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Qualified Millwright

  1. 1. QUALIFIED MILLWRIGHT CARDIn order to receive a Qualified Millwright Card you must meet one of the following fourrequirements: 1. Grandfathered: You must provide documentation of 10,000 hours of millwright field experience prior to January 1, 1996. If you meet this criterion, you will be grandfathered into the program and will not be required to take the UBC qualified millwright test (QMT). 2. Apprentices: You must have completed a Millwright Apprentice Training Program (currently, the STL and SEMO Programs do not meet this requirement because they are not exclusive millwright apprentice programs. However, the SoIL Program does.) Note: STL and SEMO Carpenter Apprentice graduates will be eligible to take the QMT if they have completed the required courses (noted below…indicated by *). 3. 5000 Hours: Complete the QMT (written and manipulative sections) with a score of 80 percent or above. (In order to take the QMT you must provide documentation of a minimum of 5,000 exclusive millwright hours since January 1, 1996 and successfully complete the QMT Review course.) 4. 2000 Hours: You must provide documentation of a minimum of 2,000 exclusive millwright hours (since January 1, 1996) and have taken a total of 128 hours of millwright-related upgrade training courses. The list of courses, hours of credit, and exceptions are provided below. (If you meet these requirements and successfully complete the QMT Review course you will be allowed to take the QMT. You must pass the QMT with a score of 80% or better.) QUALIFIED MILLWRIGHT TEST (QMT)The UBC QMT consists of two parts: written and manipulative (8 hours TOTAL).The written portion has six sections—40 questions in each section—that cover thefollowing related-millwright skills, for a total of 240 questions (4-hour time limit): 1. Mathematics 2. Blueprint reading/Layout 3. Machinery installation, repair and maintenance (Including rigging) 4. Systems Components (Compressors, pumps, turbines, rotating equipment and conveyor systems of all types.) 5. General Millwright Knowledge (Terminology, general procedures, fasteners and materials) 6. Tools (Hand, power and precision)The manipulative portion of the QMT consists of two sections that cover the followingstandard millwright skills (4-hour time limit): 1. Coupling Alignment 2. Layout with bearing and shaft assembly 1
  2. 2. COURSES AVAILABLE TO PREPARE FOR THE UBC QMT 1. Basic Millwright for Journey-workers / Apprentices (80 hours)* 2. UBC Millwright 16-hour Safety Qualification (16 hours)* 3. Rigging UBC Qualification (40 hours)* 4. Aerial Lift UBC Qualification (8 hours)* 5. Industrial Fork Truck or Rough Terrain Fork Truck UBC Qualification (8 hours)* 6. Welding Courses (hours vary depending on skills, abilities, etc.) 7. Basic Machinery Alignment (40 hours)* 8. Machinery Alignment (40 hours) 9. Conveyor, Monorail, Bulk Mail UBC Qualification (40 hours) 10. GE Gas Turbine Familiarization course which includes the UBC Hytorc Qualification card (24 hours)* 11. GE Gas Turbine UBC Qualification (40 hours) 12. Introduction to Steam Turbine (24 hours) 13. UBC Steam Turbine Qualification (40 hours) 14. UBC Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician—Level I (40 hours) 15. Laser Shaft Alignment (16 hours) 16. Material Safety Data Sheets (8 hours) 17. Hytorc Bolting Technician UBC Qualification (8 hours) 18. MSHA: Part 48 {above ground} (24 hours) 19. MSHA: Part 48 {below ground} (40 hours) 20. Scaffolding UBC qualification (32 hours)* 21. Siemens Westinghouse Combustion Turbine UBC Qualification (24 hours) 22. Siemens Westinghouse Human Performance UBC Qualification (8 hours)* 23. QMT Review Course (8 hours)**Denotes required courses for Carpenter Apprentice graduates to qualify to take the QMT 2
  3. 3. Course DescriptionsBasic Millwright for Journey-workers / Apprentices (80 hours)This course introduces the student to most aspects of the Millwright trade. In addition toclassroom instruction, students participate in shop activities where each student can applywhat has been learned. Prerequisite: None.UBC Millwright Safety (16 hours)Enrollment preference for this course is Journey workers. This is a 16 hour course tofamiliarize the members with safety hazards on the job-site. It is a mandatory course forall members working on a Siemens Westinghouse job after September 1, 2004.Prerequisite: None (In some cases, this may be delivered as an extension of OSHA-10).Rigging Qualification (40 hours)UBC Rigging Qualification course is set up to ANSI 30.9 and OSHA standards. Thiscourse reviews hardware components, inspection, rigging safety, and procedures. In thiscourse, students will also learn hand signals and proper crane set-up and usage. Thiscourse was recently extended from 32 hours to 40 hours to cover the new OSHA CraneStandard regarding rigging and signaling. Prerequisite: None.Aerial Lift Qualification (8 hours)This is a classroom/hands-on course. Following OSHA regulations and ANSI standards,the student will develop the skills necessary to safely operate “Self-Propelled ElevatingWork Platforms” (Scissor Lifts) and “Boom-Supported Elevation Work Platforms”(Boom Lifts). Prerequisite: None.Industrial Fork Truck Qualification (8 hours)This is a classroom/hands-on course. This course covers industrial fork trucks inaccordance with the CFR 1910.178, ANSI standards (B56.1 – 1969) and ASME (B56.6 –1992). The training is a combination of formal classroom instruction, practical hands-ontraining and evaluation of the operator’s performance. Prerequisite: None.Rough Terrain Fork Truck Qualification (8 hours)This is a classroom/hands-on course. This course covers rough terrain vehicles inaccordance with CFR 1910.178, ANSI standards (B56.1 – 1969) and ASME (B56.6 –1992). The training is a combination of formal classroom instruction, practical hands-ontraining and evaluation of the operator’s performance. Prerequisite: None.Welding Basics (40 hours)This is a course covering basic stick (SMAW) welding and flux-core (FCAW) welding.The course is designed to accommodate the beginning welder and also those memberswith some welding experience. This is both a classroom/hands-on course and theparticipant will gain knowledge and experience in flat, horizontal, vertical and overheadwelding. Prerequisite: None. 3
  4. 4. TIG Welding for Millwrights (24-80 hours)Stainless/Aluminum. This course will cover food grade plant type welding procedures.Prerequisite: Welding Basics course or plate certifications in both vertical (3-G) andoverhead (4-G) welding.Welding Electives MIG/TIG (24-80 hours)This course will include both MIG and TIG welding techniques. Prerequisite: WeldingBasics course or plate certifications in both vertical (3-G) and overhead (4-G) welding.Basic Machinery Alignment (40 hours)The Basic Machinery Alignment course covers introductory level materials. The studentwill be taught why couplings need to be aligned, what tools are used for alignment, andwhat the procedure is to do an alignment. The student will do an alignment using astraight edge and feeler gauge, a dial indicator and feeler gauge, and a dial indicator andan inside micrometer. All the tools will be provided. You only need to bring a pencil,pad of paper and a calculator. Prerequisite: Basic Millwright course.Machinery Alignment Prep (40 hours)This is a course to prepare the students to take the Machinery Alignment Procedures test.The Machinery Alignment test will be administered on the final day of this course.Passing this test is a prerequisite to taking the Flowserve course. Prerequisite: BasicMachinery Alignment course.Conveyor/Monorail/ Bulk Mail Qualification (40 hours)This is a classroom/hands-on course. It introduces the student to conveyors, monorails,in package handling, automobile manufacturing, and Bulk Mail Applications.This course is taught at the St. Louis (Affton) training facility and at the UBC-ITC.Prerequisites: UBC Rigging Qualification, Aerial Lift Qualification, and the UBCIndustrial Fork Truck Qualification.GE Gas Turbine Familiarization (24 hours)This is a course to introduce the student to the GE turbine. It is a combination ofclassroom and shop with the last day working in the shop with pants leg washers, safetywire, tubing bending, micrometer reading, optic level and using the Hytorc bolt tensioner.The student will receive a qualification card for Hytorc. It is a preliminary course that isrequired to receive the GE Gas Turbine Qualification Card. Prerequisite: BasicMillwright course.GE Gas Turbine Qualification (40 hours)This GE Gas Turbine Qualification program is taught at the UBC-ITC. Prior to attendingthis workshop, members must complete the following prerequisite courses: GE GasTurbine Familiarization (including Hytorc), UBC Rigging Qualification, and UBCMillwright 16-Hour Safety. Members will be scheduled to attend the UBC-ITC only afterall prerequisite course requirements have been met 30 days prior to the UBC-ITC coursestart date—NO exceptions! 4
  5. 5. Introduction to Steam Turbines (24 hours)This is an introductory course to steam turbines. The course will be a combination ofclassroom and shop. The student will become familiar with steam turbines, precisionmeasurement, and turbine rigging practices. Prerequisite: Basic Millwright course.Steam Turbine Qualification (40 hours)This program is delivered with a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on exercisesdesigned to evaluate the proficiency of the student. This course is taught at the UBC-ITC. Members will be scheduled to attend the UBC-ITC only after all prerequisite courserequirements have been met 30 days prior to the UBC-ITC course start date—NOexceptions! Prerequisites: UBC Rigging Qualification, UBC Millwright 16-Hour Safety,and GE Gas Turbine Qualification (this course is taught at the UBC-ITC).Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician—Level I (40 hours)The UBC Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician—Level I is a course coveringsingle stage over hung centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals. The course touches onaspects of the centrifugal pump including: theory, pump operation and curves, troubleshooting, setting impellers and their design, installing and removing bearings, types ofmechanical seals, precision tool usage including last word indicators, three point internalmicrometers, etc. The course will be divided between classroom and shop. Prerequisites:Basic Machinery Alignment course, Machinery Alignment course; and pass theMachinery Alignment Procedures Test.Laser Shaft Alignment (16 hours)This is an introductory course. In addition to classroom instruction, students participatein shop activities where each student can apply what he/she has just been taught.Prerequisites: Basic Machinery Alignment and Machinery Alignment courses.Material Safety Data Sheets (8 hours)This is a course teaching the students how to read MSDSs and to recognize chemicalhazards on the job. Prerequisite: None.Hytorc Bolting Tech Qualification (8 hours)The Hytorc Bolting Technician Qualification course covers common techniques fortorqueing/tensioning bolts. Members that successfully complete this training willbecome Hytorc Qualified Bolting Technicians. Prerequisite: Basic Millwright course.MSHA: Above Ground –Part 48 (24 hours)This is a course on above ground mine (sand, gravel, lime, cement, coal, etc.) safety.Prerequisite: OSHA-10 course.MSHA: Below Ground –Part 48 (40 hours)This is a course on below ground mine safety (An additional 16 hours to MSHA-Part 48Above Ground). Prerequisite: OSHA-10 course. 5
  6. 6. UBC Scaffold Erector (32 hours)Developed in partnership with OSHA and DOL, this program addresses safetyregulations for scaffolds, scaffolding introduction and the specific procedures for erectingframe scaffolds, mobile tower scaffolds, tube & coupler scaffolds, and system scaffolds.This course is a UBC Qualification course. Prerequisite: None.Siemens Westinghouse Combustion Turbine Qualification (24 hours)This course consists of 24 hours of classroom training only. The third day includesHytorc Bolting Technician training. There is a final test to evaluate the proficiency of thestudent. Prerequisite: Basic Millwright course.Siemens Westinghouse Human Performance (8 hours)Siemens Westinghouse is requiring that every millwright working for them must havecompleted this Human Performance course. The course builds the skills to safelynavigate through what is known as an “error-likely” situation. Prerequisite: BasicMillwright course.QMT Review Course (8 hours)This course will assist members in determining their readiness to take the QMT. Topicsof discussion will include related-aspects from the six written areas and two manipulativeareas covered within the QMT. Prerequisites: See items 2, 3, or 4, respectively, under the“Qualified Millwright Card” section above. 6