Hart Advanced Resource Team


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Hart Advanced Resource Team

  1. 1. Hart Advanced Resource Team Brand Ambassador Program
  2. 2. Executive Summary  The Brand Ambassadors fill a gap in your Distributor sales force providing in-depth specialized brand and product knowledge  The Brand Ambassadors’ Core Responsibilities focus on the Education of Customers, Distributors and Consumers
  3. 3. Executive Summary Brand Ambassadors …  Right for your business & brands.  Must have clear measurable goals.  Aligned behind your mission critical strategy.
  4. 4. Why have a Brand Ambassador?  Provide high-end, specialized selling capabilities and knowledge depth  Training and in-depth brand/product/category knowledge to distributors, key customers & their staff and consumers  Spread the product message on your key brands to drive widespread brand adoption  Brand Ambassadors provide a value-added service to customers and their staff through training and service recommendations which can lead to an enhanced consumer experience  Brand Ambassadors build the relationship to “tell the story” providing sound bytes to staff leading to recommendation and better informed customers and consumers  Brand Ambassadors are used to “crack” tough accounts in concert with the distributor sales person
  5. 5. How are Brand AmbassadorsManaged? Hart Agency Supplier  Training & Recruitment  Owns the KPI Achievement  Budget Management  Sets acct specific KPIs  Daily Management  Acct Selection  Monthly Performance  Weekly Communication Management  Monthly Reviews  Quarterly Review  In Market Work Withs  Monthly Calls w/ Supplier & Distributor Distributor  Follow-up on Ambassador commitments  Leverage program  Account Selection/Work Withs  Assist in setting KPI’s
  6. 6. Aim & Rationale  Aim:  Deliver brand education to promote understanding and confidence among distributor sales personnel, the retail trade and consumers in order to drive rate of sale  Rationale  Successful Model: The Ambassador model has demonstrated success for many suppliers  Drives Focus: The Ambassador model has delivered focus on low volume High Profit brands  Complex Categories: Wine, Bourbon, Tequila, etc., are perceived as complex resulting in the trade & consumers needing a level of understanding and confidence to sell and choose out brands  Bolster Strength in Key Accounts: A significant portion of business is from key accounts, which will lead to a competitive strength  Leverage Category Expertise: Brand Ambassadors gain credibility, broaden their influence and increase their effectiveness by representing an entire portfolio
  7. 7. Roles & Responsibilities  Provide in depth education for distributors, trade and consumers  Form productive partnerships with target accounts, the local distributor and in- market team to support  Staff trainings  New distribution  Drink menu placements  Drink features  Lead the in-market activation of supplier programs  Report performance against KPI’s  Serve as a local spokesperson for the Brands  Support consumer PR events
  8. 8. Who are the Hart AgencyBrand Ambassadors  The Hart Brand Ambassador Team is a hand picked crew of knowledgeable, creative and passionate individuals  Well educated & trained  Part of Mentorship Program  On average, over 8 years of beer, wine and spirits experience  Continuous improvement – take classes to maintain competitive edge  As educators, they are / were the top sellers in top accounts throughout the area and were consistently requested by key retailers
  9. 9. Next Steps Your Brands + Our Expertise = Competitive Advantage Let’s build your brands together