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Final presentation for New Media Driver's License - Jimmy Johns campaign

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Jimmy johns

  1. 1. Jimmy JohnsGourmet Sandwiches
  2. 2. Do’s and Don’ts Contest:How to Properly Throw Away the Wrapper All it takes is Instagram, Twitter, and a desire to be eco-friendly A contest in which anyone with Twitter or Instagram can participate Participants take two photos: one showing where you shouldn’t throw away your wrapper and one where you should. Example: Do: throw away in a trash can Don’t: throw away on top of your dog
  3. 3. How toWin: Participants take the two different photos Post two photos to Instagram, Twitter, or both Use the hashtag #JimmyJohnsDo’sandDon’ts Most creative will win
  4. 4. What They Win: For each photo post, Jimmy Johns will donate $5.00 to the environmental cause of their choosing Winner receives: $100 Jimmy Johns gift card, a 100% recycled materials Jimmy Johns blanket, and a 100% recycled materials Jimmy Johns water bottle
  5. 5. The Target Audience The college student Fast-paced and busy Doesn’t have time to cook Opts for the healthier choices Very eco-friendly
  6. 6. Key Performance Indicators(KPI) Success measured by SEO Number of times Jimmy Johns is mentioned through social media (Twitter and Instagram) Goal is to get Jimmy Johns’ name out there in a fun, modern, and eco-friendly way
  7. 7. Why Social Media? Twitter and Instagram will be used because they are easiest to track with mentions and hashtags Instagram pictures are extremely popular with smart phones Pictures of the Jimmy Johns’ wrappers is an easy way to get the name out
  8. 8. How to Get It Started Jimmy Johns commercial that demonstrates different ways on how to and how to NOT throw away trash Examples of the “Do’s”: throw away in garbage, dumpster, recycle Examples of the “Don’ts”: throw on top of your dog, on your grandpa, in your bed Ad copy examples: “In the dumpster, not on this grumpster.” or “In the can, not on your man.”
  9. 9. The Budget Open budget depending on the number of participants Instagram roughly 73 million users Twitter roughly 6.8 million users Promotion on Twitter and Instagram should be very low cost
  10. 10. The Budget Continued About $5,000 for commercial production About $20-30,000 for the total donations (donate $5.00 for every participant entry) About $50,000 for commercial TV spots Total budget: $75-85,000 depending on number of participants
  11. 11. The Focus The main goal of this campaign is to promote eating Jimmy Johns but in an eco-friendly and fun way using modern social media platforms The Instagramcampain will be easy for participants to use but also demonstrate that Jimmy Johns has a sense of humor – all while doing this for a good cause