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This FB Smarty Case Study of Asa Waters Mansions highlights the fact that numerous businesses and organizations started their Facebook presence as Facebook Personal Profiles rather than Facebook Business Pages. Learn why that isn't the best way to grow your Facebook Community. Thank you to Asa Waters for agreeing to be our Case Study this month.

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FB Smarty Facebook Case Study - Asa Waters Mansion

  1. 1. ASA Waters Mansion, Millbury, MA
  2. 2.  Asa Waters has a beautiful website at www.asawaters.org but it is not integrated yet with Social Media.  Asa Waters uses a Personal Profile rather than a Facebook Business Page to promote Asa Waters.  Using Asa Waters as an example (with permission), let’s explore the pros and cons to this strategy.
  3. 3.  When a person starts a Facebook presence to represent a business, it should be done by creating a Facebook Business Page over a Personal Profile.  If one follows Facebook Guidelines, a Profile is supposed to be attached to a real live person, not a business.  That guideline has been stepped over many times and there are business profiles all over the place!  This Case Study of Asa Waters Mansion explores the pros and cons of using a personal profile for business promotion.
  4. 4.  Only Business Pages can take advantage of the 'Add Page to my Favorites’  Similar to website reciprocal linking  Important for Optimization
  5. 5.  Search Google for Asa Waters  Their website comes up beautifully on first page of Google  Page 2 reveals an Asa Waters Facebook Business page that is not maintained by Asa Waters!  Personal Page does not show at all, as they are not searchable.
  6. 6.  Our recommendation to Asa Waters Mansion,  is to connect with the Asa Waters Mansion Page creator if possible.  Page inactive since October 20, 2009. Info screen is blank which is really odd. Perhaps Facebook has determined it is a dead page.  It would be better if the creator simply makes Kathryn an admin on the Page (explained on next slides). If the creator deletes the Page to allow Kathryn to create a Business Page, that specific domain name might not be available for quite some time.
  7. 7.  Blank info page on abandoned Asa Waters Mansion Facebook Business Page.  Very odd – perhaps Facebook has determined it is a dead page.
  8. 8.  Admin-to-be must first ‘like’ the page.  Creator, or other admin, then clicks on ‘see all’ from the list of ‘people like this’
  9. 9.  Simply find the person and click on the Make Admin button.  Then can now perform any function on the Page, including deleting it!
  10. 10.  Business Pages can have unlimited 'likes‘ or fans.  We also cannot predict how Facebook developers will evolve in the handling of profiles which are meant to be people, not businesses.  Profiles are limited to 5000 friends. That may seem like a lot but as your profile ages it will hopefully keep gathering friends.  It would be a shame to reach that cap as friends cannot be transferred over to a page.
  11. 11.  Maybe nothing will happen, lots of people are using profiles for business!  However, you could log onto Facebook and be locked out of your account and have no recourse. It happens!  Facebook for Dummies started out as a Facebook personal profile and a persona called Dummy.  Facebook locked out the account and they had to start over with a Facebook Business Page
  12. 12.  You can embed Social plug-ins such as the newsfeed widget here.  Your Facebook posts instantly show on your website  Like buttons are also a huge marketing tool to use.
  13. 13.  You enjoy the benefits of being on ‘friend’ lists.  In some cases that makes your presence more easily shareable.
  14. 14.  Acquire the Asa Waters Page or start a new one.  Start coaxing friends to become fans of Page  Embed newsfeed widget and like buttons on www.asawaters.org  Create an editorial calendar and post strategy for your new Page  Share the posting strategy, make others admins to help