Psychology 12 (Adolescent Psychology)
                         Los Angeles Valley College
                  Spring Semeste...
Extra Credit opportunity is available through Service Learning (SL). More information
about SL will be given in the first ...
4/29 – 5/04           The Problems of Youth (Presentation Topic Due)              Ch. 13
5/06                  Exam #4
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Psychology 12 Syllabus Sp 09


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Psychology 12
Spring 2009 Syllabus
Los Angeles Valley College
Dr. Ali Ghassemi

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Psychology 12 Syllabus Sp 09

  1. 1. Psychology 12 (Adolescent Psychology) Los Angeles Valley College Spring Semester 2009 – MW 11:20 – 12:45 Instructor & Textbook Information: Name: Dr. Ali Ghassemi Office hours: Mondays 1:00 – 3:30 Tuesdays 3:00 – 3:30 pm Office: BSC 111C Phone: 818-947-2522 E-mail: Textbook: Santrock, John W., Adolescence, (Twelfth edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education Course description: This is a course on behavioral patterns during the teenage years. This course deals with physical, social, and emotional development; male-female roles and stereotypes; cross cultural differences in adolescence; psychological needs of the period and how they may be met. Practical application of research findings is emphasized. Prerequisite: Psychology 1 with a grade of C or better Partial Notes: You may download partial notes for the course at You may use these notes for the exams; however, you may not use any other type of note for the exams. Course requirements: The course requirements are several. They include the following: 1. Exams (400 Points): There will be five examinations. I will drop your lowest score. If you miss an exam, for any reason, I will assign a grade of zero and drop it as your lowest score. If you miss more than one exam, additional grades of zero will count towards your final grade. No electronic devices are allowed (including computers and cell phones) during the tests. If I even see an electronic device that will be considered as an attempt at cheating and will be dealt with accordingly. The exams are multiple choice and short answer covering both the lecture and the reading materials. Bring a Scantron (form 882- E) on exam days. 2. Class Presentation (75 Points): You are to select a topic related to adolescence and make a presentation (approximately 10 minutes) to the class. You may present individually, or you may team up with one of your classmates. This presentation requires access to a research library or the internet. I will provide guidelines for your presentation throughout the semester. Presentations are set for the end of the semester; however, you should submit the topic of your choice by April 29. A topic may be presented only once. Therefore, if more than one student or team show interest in a particular issue related to adolescence, the first person or team that informs me of the particular topic will reserve the topic. Your grade will be based on your presentation (50) and evaluation of other students’ presentation (25). I will provide evaluation forms. 3. Participation. (25 Points) You are expected to be an active participant in this class. Participation includes engaging in discussions, asking questions and raising issues related to Adolescence. Please note that if you are absent too often, you are not participating. Excessive absences (as determined by me, but typically more than 2 absent days) may result in your dismissal from the course. This also includes frequent early departures and late arrivals.
  2. 2. Extra Credit opportunity is available through Service Learning (SL). More information about SL will be given in the first few weeks of the semester. . For additional information please contact Mr. Rick Brossman in counseling department (ext: 2642). You may earn one point for each hour of SL submitted, for a maximum of 10 points. If you decide to use your SL hours for more than one course this semester, I will grant you one extra credit point for every two-hours you submit, for a maximum of 10 points. All the necessary paper work for SL must be submitted the week prior to the final exam week (NO EXCEPTIONS). If your paperwork is not submitted on time, you may not receive any extra credit points. In order to receive extra credit points, you must submit 1) your logged hours form to Mr. Brossman (he will provide me with a copy of the log) and 2) A daily journal of your activities. Your journal should include in detail the activity that you performed and your personal reaction to that activity. Also through out the course of this semester I will show video presentations on issues related to adolescence. You may submit reaction papers in response to three of these presentations. The reaction papers should be a maximum of 2 pages in length, and depending on the quality of your paper, each submission would be worth 5 extra credit points (for a maximum of 15 points for the semester). Therefore, you may earn a maximum of 25 extra points through SL and reaction papers for this semester. Grades will be assigned at the end of the session as follows: 445 - 500 points = A 395 - 444 points = B 340 - 394 points = C 275 - 339 points = D Less that 274 points = F Course schedule: Date Topic Readings___ 2/09 Introduction 2/11 Ch. 1 Defining Adolescence 2/16 President’s Day Holiday 2/18 Theoretical/Scientific Foundations Ch. 1 2/23 – 2/25 Biological/Physical Changes (Puberty) Ch. 2 3/02 – 3/04 Cognitive/Intellectual Changes Ch. 3 3/09 Exam # 1 3/11 – 3/16 Defining the Self: Identity & Personality Ch 4 3/18 Adolescence and Sexuality Ch. 6 3/23 Exam # 2 3/25 Gender: Differences and Stereotypes Ch. 5 3/30 – 4/01 Adolescents and their families Ch. 8 4/06 – 4/08 Spring Break 4/13 – 4/15 Adolescents and their peers Ch. 9 4/20 Exam # 3 4/22 – 4/27 Adolescents and their schools Ch. 10
  3. 3. 4/29 – 5/04 The Problems of Youth (Presentation Topic Due) Ch. 13 5/06 Exam #4 5/11 Work, career & College Ch. 11 5/13 Moral development & Influence of Culture Ch. 7 & 12 5/18 Exam # 5 5/20 Presentations 5/25 Memorial Day Holiday 5/27 Presentations *I reserve the right to change the above schedule according to the class needs. Classroom rules and policies: Cell phones: As a courtesy to your classmates, please turn off your cell phone or place it in vibrate mode when in class. Initial disruptions will result in a verbal warning and repeated offenses may result in an immediate suspension or referral to the Vice-President of Student Services, who will render further discipline. Policy on Academic Dishonesty: Los Angeles Valley College has established an academic dishonesty policy in accordance with the standards of student conduct. The policy is published in the college catalogue, and it is your responsibility to be familiar with its provisions. Academic dishonesty, including cheating will be immediately reported to the Department Chair and the necessary documentation submitted to the Vice President of Student Services, who will render appropriate disciplinary actions. Withdrawing from the class: It is your sole responsibility to withdraw from the class, if you decide to no longer attend. ”. Please refer to the schedule of classes for withdrawal dates. You may also visit WWW.LAVC.EDU for specific dates. If you stop attending the class, but your name appears on the final grade roster, I am legally obligated to assign a grade to you, which in all likelihood would be an “F”. Unless there are compelling reasons that are beyond control, I will not grand an “INC” to any student. For example, having too many glasses (units), excessive work and family responsibility, difficulty with transportation, travel (for any reason) are not considered grounds for “INCquot;. Students with disabilities must inform me at the start of the semester of their accommodation needs, if any. All accommodations are based on the documentation you present to the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) and instructions I receive from DSPS. I will not provide accommodations to any student without documentation from DSPS.