Which Social Media Channel is Right for Your Business


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It can be so confusing. How do you know where you should focus. Who is your target audience and which social network channels do they spend time on. Michelle Fontaine of FBSmarty and Social Media by Michelle shares this presentation which was given at the Empowering Women in Business Conference at Nichols College March 2013.

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Which Social Media Channel is Right for Your Business

  1. 1. Which Social Media Channel is Right for Your Business?Michelle Fontaine ~ 508-769-9137 ~ Michelle@fbsmarty.com www.fbsmarty.com www.facebook.com/fbsmarty
  2. 2. Business & Volunteer Path Social Media Entrepreneur! Webmaster MBA, Assumption College Marketing Mgr. Proud Moment – 2012 Tourism Award from Corporate the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Presented by Jeannie Hebert, President Admin Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Secretary • CWE Advisory Board Member • BVCC Director • Co-Chair, Tourism, BVCC
  3. 3. Parent PathBlessed in many ways!
  4. 4. Overall On-Line Marketing Strategy Be Found SEO SocialGoogle Optimize Directories Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter YouTube Instagram
  5. 5. Google is SEARCH (95%)• Google is the ‘momma’ search engine • Google indexes all our properties on the Internet• 24/7 Google ‘bots’ score the Internet and bring back fresh content to the ‘momma’• ‘Momma’ sorts it all out (indexes it)• When someone types in a search, she finds the best results and puts it in priority order• She uses over 400 different algorithms to do this
  6. 6. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be #1 on Google!
  7. 7. IncognitoWindow toRemove history
  8. 8. Social Media is Marketing• Social Media is here to stay and changes how businesses must communicate• Bottom line for business: • Be quickly findable on the web • Be transparent, giving and personal • Be efficient and accountable• Finding the right channels to focus on is our topic today
  9. 9. Social & Search are Part of Marketing
  10. 10. What are Internet Properties• Websites – we traditionally only thought about this one• YouTube – owned by Google• Facebook – all business pages are public• Instagram – owned by Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest – very appealing, visual, addicting• Google+ - hangouts are main reason to use• Directories• Blogs – self-hosted• LinkedIn – virtual resume
  11. 11. Understanding Keywords• Know, and use, the right keywords on all your properties• Free keyword tool: www.adwords.google.com/select/keywordtoolext ernal
  12. 12. Demo Keyword Tool
  13. 13. No matter what channel… thetruth of the matter is…• Use marketing strategies to accomplish specific goals.• Know what you want to accomplish• Create a plan• Measure
  14. 14. Example of a MarketingStrategy• Strategy = to increase demonstrations of our product by 100% in 30 days. • Historically, it is known that for every 100 visits to the demo page they give 10 demos • Goal is 20 demos (100% increase) in 30 days = 200 hits • Historically, it is calculated that each demo cost $____ • Tactics to accomplish our goal • Offering a free _____ for people to download on the demo page in exchange for their lead info • Promote this on FB page with a custom app and regular postings • Promote this on Twitter page through automated tie with Facebook and additional manual posts • Create video about the fantastic free offer and post on YouTube • Post that video from YouTube on Pinterest • Run a FB ad campaign with a $___ budget
  15. 15. Was it Successful?• 200 hits to demo page?• 20 demos?• What was the cost of the campaign?• How did that cost compare to traditional cost per demo? • Was the Return on the Investment (ROI) good?
  16. 16. No Matter Where You Focus…You should still do this…
  17. 17. Places for Business
  18. 18. Google Maps/Places• Claim and fill out your Google Place Page (free) and then you can gather reviews!• Reviews are an advantage for service businesses like hairdressers, salons, restaurants
  19. 19. Fresh Content is Key• Blogging is the #1 way to get found• Frequent fresh web pages (content management systems or webmaster talents)• Knowing, and using, the right keywords on all your properties is important
  20. 20. The Big Picture starts with Blogging!FACEBOOK3 posts a day Twitter – 140 characters fast streaming BLOG – Your Digital Asset ENewsletter – The In Box YOUTUBE or Facebook Video
  21. 21. How do Channels Work WithWebsites?• Your website is the center of it all• IF your website contains a blog, then it acts like a magnet to Google• All your Social Media Channels are opportunities to drive people TO your blog (to your website)• Inbound links help SEO
  22. 22. Where do your targetaudiences hang out?
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  27. 27. http://mashable.com/2012/03/09/social-media-demographics/
  28. 28. Social Media in Business Stats• 65% of the world’s top companies have an active Twitter profile• 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns and 79% are generating more quality leads• The average time spent by marketers on social media is 1-5hrs per week for those just getting started and 6+ hours per week for those with 3+ years of experience• The most popular social networking tool for marketing is Facebook – being used by 92%, followed by Twitter (84%), LinkedIn (71%) and blogs (68%)• 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook
  29. 29. B2B - LinkedIn• LinkedIn is 4X better for B2B lead generation than Facebook and Twitter• LinkedIn is also a must for your personal virtual resume
  30. 30. Customer Service • Facebook is the ‘face to face’ • Twitter is the real-time environment
  31. 31. Customer Service and SocialMedia Stats• Social media users are willing to pay a 21% premium for brands that deliver great service through social media• 17% have used social media in past year to obtain a service response• Social media users who receive great service tell an average of 42 people (compared to just 9 for social absentees)• 83% of social media users have not completed an intended purchase because of poor customer service and will inform 53 people (compared to 49% and 17 people for those not active on social)
  32. 32. Make Money by...Efficiently running your CustomerService • Facebook is the place people go to find out more about you. • It’s where people ask their questions! • Aim for quick responses ~ people love that! • Twitter users expect even more instant responses
  33. 33. Customer Service• Pages can now be messaged • Gripes can be sent to admins privately
  34. 34. Natural Customer Service
  35. 35. Service Companies• For Service Companies who reach out to consumers (mostly female): • Salons • Retail Stores • Restaurants • Bars• Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter
  36. 36. Technical, expensive, toys• Technical or Expensive Products for Consumers • Perhaps a male target audience? • YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+
  37. 37. Female target market?• Pinterest!
  38. 38. Thank you!• Teacher, Speaker, Manager• No student left behind ;)• Many teaching options such as: • 6 week virtual courses • 1 to 1’s • On-demand training • Corporate training• Learning Opportunities can be found at https://www.facebook.com/FBSmarty
  39. 39. Follow me…• LIKE me on Facebook.com/fbsmarty • Twitter.com/fbsmarty • Google+ Social Media by Michelle• Sign up for our weekly free tip enewsletter • Get this presentation too!• Just Google me ;)• Michelle Fontaine • FBSmarty • Social Media by Michelle