City of LA, Cultural Affairs Commission Agenda, 03.15.12


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City of LA Cultural Affairs Commission meeting agenda for Thursday, March 15, 2012. Code Studies staff will update the commissioners on the status of the mural ordinance.

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City of LA, Cultural Affairs Commission Agenda, 03.15.12

  1. 1. C ITY OF L OS A NGELESCULTURAL AFFAIRS CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL COMMISSION AFFAIRS YORK CHANG PRESIDENT 201 NORTH FIGUEROA STREET, STE. 1400 JOSEPHINE RAMIREZ LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 VICE PRESIDENT (213) 202.5500 (213) 202-5511 (FAX) CELESTE M. ALLEYNE ANNIE CHU OLGA GARAY RICHARD J. MONTOYA ANTONIO R. VILLARAIGOSA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LEE RAMER MAYOR JONATHAN WEEDMAN AGENDA CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION MEETING THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2012 @ 1:30 P.M. MCGROARTY ARTS CENTER 7570 McGroarty Terrace – Tujunga, California 91042 COMMISSION MEMBERS: ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: York Chang, President Olga Garay, Executive Director Josephine Ramirez, Vice-President Saul Romo, Assistant General Manager Annie Chu Haroot Avanesian, Staff Architect Richard Montoya Sharon K. Paulo, Commission Executive Assistant Lee Ramer Jonathan Weedman DEPUTY CITY ATTORNEY: Basia Jankowski BASIC CULTURAL AFFAIRS BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS’ RULES/BYLAWS: MEETINGS: - The Commission shall meet regularly on the third Thursday of each month at 201 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, California, 90012 and at other regularly announced public locations in the City of Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. AGENDAS - Agendas contain a brief description for those items to be considered, and recommendations by staff on what actions to take on architectural and public art submissions. Please note that the Commission may exercise its discretion to take action on any action item, up to and including final approval, regardless of what is noted as a staff recommendation. Commission Agendas are available on the City’s World Wide Web Home Page site on the internet at: click on “Meetings and Agendas” to access. QUORUM: - Four members of the Commission constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Some items on the Agenda may be approved without any discussion. PUBLIC INPUT AT COMMISSION MEETINGS – An opportunity for the public to address the Commission on Agenda items or other items germane to the business of the Commission will be provided before or during consideration of the item. Members of the public who wish to speak on any item are requested to complete a speaker card for each item they wish to address, and present the completed card(s) to the Commission Secretary. Speaker cards are available at the entrance to the Boardroom. A speaker will be limited to (3) minutes to speak on public interest items. AN EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY — AFFIRM ATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER Recyclable and made from recycled waste
  2. 2. AGENDA FOR MARCH 15, 2012 PAGE 2ITEM NO. 1 PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS GERMANE TO THE BUSINESS OF THE COMMISSIONITEM NO. 2 INTRODUCTIONS AND GUEST PRESENTATIONSPresident York Chang: Introduction of newest Commissioner to the Board, Charmaine JeffersonClaire Knowlton, Director of the McGroarty welcomes the CommissionTanner Blackman – Dept. of City Planning, Code Studies: Follow-up report to one given at the August18, 2011 Commission meeting on the community process that the Planning Department is undertaking toidentify solutions to the murals code issues.ITEM NO. 3 ARCHITECTURAL SUBMISSIONSA. AT&T ABOVE GROUND FACILITY ANTENNA AND POLE Location: 5070 Dockweiler Street Location Owner: AT&T Engineer Cable Engineering Services Contact Person: Bob Searcy Valuation: $50K Staff Recommendation: Conceptual ApprovalITEM NO. 4 ARCHITECTURAL SUBMISSIONS – CONSENT ITEMNoneITEM NO. 5 STREET LIGHTING SUBMISSIONSNoneITEM NO. 6 MATCHING STREET LIGHTING SUBMISSIONS – CONSENT ITEMSA. 1111 WILSHIRE BLVD. CPA: Westlake Zone: C4(CW) – U/6 Install: (2) CD 855A; (1) CD 857D Work Order No. BR-003161 Valuation: 48K Fee: $120 Receipt No. 720825B. VENTURA BLVD. AND HAZELTINE AVENUE NE/CORNER CPA: Sherman Oaks; Studio City Zone: [T][Q] C2-IVL Install: (1) Cal Type 19-4-100;(1) Cal Type 26-4-100; (1) CD 814D; (3) CD 953C WORK ORDER NO. BR-205011 Valuation: $104K Fee: $140 Receipt No. 720826C. DOROTHY STREET S/S FROM 180’ TO 280’ SE/O GRANVILLE AVENUE CPA: West Los Angeles Zone: R3-1 Install: (1) CD 851A Work Order No. BR-402504 Valuation: $14,000 Fee: $100 Receipt No. 720832D. 3625 GRAND AVENUE CPA: Southwest Los Angeles Zone: MR1-2 Install: (1) CD952C; (1) CD942 Work Order No. BR-003189 Valuation: $14,000 Fee: $100 Receipt No. 720830 TH THE. VERMONT AVENUE, 68 STREET, MENLO AVENUE AND 69 AVENUE CPA: South Los Angeles Zone: C2-1VL, RD1.5-1 Install: (9) CD 851A; (4) CD 953C; (1) Cal Type 29-5-100 Work Order No. BR-003011 Valuation: $179,000 Fee: $160 Receipt No. 720828
  3. 3. AGENDA FOR MARCH 15, 2012 PAGE 3ITEM NO. 7 PUBLIC ART PROJECTSA. HERMON ON THE BALL Location: Hermon Dog Park – 5566 Via Marisol Los Angeles CA 90042 Location Owner: LA City Department of Recreation and Parks Council District: CD14, Councilmember Jose Huizar DCA Contact: Pat Gomez Artist: Jolino Beserra Valuation: $6,500 Community Beautification Grant Staff Recommendation: Conceptual and Final ApprovalThe project consists of a mosaic surface sculpture of a dog balanced on a ball in a playful pose. Thedog’s mosaic surface will include ceramic pieces from a variety of tiles and broken dinnerware. The ball’ssurface will be covered in tile and mementos collected from area dog owners including pieces of dogbowls and dog tags. The sculpture will be embedded into a concrete base and placed on a terracedledge above the park near the street.B. WARNER CENTER PARK MOSAIC MURAL Location: Warner Center Park – 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Los Angeles CA 91367 Location Owner: LA City Department of Recreation and Parks Council District: CD3, Councilmember Dennis Zine DCA Contact: Pat Gomez Artist: Donna Zanella Valuation: $30,000 Arts Development Fees – Warner Center DCA Trust Staff Recommendation: Conceptual and Final ApprovalThe mural design was inspired by the area’s agricultural history and produce labels of the 20’s and 30’sand will be executed in terracotta relief. It will be installed on the band shell at Warner Center Park. Thetheme of old fashioned orange groves is an inspiration from the past and the colors of the mural willenhance the white stage area. Community tile workshops will be held at Warner Center and also at theCanoga Park Youth Art Center to fabricate the tiles for the project.C. PORT OF LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN SAN PEDRO WATERFRONT/DOWNTOWN HARBOR Location: Berth 75, Southern Pacific Slip Location Owner: Port of Los Angeles Council District: CD15, Councilmember Joe Buscaino DCA Contact: Pauline Kanako Kamiyama Artist: Carl Cheng Valuation: $203,375.00 Staff Recommendation: Conceptual ApprovalInspiration for this artwork is the artist’s interest in the fast changing environment at the site of thedisappearing fishing industry. “Ghost Fish 107” appears as a colossal tuna 35 feet tall and its widest at15 feet hung as a trophy from a forty foot cross beam and made of stainless steel fish netting.D. BRADLEY WEST TERMINAL PROJECT – NORTH LIGHT WELL Location: Los Angeles International Airport – 380 World Way – Los Angeles Location Owner: Los Angeles World Airports Council District: CD11, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl DCA Contact: Felicia Filer Artist: Ball-Nogues Design Studio, LLC Valuation: $1,000,000 Staff Recommendation: Conceptual Approval
  4. 4. AGENDA FOR MARCH 15, 2012 PAGE 4ITEM NO. 7 PUBLIC ART PROJECTSD. BRADLEY WEST TERMINAL PROJECT – NORTH LIGHT WELLThe artist is proposing to create a suspended, hovering sculpture – tilted Air Garden, that will embody thequalities of light and space that are unique to Los Angeles. It will function like a cloud inside the northlight well and appear as a suspended, heterogeneous fluid or gas with solid particles dispersed within in.E. THAI TOWN APSONSI GATEWAY Location: 5100 block of Hollywood Blvd. facing both sides of the street west of Normandie Avenue Location Owner: City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works Council District: CD13, Councilmember Garcetti DCA Contact: Pat Gomez Artist: Korajack Srivongse Valuation: $14,046 per angel (four angels) Staff Recommendation: Conceptual and Final ApprovalThe project consists of four angel statues that create a gateway into Thai Town. Two of the angels wereinstalled in 2005; the current request is for the installation of the second pair of identical angels. Theangels depict Thai Apsonsi; hands clasped in front of their chests in a traditional Thai greeting known as“Wai.” The angels are bronze and are 6 feet tall; placed on pedestals that are approximately10 feet high.ITEM NO. 8 GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORTITEM NO. 9 STAFF REPORTS - NoneITEM NO. 10 COMMISSION ANNOUNCEMENTS AND REPORTSA. Approval of the Minutes from January 19, 2012B. Next Regular Commission Meeting Date: THURSDAY - APR 19, 2012 Next Commission Meeting – Submission Deadlines: ARCHITECTURAL - MAR 28, 2012 STREET LIGHTS - APR 5, 2012C. AdjournmentAs a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminateon the basis of disability and, upon 72-hour notice, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access toits programs, services and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, other auxiliary aidsand/or services may be provided upon request. You are advised to make your request at least 72 hours prior to themeeting you wish to attend. For more information, please contact Sharon Paulo at (213) 202-5502.FINALIZATION OF COMMISSION ACTIONS: In accordance with the City Charter, actions that are subject toSection 245 become final after the expiration of the next five meeting days of the City Council during which theCouncil has convened in regular session and that if Council asserts jurisdiction during this five-day meeting dayperiod, the Council has 21 days thereafter in which to act on the matter. This Agenda is available on the Internet