Multilingual Customer Service on Social Media


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Social media is becoming the most effective platform for providing great customer service, but businesses looking to extend their reach should be using multiple social media platforms in various languages. This presentation looks at examples of multilingual customer service on Twitter and WeChat.

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Multilingual Customer Service on Social Media

  1. 1. Multilingual Customer Service On Social Media By: Gurleen Singh Bhatia, Jason Fernando, and Lesley Ning
  2. 2. Changing Consumer Expectations • 71% of customers aged 16-24 go online to resolve a problem • 87% of customers say social interaction matters • 83% of customers will abandon a purchase because of poor customer service • Negative Word of Mouth spreads faster online Source: J.D. Power and Associates, 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study
  3. 3. • People are increasingly turning to Social Media to voice frustrations with traditional customer service. • This phenomenon is particularly noticeable among younger demographics ("Generation Y") • Over 30% of people age 25 and under are using social media to complain about customer service • We can reasonably expect that this shift will accelerate over time. • Enhancing customer service through Social Media helps appeal to this growing consumer demand. Source: YouGov plc. Survey The Shift to Social Media
  4. 4. Source: Simply Measured, Twitter Customer Service Study - June 2013. Top Brands on Twitter show Huge Potential for Growth
  5. 5. Speed Matters: Response Times Source: Simply Measured, Twitter Customer Service Study - June 2013.
  6. 6. Source: Simply Measured, Twitter Customer Service Study - June 2013. High Performance Brands Respond to the Majority of Social Media Inquiries
  7. 7. Multilingual Customer Service English Case Studies
  8. 8. Nike: An example of great social media customer service
  9. 9. Source: Simply Measured, Twitter Customer Service Study - June 2013. Customer Service Twitter Handles Send a Large Volume of Messages
  10. 10. @Nike Engages Users with a Marketing Approach
  11. 11. Personalized Engagement is Key
  12. 12. @NikeSupport engages users by providing valuable customer support • @NikeSupport focuses solely on customer service • Their responses to each user are personalized • These public interactions build a positive brand identity • Customer service is indirectly a powerful marketing tool
  13. 13. Protect your Brand by Turning Negatives into Positives
  14. 14. Royal Dutch Airlines: Exemplary Social Media Guidelines • KLM aims to respond to every user question within 1 hour • Every issue must be resolved within 24 hours • KLM runs unique social media campaigns that focus on customer service: • KLM Surprise: after monitoring the social media activity of a client, KLM would surprise them at the airport with a small gift • Trip Planner: A social application that allows people to plan and book a trip with their friends without leaving the app
  15. 15. KLM YouTube Video Promotion
  16. 16. Multilingual Customer Service French Case Studies
  17. 17. • Lottery companies face the unique challenge of keeping their customers happy about a product which offers an extremely low probability of success. • Through their bilingual Twitter account, Loto Quebec provides their customers with timely information while also engaging in friendly conversation. • Here, they respond to a customer that is waiting in line to buy a lottery ticket by wishing her "best of luck!" with her purchase. Loto Québec: Boost Customer Satisfaction
  18. 18. • This kind of light interaction occurs frequently on Loto Quebec's Twitter feed, and helps foster positive relationships in an industry which is prone to disappointed customers. • The previous conversation continues here, with @Popinard saying “It pays to be nice to Loto players”; a spin-off of a Loto- Québec slogan • Loto-Québec responds with “Where have I heard that before ;)” • Loto-Québec‟s interaction plays with inside-jokes and builds relationships with its followers Build Positive Relationships on Social Media
  19. 19. • The Montréal Transportation System proactively responds to frustrated commuters, answering questions in real-time in both English and French • Engage with influencers through RTs and conversations • Drive traffic toward related projects such as recruiting beta testers • In this conversation, someone is asking STM about the service for a particular line. STM responds and directs the user to a Twitter Handle specific to the transit line in question STM: Be Helpful and Informative
  20. 20. • Here STM tells its followers where a particular bus route ends, someone responds asking if they will be stuck at the final destination • The user also creates a negative hashtag (the equivalent of #deadlocked) • STM responds by directing the user to a relevant section of its website with specific transit routes available at the station Share relevant resources to drive web traffic
  21. 21. Multilingual Customer Service Chinese Case Studies
  22. 22. • WeChat has 30M registered users and 19M active users • It is used by companies and organizations in various fields: Destination Marketing Organization‟s (DMO‟s), gaming, financial groups, retailers, real estate, education, E-commerce, etc. • Great tool for cutting customer service costs • A new effective way to attract and interact with targeted Chinese customers Engage Chinese Customers on WeChat
  23. 23. - By scanning the QR code on Starbucks coffee sleeves, users get a chance to win coupons and become Starbucks members - Users can download customized „Starbucks‟ wake-up music for their phone alarms. Starbucks China WeChat Campaign
  24. 24. Podinns Hotels • Number of followers has increased from 0 to 550K in half an year • Apps allow users to book hotel rooms and check availability on WeChat • Provide services such as customized dinner menus • WeChat facilitates the hotel experience • Location services
  25. 25. • Book confirmations • Look up popular local shopping destinations and restaurants • Check the weather • Contact hotel managers Podinns Hotel’s WeChat apps allow users to:
  26. 26. • Create a Customer Service account on the right social platforms • Listen to what customers are saying • Develop a social media response guideline • Be proactive • Respond quickly and personalize messages • Provide service in multiple languages What Can You Do?
  27. 27. Questions? Tweet us @LATMultilingual with the hashtag #LATSocial