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Lauber Proposal

  2. 2. CURRENT TRENDS The most influential emerging demographic in wine culture is the Millennial segment Women, particularly in the white, Asian and African-American categories, continue to buy more than half the wine that ends up on the table Older Millennials (26-34) consume wine with greater frequency (several times a week), consume more glasses of wine per drinking occasion (2.92 glasses on average) and are highly experimental, 89% frequently purchasing wine of an unfamiliar brand “Wine remains an enigma, a mystery,” “We have to solve the mystery if we want to expand the consumer base.” - Xavier Barlier, chair of the Wine Market Council’s Board of Directors
  3. 3. CURRENT TRENDS African-American wine consumers are 2.5 times more likely to buy $20-plus bottles than other American consumers Scarborough Research, 2012 Between 2006 and 2011, the number of glasses of wine consumed by Hispanics per month increased by over 50% 25% of Hispanics consume wine on a regular basis Mintel Oxygen Reports, July 2012
  4. 4. HART AGENCY: ELITE EDUCATORS BRAND AMBASSADORS Provide high-end, specialized selling capabilities and knowledge depth Training and in-depth brand/product/category knowledge to distributors, key customers & their staff and consumers Spread the product message on your key brands to drive widespread brand adoption Brand Ambassadors provide a value-added service to customers and their staff through training and service recommendations which can lead to an enhanced consumer experience Brand Ambassadors build the relationship to “tell the story” providing sound bytes to staff leading to recommendation and better informed customers and consumers Brand Ambassadors are used to “crack” tough accounts in concert with the distributor sales person
  5. 5. HART AGENCY: ELITE EDUCATORS The Hart Brand Ambassador Team is a hand picked team of expertly trained, creative and passionate individuals Well traveled, educated & trained: WSET Advanced Certificate, WSET Diploma, CSW, USSA Sommelier Certificate, FCI Advanced Wines Certificate, etc. Part of Hart Agency Mentorship Program On average, 8+ years of wine, spirits and beer experience Continuous improvement – take classes to maintain competitive edge As educators, they are / were the top sellers in top accounts throughout the area and are consistently requested by key retailers
  6. 6. HART AGENCY: HART MULTICULTURAL The Hart Agency mirrors the New York Multicultural market place Over 50% of our NYC brand ambassador, educator and sampler staff is multicultural 80% of our Hispanic staff is bilingual Strong, community minded and passionate Hispanic, African American & Asian American staff NYC based Multicultural Market Manager
  7. 7. HART AGENCY: HART MULTICULTURAL What separates Hart Multicultural from other Multicultural Agencies? Our foundation & guiding principle is: CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE & RELEVANCE  We must look beyond the features / benefits of the brand  Focus on, understand and respect cultural nuances  Effectively embed cultural characteristics into all programming  The Multicultural Consumers voice matters  We will earn the right to become a member of their family  Identify & hone in on unique and powerful cultural insights & triggers
  8. 8. PROGRAM IDEAS: WHAT DO CONSUMERS WANT? They want a story They want to fall in love They want to open a bottle and take a journey; A journey to a wonderful and interesting place Only 25% of Americans own passports Americans do their traveling in the movie theater, and at the dinner table They buy wines to take a journey to another place, and another time Balzac Communications & Marketing, 2011
  9. 9. PROGRAM IDEAS Wine Samplings: Passport Series / Lauber Wine Academy  Consumers receive passport, red and white wine glass  8 – 10 events at different accounts  Feature price during sampling event  Each sampling features a different country / region  Once they complete entire series, receive certificate  Product history, food pairing, etc.  Potential to pre-sell & charge?  Non-traditional outlets: salons, spa’s, clothing boutiques, etc.
  10. 10. PROGRAM IDEAS Wine Samplings: A Taste of Luxury  Target key off & on premise accounts for wine tasting, wine dinners  Off premise – home entertaining theme, a taste of …  On premise – A taste of …  Off premise: Morrell Wine Store, Sutton Wine Shop, Astro Wine & Spirits, Sherry-Lehmann, The Greene Grape, De Vino  On premise: Wine & Roses, Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar, Ten Bells, Anfora, Bar Boulud, The Barrell, Terroir Tribeca
  11. 11. PROGRAM IDEAS Wine Dinners:  Retail partner tie-in  Tickets available at dinner location & retail partner  At dinner, retail partner takes orders for bottles / cases  Restaurants, Steak Houses, Country Clubs, Private Clubs, Universities, Associations, Golf Clubs, etc.  Series potential: 3-6-9 dinners at pre-selected accounts
  12. 12. PROGRAM IDEAS Women / Wives Wine Club:  In home tasting  Consumer purchases package at retail location  3 price packages available: Novice, Enthusiast, Savvy  Package includes 3-6 bottles of wine, 12 wine glasses, Hart Elite Educator for in home 2 hour tasting  Hart Elite Educator will contact hostess for appropriate food pairings depending upon package purchased
  13. 13. PROGRAM IDEAS E-mail newsletter: The Lauber Insider  E-mail addresses collected at all events  Permission based e-mail marketing campaign  E-mail marketing managed by Hart Agency  All content to be pre-approved