR THE FUTUREAccessibilitySocializationShopping & Payment
  • The Second Screen: The social extension
  • TripAdvisor: Social for a ‘personal’ recommendation
  • KLM & Ticketmaster: Socializing your seat selection
  • TRENDS FOR THE FUTUREAccessibilitySocializationShopping & Payment
  • ASOS: Driving further revenue with M&S-Commerce
  • Information about you is being used to sell to you
  • The future of supermarkets?
  • Your thoughts?Liam BrennanDigital DirectorCarat Global Management@LCBrennan Client logo here