Leveraging the Cloud with Lotus Live


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Social Business in the Cloud

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  • I'd like to start by talking briefly about some of the broader changes we see happening in the world around us. The world we live in today is very different from the world of just a few years ago...By now I'm sure you're familiar with IBM's vision for a smarter planet- how technology, globalization, and a confluence of social tools and social changes have effectively altered the game for good. But perhaps most remarkable of all has been the application of this same vision to people themselves. As the internet has evolved from content to commerce, it's also evolved from information to people. Now, people and processes are becoming interconnected. The meteoric rise of social technology, which now accounts for 22 percent of people's time spent online, has connected nearly every individual on earth. Instrumentation, in the form of smartphones, has put unprecedented power -- literally -- in people's hands, anywhere they go. By instrumenting these- and other connections- bringing them into the enterprise- companies can gain real, meaningful business advantage. The emergence of social analytics means not only are individual people intelligent, but networks of people have become intelligent as well -- and are able to learn from interactions and associations to deliver recommendations and take action. By connecting networks, processes and information, changing the way we mine data and use information, we can now collaborate more efficiently, adapt more quickly, and become more agile- becoming more intelligent businesses.
  • What does this approach look like in action? I think you'll find these are some of the calling cards of a social business. A social business is one that has changed the way business gets done. It has embraced these changes and the possibilities offered by new social technologies and is harnessing the opportunities. It sees its network as a system, taps into the collaborative potential of these networks, and applies social analytics to these networks to learn from interactions and associations and take action. Companies that are making this transformation are seeing results: IBM's 2010 CEO Study found that 95% of standout organizations will focus more on “getting closer to the customer” over the next 5 years. Our 2010 CHRO study found that Standout organizations are 57% more likely to allow their people to use social and collaborative tools.
  • Check where this is redundant and what's new; figure out what to talk to
  • Leveraging the Cloud with Lotus Live

    1. 1. <ul>Leveraging the Cloud with Lotus Live Sergio Loza <li>LA, Lotus Executive </li></ul>
    2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>Social Business in the Cloud - Factors Driving Change
    3. 3. Next Generation User Experience
    4. 4. Differentiators & Success Factors
    5. 5. LotusLive Reference Cases
    6. 6. Partnerships
    7. 7. Magic Quadrant
    8. 8. LotusLive Roadmap </li></ul>cloud3
    9. 9. <ul>On a smarter planet the way people interact and what they know is changing </ul><ul>The social data analytics opportunity will grow to 1 Zettabyte by 2011 </ul><ul>The explosion of new information, when integrated, analyzed, and acted upon using new types of intelligence, and new tools enables Social Business </ul>3i_instru_ko_0109.png <ul>Instrumented </ul><ul>Smartphone shipments will outpace PCs by 2012 </ul>3i_interc_ko_0109.png <ul>Interconnected </ul><ul>Social networking accounts for 22% of all online time </ul>3i_intelli_ko_0109.png <ul>Intelligent </ul>
    10. 10. S ocial Business MARKET , shifting the market away from email 1 Source: McKinsey Global Survey; “How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0” 2 Source: IDC, Predictions 2011: Welcome to the Mainstream 3 Source: IDC, “Determining the Value of Social Business ROI: Myths, Facts, and Potentially High Returns” 4 Source: IDC, Worldwide Social Software Software MarketShare by Vendor 5 Source: Gartner, “Study encourages businesses to embrace social networking”; Nikos Drakos “ It will eventually be seen as essential to all large firms, encouraging more open and transparent communications with staff around the world, and helping to improve relations with existing and potential customers.” 5 74% companies are integrating Web 2.0 with customer interaction 1 75% companies are integrating Web 2.0 into employee day-to-day activities 1 71% companies are integrating Web 2.0 with partner/supplier interaction 1 69% companies report that Web 2.0 tools have delivered measurable business benefits 1 38% estimated growth for the Social Business software market through 2014 2 $2B estimated Social Business software market size in 2014 3 IBM identified as the market share leader in Social Platforms in 2010 4
    11. 11. A Social Business activates networks of people that apply relevant content and expertise to improve and accelerate how work gets done, delivering unprecedented return for the time invested. 95% of standout organizations will focus more on “getting closer to the customer” over the next 5 years. – IBM CEO Study 2010 Standout organizations are 57% more likely to allow their people to use social and collaborative tools. – IBM CHRO Study 2010 Why Social Business matters... The Social Business
    12. 12. Innovate quickly to create new business processes in the cloud Nexus of people and expertise Engaging Transparent Nimble Work in a security rich environment outside or inside the company to solve business problems Trust Security Compliance
    13. 13. LotusLive enables social business in the Cloud Our strategy Simplify and Improve business interactions Expanding the enterprise perimeter to the cloud Creating new business value through seamless integration with your applications Growth and Innovation Cost reduction
    14. 14. cloud3 IBM Social Business in the Cloud Enterprise-class email Integrated third-party business apps Social Business Services Mobile access Administration and help desk support LotuLive Symphony Domino apps NEW Integrated third-party business apps
    15. 15. Aggregated Activity Stream helping with information overload Embedded Experiences simplifying user actions Moving from sending to sharing Optimized Mobile Access Elements of a next generation user experience
    16. 16. LotusLive Mobile <ul><li>Optimized support for many smart phones and tablets
    17. 17. Thoughtful and sensible application designs streamline mobile interaction with core LotusLive services
    18. 18. Access your LotusLive social business services from anywhere
    19. 19. Mobile services for dashboard, files, LotusLive Symphony, LotusLive Meetings, and more </li></ul>Increased Productivity: Optimized support for smart phones and tablets 2011 - 2012
    20. 20. LotusLive Notes <ul><li>Global navigation notifies user of new mail and upcoming calendar events
    21. 21. Social features integrated seamlessly with your inbox, such as profile pictures and status updates
    22. 22. Embedded user interfaces allow inline reading and commenting on documents, discussion threads, etc. </li></ul>Increased Productivity: Enterprise-class Email, calendar, and contacts, integrated inside and outside your firewall 2011 - 2012
    23. 23. LotusLive Symphony <ul><li>Real-time collaborative editing of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
    24. 24. Assign sections to other users and work collaboratively or privately
    25. 25. Comment, discuss, and assign tasks from within the editor
    26. 26. Integrated with LotusLive Files and LotusLive Activities </li></ul>Increased Productivity: Enterprise-grade collaborative document editors for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets 2011 - 2012
    27. 27. LotusLive Sametime <ul><li>Real-time communication services available throughout LotusLive
    28. 28. Instant messaging, voice, and video available from LotusLive footer and integrated throughout all applications
    29. 29. Call other computers and phones, using voice and/or video
    30. 30. Meeting extensions including embedded video and a LotusLive Symphony plugin for editing documents during a meeting </li></ul>Increased Productivity: Ubiquitous real-time communication -- instant messaging, voice, video, and on-line meetings 2013 - 2014
    31. 31. LotusLive Dashboard <ul><li>Morning Report style user interface keeps track of upcoming events and relevant activity throughout LotusLive
    32. 32. Core LotusLive services and integrated 3 rd party business applications seamlessly integrate into the activity stream
    33. 33. Share box allows you to immediately share content from anywhere within LotusLive </li></ul>Increased Productivity: Market-leading social business services, including social dashboard, blogs, and wikis 2011 - 2012
    34. 34. Powerful Analytics <ul><li>Social analytics combine with business analytics to recommend content, suggest dashboard designs, and recommend content collections
    35. 35. Social analytics provide enhanced capabilities for filtering LotusLive content such as email and files
    36. 36. Business analytics integrate into existing services to provide greater insight into business performance </li></ul>Continual Evolution: Integration of social and business analytics services 2013 - 2014
    37. 37. This is social business Integrated Commerce Integrated Selling Integrated Document Editing Integrated Logistics Integrated Scheduling Integrated Communications Integrated eSigning Integrated File Viewer
    38. 38. LotusLive APIs <ul><li>Rich set of APIs already exist for all major services in LotusLive
    39. 39. APIs are documented inside “LotusLive Partner Platform Guide” that is available via LotusLive wiki
    40. 40. Focus is on exposing important feature in services via APIs
    41. 41. Existing LotusLive Partner Integrations are actively using these APIs and many more new integrations would be relying on them </li></ul>
    42. 42. <ul><li>Accounts are free and permanent
    43. 43. Must be invited by a Subscriber or another Guest </li></ul><ul><li>30 day free trial
    44. 44. Full Featured account
    45. 45. All SaaS services available
    46. 46. Up to 100 users per company </li></ul><ul><li>Full featured accounts
    47. 47. Named Users
    48. 48. Pay Monthly or Yearly
    49. 49. No minimum or maximum licenses per company </li></ul>Guests can: <ul><li>Add, share and synch contacts </li></ul><ul><li>Invite guests of their own </li></ul><ul><li>Access LotusLive services to join meetings, read and comment on files, create and participate in activities, take surveys, view charts </li></ul><ul><li>Be part of the LL social network, search and be found by others </li></ul>Guests can not: <ul><li>Create Forms or Charts
    50. 50. Have a company identity
    51. 51. Have much storage capacity, limited to 25MB.
    52. 52. Get access to instant messaging
    53. 53. Host web meetings </li></ul>
    54. 54. LotusLive TM and LotusLive Notes TM – Business Ready Security <ul><li>Security rich services throughout the entire stack </li><ul><li>From the data center, to the infrastructure, through the applications, including the human aspects </li></ul><li>Technical security protections in depth </li><ul><li>Authentication, encryption, access control, logging </li></ul><li>Security accounted for in all aspects of the LotusLive life cycle </li><ul><li>Architecture, design, coding, integration, testing, deployment, operations </li></ul><li>Extending your organization's boundaries and policies into the cloud </li><ul><li>Integration points for your security and identity infrastructure
    55. 55. Administrative control of the policies in place for the subscribers in your organization
    56. 56. Logical separation of business data </li></ul></ul>
    57. 57. Security Governance <ul><li>Security related processes cover all aspects of the LotusLive lifecycle
    58. 58. Separation of duty matrix covers all LotusLive and IBM personnel </li><ul><li>Segregation of activities and personnel with access to the LotusLive codebase and access to the operational configuration and data
    59. 59. Processes and tools to ensure that support and debugging information shared across that boundary does not carry private and sensitive information </li><ul><li>Crash data is sanitized
    60. 60. Daily system health and performance reports carry only information approved for developers </li></ul></ul><li>LotusLive Notes Code Controls </li><ul><li>Code updates are associated with an escalated problem report or an approved work item
    61. 61. Code updates peer reviewed and approved by a development architect
    62. 62. Full system build handed off to operations after internal system verification testing
    63. 63. Operations performs system verification testing on staging environment </li></ul></ul>
    64. 64. LotusLive Engage Service Level Agreement Summary <ul><li>LotusLive SLA </li><ul><li>99.9% availability service level agreement (SLA)
    65. 65. SLA is tiered < 99.9% to 99.0% = 2%, < 99.0 to 95% = 5%, < 95 % = 10%
    66. 66. SLA applies to paid subscribers, who purchase via Passport Advantage
    67. 67. Service level is measured monthly
    68. 68. Third party service validates availability
    69. 69. Well defined claims process in place
    70. 70. Performance credit will be in the form of a credit, issued within 90 days from claim approval
    71. 71. SLA addresses service “availability”, as defined in agreement
    72. 72. SLA is defined to cover “blackout” condition, NOT specific service features
    73. 73. Only named administrator can submit a credit claim for consideration
    74. 74. 500 paid subscriber minimum </li></ul></ul>
    75. 75. Gartner Magic Quadrant – Google out of Social Software in the Workplace Note: Gartner MQ 2010 - Vendors Dropped Blogtronix. Central Desktop. CubeTree (acquired by SuccessFactors). CustomerVision. EMC. eTouch. FatWire Software. Google. Leverage Software. MindTouch. Mzinga. Neighborhood America (now known as INgage Networks). PBworks. Siteforum. Tomoye (acquired by NewsGator). These vendors are not included in 2010's assessment for one of the following reasons: they were acquired; they changed their focus away from internal teams, communities and networks; or they did not meet the market presence conditions — and, in particular, the requirement to provide contacts for four reference customers with at least 5,000 users each.
    76. 76. LotusLive Customers La Capital de Honduras
    77. 77. cloud3 IBM Cloud Collaboration Strengths – Key Differentiators & Success Factors <ul><li>Make Your Business Social </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Leverage industry leading social services in the cloud </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Instant Extranet </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Integrated extranet security model
    78. 78. Free guest account
    79. 79. No IT required </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Integration </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Business Partner Ecosystem
    80. 80. Hybrid
    81. 81. Click-2-Cloud
    82. 82. Integrated Services </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Vision & Strategy </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Mobile Social
    83. 83. Social Business Framework and Toolkit
    84. 84. Business Activity Stream </li></ul></ul>Enterprise-class email Integrated third-party business apps Social Business Services Mobile access Administration and help desk support LotuLive Symphony Domino apps NEW Integrated third-party business apps
    85. 85. 2011 2012 2013 2014 <ul><li>On-ramps from existing technologies including an open AP I and ability to author your own services.
    86. 86. Integrated business and social analytics services, providing greater insight and action.
    87. 87. Ubiquitous real-time communication via text, voice, video, and on-line meetings .
    88. 88. Increased business capabilities, including application development and testing environments.
    89. 89. Redefine customization and multi-tenant and multi-tiered support.
    90. 90. Introduce portal exceptional web experience services including site and content management. </li></ul>Core Areas of Focus <ul><li>Seamlessly integrated single set of services.
    91. 91. Market-leading social business software services.
    92. 92. Marketplace for integrated third-party business applications with obvious and intuitive business value.
    93. 93. Enterprise-class email, calendar , and contacts integrated inside and outside your firewall.
    94. 94. Optimized support for smart phones and tablets .
    95. 95. Collaborative editing for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
    96. 96. Expanded levels of service including account administration and help-desk support. </li></ul>Core Areas of Focus LotusLive Roadmap – Innovation at the speed of the open web Roadmap Continual Innovation Increased Productivity Expanded Opportunity
    97. 97. ibm in 3 shades of blue