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Badgers, bagels and big ideas
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Badgers, bagels and big ideas


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Presentation by Terry Ma and Mehul Hirani at UK UPA's Pecha Kucha Night. …

Presentation by Terry Ma and Mehul Hirani at UK UPA's Pecha Kucha Night.

Published in: Design
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  • TERRY: For all the UPA regulars, you’ll be familiar with the LBi building, but what’s beyond the basement, what’s it like to work here at LBi as an Experience Architect – we call ourselves EAs. We’ll show you what’s behind the curtains, the badgers, the bagels and big ideas
  • M: Does it look familiar, do you want to take the door step challenge? That’s the experience we’ve encounter everyday as first challenge of the day. We’re an agency with experience design focused but we can’t get the stairs right.
  • TERRY: To start our day, we have our breakfasts in house, bagels, muffins, pastries and the baristas brewed coffee to give us the caffefine kick. And if you are really posh, then the organic cereals from home with organic milk or soy of your choice…
  • M: At 10, we have our daily team huddle, pick our toy of the day with designers, project managers, interface developers, EAs and so on together to plan the day, discuss problems, talk about our evenings and see how’s everyone doing
  • TERRY: At certain days, instead of tackling with clients and we design challenges we tackle with footballers. And that’s what BT brings us… So how do we come up with our big ideas?
  • Mehul: Every fortnight, we have our big mama meeting. And what’s big mama? We have over 30 EAs in house, it’s a an opportunity to share and develop ideas, and these are the few ideas we are exploring as part of our bigger ideas.
  • TERRY: To develop our ideas, we get inspiration from what’s around us, the curry houses, the vintage shop, bouncing ideas with other disciplines and of course, what’s in the world wide web! Mehul, how do we bring our ideas to life?
  • Mehul: Getting our hands dirty with scamps, sketches is our way of communicating visually, working loose and quickly and generating as many ideas as possible and then developing them further.
  • TERRY: Why do we do what we do? We ask our department what is the most satisfying part of their role and this is one of the answer. It’s a million dollar question and this is one of the good quotes we’ve picked.
  • M: At Lbi, it’s not all about work. We like our burgers and ketchp especially on a nice summer day with some beer and cola. It’s time to catch up with everyone as well. We just had our first Lbi EA alumni gathers for a BBQ and a rafle.
  • TERRY : Sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day is no fun, and that’s why we have our ping pong table for a quick game and some exercises. In case walking up and down 4 flights of stairs are not enof. Our vintage lift is broken on most days!
  • Mehul: We have hidden talent in house too, we love our day job but we are after some great challenges, from professional tennis player, international boxing referee to a touring guitarist with Japanese fans, we have our very own celebrities.
  • TERRY: Team collabroation is a core part of our disincipline. We don’t work locally, but with our colleagues in our other offices in the Lbi network. And we like our jammy dogers, chocolate fingers and fun size maltizers. To keep us going especially in our occasional marathon meetings.
  • Mehul: We often act as diplomats working with other teams to advocate user-centred design and create the best experiences within constraints. This brings new challenges especially when working with international clients…
  • Mehul: Our relatiopnship with Etihad has meant collaboratimg with our colleagues in Copenhagen and Abu Dhabi. WE’ve tried to take the client on a journey and get them involved in the design process.
  • TERRYLWe have our mini mama as well every two weeks, a smaller group with a different host every session and we can talk about anything and everything, from the story telling in art and films, 6 hats thinking to culturally difference between english and chinese tea!
  • Mehul: Our wall paper is made of wireframes, post in notes and designs. We are conscious about our carbon footprint too as our note pads are made from our recycled printouts. Is it paper, plastic or general waste? We choose!
  • TERRY: From 2 nd floor down to the LBi arms at the basement, it’s beer o’clock time on Friday and whoever gets there first get the perioinis instead of stellas. A chat with our badgers and get our EA week notes to summarise our week is the perfect way to ends the day.
  • Mehul: Let our hair down (not in my case), not in a rush to get home and talk about our plans for the upcoming tour in Japan, catching up with Rafa over Skype and buying a new shirt for the Amir Khan fight.
  • Terry: From graduation shows, design exhibitions, conservative manifesto, facebook garage, to having sticky trainers after LBi rave, it’s the typical day in life of an EA at LBi..THANK YOU!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Badgers, bagels & big ideas
      • LBi UK – Terry Ma & Mehul Hirani July 15, 2010
    • 2.  
    • 3. 9.30 On your marks…
    • 4. 10.00 Standing orders
    • 5. 10.30 Footballer in the basement
    • 6. Anticipatory experiences Persuasion design and persuasive technologies Branded content Beyond clicking, no-touch interfaces Behavioural change through interfaces Measurements, analytics and optimisation 11.00 Big mama … and all things we already do
    • 7. 11.30 Wall of inspiration
    • 8. 12.00 Visualise ideas
    • 9. 5 “ I like that no one person has the same experience, approach or exact skill set. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we all work together. This all goes to make sure the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. ” Sarah Morris 12.30 Best thing about being an EA?
    • 10. 5 1.00 Team lunch on the deck
    • 11. 5 1.30 Ping Pong
    • 12. 5 2.00 Double lives
    • 13. 5 2.30 Biscuits anyone?
    • 14. 3.00 Blending Creatives Cr EA iD TA CS DM UR St Pl Me SEO aD Pl Me An AcD SEO ePR aD
    • 15. 3.30 The power of collaboration
    • 16. 4.00 Mama’s in the house
    • 17. 4.30 Wall of frames
    • 18. 5.00 Beer with the badger
    • 19. 5.30 Summer sun
    • 20. Find out more: After 6.0o Late shift?