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LAS White Paper on WordPress

  1. 1. Time to build a new multilingual website? Consider WordPress. Approved Google Engage Agency
  2. 2. We’ve translated and localized quite a few websites many WordPress developers out there so you havein our day. More often than not we’ve seen our largest a lot of choices on whom to work with on your site.clients purchase expensive CMS solutions and then From our experience, unless you are building a complexspend thousands more customizing it. Before you go eCommerce site high-end CMS solutions don’t reallyand do that we suggest that you take a close look at have any functionality that you can’t get with WordPress.WordPress. WordPress is “open source” software which In fact we’ve seen some that are far less robust andmeans it’s free and that it has a community of developers more cumbersome to work with. I’ll share somethat can support it, help with implementation who create WordPress features that demonstrate how simple itlow-cost “plugins” to add functionality to it. There are is to manage your websites.An easy-to-use Dashboard with everything at your fingertipsToday websites are no longer static brochure-like. Fresh existing pages, create new pages and view andcontent is a major component to a successful website manage all your Google Analytics as well.and search engines like Google put a premium on On the left hand side are all the tools you’ll need tohigh-quality fresh content. WordPress comes with a manage your website. From managing individual pagesgreat page editor so you can prepare new copy directly and posts to adding new plugins. As you can see youin your site, preview it, publish it and make edits very can even embed Youtube videos in your pages andquickly without the help of a third-party. WordPress posts. You can view and publish readers comments,comes with a great dashboard that makes managing add users and manage spam filters here too.your website easy. You can easily make changes to
  3. 3. Google Analytics datafor website monitoringand optimizationOne of my favorite plugins lets me view my all GoogleAnalytics data without having to go to my Googledashboard. For a quick snapshot view of how a siteis performing I actually prefer this plugin anyway.I only use the Google Analytics dashboard whenI need to make changes to an Adwords campaign.Otherwise this plugin displays all the data I want tosee without having to scroll thru data I don’t use orto click on multiple tabs.From here I have a list of every page in our website,the SEO Title Tags and Keywords for each page andbasic Page performance including; total number ofviews, number of site exits from each page and thenumber of unique visitors. I can change content on eachpage, revise Title Tags and add or remove keywords.Easily and intuitively. No programming code to workaround or change either. In other words you don’tneed to be a rocket scientist to manage your website. Google Analytics with SEO Keywords and Page performance data
  4. 4. Website Translation Newer versions of WordPress are designed for multilingual publishing. With the addition of a fewand Localization as plugins translation and localization cannot be madeeasy as 1,2,3. Almost. any simpler. While WordPress does support both human translation and machine translation performed by Google, we strongly recommend you work with a translation supplier. Not only is the quality of Google Translate inferior and not “publication ready” requiring editing, amazingly enough Google itself punishes machine translation in its Search engine algorithm labeling it “low quality content” or even “spammy”. Remember Google and other search engines’ mission is to deliver “answers” and high-quality content that helps its users find the information they are looking for. Google constantly monitors its search results to eliminate spam and low-quality content.No outside software needed tolocalize a website, simple and efficient
  5. 5. All the tools needed to build multilingual search effectivewebsites can be found in one application! The onlything you can’t do in WordPress is edit graphic images.Otherwise all the tools are here. You can even connectyour websites to Translation Memories to captureand reuse translations, reducing costs, timing evenfurther while ensuring consistency without investingin expensive “connectivity” software or spending asmall fortune on software customization. WordPressis a great solution for most large to midsize websiteswith moderate to complex requirements.Rick Woyde is a New Business Development Managerat Language Art & Science and regularly helps clientsget the most from their multilingual needs. Rick can bereached at +1-248-246-0475 or you can email him our website at 333 West 7th Street, Suite 120for more information on how we can help you build cost Royal Oak, MI 48067effective multilingual websites. Ph: 248-246-0475, Fax: 248-282-0433