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See The Big Social Media Picture

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with Social Media Choices? This short slidedeck tries to simplify and shows how blogs really become the center and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Enews all complement......

Are you feeling overwhelmed with Social Media Choices? This short slidedeck tries to simplify and shows how blogs really become the center and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Enews all complement the blog. And how so much of it is free!

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  • 1. The Big Social Media Picture
    Michelle Fontaine
    Social Media Seat
    Company: FBSmarty
  • 2. MBA, 2002, Assumption College – Marketing Concentration
    Marketing Communications Career
    Always a teacher, always a student
    Corporate career, but entrepreneurial heart
    Mother of 3, grandmother of 4
    A few favorite words:
    Loving, giving, philanthropy, softness, appreciation, fairness, graciousness, forgiveness, satisfaction
    Michelle Fontaine
  • 3. Convince you that small businesses can flourish using mostly FREE social media processes!
    FBSmarty is on a Mission!
  • 4. The Big Picture starts with Blogging!
    FACEBOOK – 400 character tow truck
    Links to your original blog
    posts – YOU are a thought
    leader - not just passing on
    other posts
    Twitter – 140 characters
    fast streaming – link to your
    Blog posts
    BLOG – Your Digital Asset
    ENewsletter – The In Box – use
    Summary of your blog posts as
    Enewsletters leading to blog
    YOUTUBE – Best video vehicle
    Link and embed your videos into your blog posts
  • 5. Visibility – the more you write about what you know, the easier you are to find!
    Positions YOU as the authority!
    The easier you are to find, the more business you’ll get!
    It’s basically FREE!
    It is not difficult, just new to you!
    Why Blog?
  • 6. Cumulative Blog Power!More text waiting for people to find!
  • 7. Grow your Digital Asset over Time
  • 8. Open a FREE WordPress account at
    Choose a template and start!
    Schedule blog posts to come out at certain times
    Set blog posts to publish automatically to Facebook and Twitter!
    Use summaries of Blog posts for enewsletters
    Figure out what your keywords are – use the Google Alert Keyword tool. These are the words people use when they search.
    Blog How and Where?
  • 9. Create MindMaps for Topic Ideas!
  • 10. Challenges, how-tos, testimonials, interesting jobs, cases
    Write at least once a week, consistently
    350 words is fine or even less
    Write simple, short sentences – easy to read
    No unnecessary fluff, extra words, jargon, etc.
    Spell Check, use and for help.
    Write about What?
  • 11. No website? No problem.
    Start a FREE Word Press blog (
    Create a Facebook Business Page
    Free Custom Pages available through several vendors like TabSite, Static HTML
    Facebook custom mini-site could even replace your website needs!
    Where to Start
  • 12. Maybe not
    Radical idea – do it on Facebook
    Custom Page sites
    People use Facebook to socialize. They don’t really want to leave it, so give them your message ON Facebook.
    Do you really need a Website?
  • 13. Do you need a website?
    My Facebook
    Business Page
    The middle
    Is a ‘custom
    Page’ or mini-website!
    Note the navigation.
    We can build
    You a custom
    Area in your Facebook Page!
    View it live at
    If you have already ‘liked’
    My page, then click on the Welcome Link on the
  • 14. It’s like a content management system!
    The custom part is built for you – not free, but quite affordable.
    YOU have the power to Post, to upload photos and videos, add other 3rd party pages and lots more
    YOU are in control!
    Why Custom Pages?
  • 15. Get my weekly enewsletter for tips
    Go to and enter your email
    Take my blogging workshops
    Take my Facebook for Business 6-week course
    (on line or in Douglas – 2 hours per week)
    Details on all workshops can be found at
    Too much to absorb?
  • 16. Michelle Fontaine
    Contact Me ;)