Planned Development Districts Staff Hearing


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On 09/28/11, Code Studies conducted a "staff hearing" to hear public input on the proposed Planned Development (PD) Districts draft ordinance.

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  • W Hollywood Hotel & Residences, Size: 969,726 gross square feet15-story development including a 300-room hotel and a separate tower with 144 condos
  • Many are more recent than our RPDs. The majority of cities allow mixed-use, infill projects. Santa Cruz allows PUDs on parcels as small as 6,000 square feet. A few cities require as large as 5 acres.
  • Planned Development Districts Staff Hearing

    1. 1. Planned Development<br />Supplemental Use District <br />Revisions<br />Proposed Code Amendment<br />Case No. CPC-2010-3315-CA<br />Staff Hearing, 09.28.11, 1 PM<br />City Hall, Room 1070<br />
    2. 2. Overview<br />Code Simplification Background<br />Intro to Planned Developments<br />& History in L.A.<br />Trends in PD Regulations<br />Proposed PD Revisions <br />
    3. 3. Code Simplification<br />-Workshops – Fall 2007<br />identified opportunity to update <br />“Planned Development” regulations<br />-Director’s Reports – Sept. 2008 & June 2010<br />-Focus groups, staff review, community presentations<br />-Four Community Workshops – Nov. 2010<br />
    4. 4. Supplemental Use Districts<br />What are SUDs?:<br />-districts for “uses whose requirements are difficult to anticipate<br />and cannot adequately be provided for” in the Zoning Code<br />Oil Drilling Districts, Animal Slaughtering Districts, Sign Districts,<br />Equinekeeping Districts, Community Design Overlay Districts,<br />Pedestrian-Oriented Districts, etc. <br />
    5. 5. PUDs, PDs, or RPDs?<br />Planned Developments = Master-planned Communities<br />Residential Planned Developments in LA:<br />-allowed as a conditional use from ’64 - ’71<br />-RPD district enabling ordinance adopted ’71<br />“greenfield” single-family neighborhoods<br />“cluster housing”<br />“common open space”<br />-Only requested three times<br />
    6. 6. Observatory<br />Village<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Existing RPD Districts in L.A.<br />
    9. 9. Trend of PD Ordinance Updates<br />Phoenix’s “Celebrity City”<br />
    10. 10. L.A. Live<br />
    11. 11. NBC / Universal<br />
    12. 12. Playa Vista<br />
    13. 13. W Hollywood Hotel & Residences<br />
    14. 14. Why update PD regulations now?<br />-Increasing number of specific plans<br />Warner Center, Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment District (LA Live), NBC/Universal<br />-Better projects possible than through standard zoning<br />carrot and stick<br />-Implement “One Project, One Planner”<br />neighbors & staff can assess “project,” not “bundle of approvals”<br />-Opportunity to update existing tool for today’s needs<br />enable infill, mixed-use projects on hard to develop parcels<br />
    15. 15. Sample City Planning Case Process<br />
    16. 16. PD Regulations in CA Cities<br /><ul><li>Bakersfield
    17. 17. Berkeley
    18. 18. Burbank
    19. 19. Culver City
    20. 20. Glendale
    21. 21. Long Beach
    22. 22. Oakland
    23. 23. Oxnard
    24. 24. Pasadena
    25. 25. Riverside
    26. 26. Sacramento
    27. 27. San Bernardino
    28. 28. San Diego
    29. 29. San Francisco
    30. 30. San Jose
    31. 31. Santa Barbara
    32. 32. Santa Clarita
    33. 33. Santa Cruz
    34. 34. Santa Monica
    35. 35. Ventura
    36. 36. West Hollywood
    37. 37. County of L.A.</li></li></ul><li>Proposed PD Regulations<br />-Concept Plan & Development Standards<br />(adopted by ordinance)<br />-Phasing Plan<br />-Plan Approvals<br />for individual phases of construction<br />
    38. 38. Establishment of PD Districts<br />-Application Requirements<br />An application for the establishment of a Planned Development District shall only be accepted where the applicant owns or controls the land subject to the proposed district<br />LAMC Section 12.32 S<br />
    39. 39. Establishment of PD Districts<br />-Applicable Zones<br />each PD District shall include only parcels within C, M, R, and P zones<br />-Minimum Area Requirements<br />Each PD District shall contain at least:<br /><ul><li>200,000 gross square feet of non-residential floor area;
    40. 40. 200 or more dwelling units, guest rooms, </li></ul>or combination of dwelling units or guest rooms; <br />-or 3 acres of lot area <br />
    41. 41. Concept Plan & Development Standards<br />-Approval of PD Districts<br />-No PD district may be established until the City Council has adopted, by ordinance, a Concept Plan and Development Standards for the entire area;<br />-Findings: result in a district that more fully realizes goals in general plans<br />-Contents<br />Regulations applicable to all development within the PD District, including specific details, elements, conditions, and restrictions related to size, timing, and sequence of development<br />-Design Standards<br />-Density Standards<br />-Use Standards<br />
    42. 42. Plan Approvals for Phased PDs<br />-Plan approvals for phased projects<br />-No building permit shall be issued for any project, and no person shall perform any construction work on a project, until a PD Plan has been submitted and approved<br />-Finding<br />-The project shall substantially comply with the adopted PD District Concept Plan and Development Standards.<br />
    43. 43. NEXT STEPS<br />Public comment<br />period through November 7<br />
    44. 44. Thank You<br />Questions? Comments?<br />Tanner Blackman<br />City of Los Angeles | Department of City Planning<br />Code Studies | Office of Zoning Administration<br /> | 213.978.1195<br />