FB Smarty Case Study of Southwick Zoo


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Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA has a Facebook Page which is over a year old and has 3500 fans. Ashley posts frequently and the community is very engaging. Read what FB Smarty suggests as steps to bring this popular Blackstone Valley Business and its Social Media Strategy up-to-speed on the very latest Facebook strategies.

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FB Smarty Case Study of Southwick Zoo

  1. 1. Southwicks Zoo www.southwickszoo.com And http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mendon-MA/S
  2. 2.  3,599 followers of this page! Fantastic interaction with lots of pictures, videos, and people commenting and posting.  Kudos to the poster…dedicated and keeping it interesting and fun! Posting is frequent, even through the winter, keeping people interested! One posting had 88 comments!  Page was started in November of 2009 making this a mature page!
  3. 3.  Branding – Missing the impact of a larger graphic (I just grabbed a printscreen to demonstrate). You can see the impact vs. the previous slide  Great graphics on the website, just have webmaster provide a 200 x 600 pixel image and upload for branding impact.
  4. 4.  User Name – Right now the link to get to the Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mendon- MA/Southwicks-Zoo-More-than-a-Zoo/162186827464 which is a little cumbersome. Southwicks can go to facebook.com/username and get facebook.com/southwickszoo for a username! Gives a perfect URL to advertise their Facebook Page on printed literature and website.  Add more info to info tab. Depending on how the page was set up, there could be room for things like Company Overview, Mission, Products, etc. Taking advantage of every field tells viewers more about your business.  Also, they could take advantage of the box on the left under the graphic and change that text often. There’s room for 240 characters there.
  5. 5.  Southwicks Zoo really is More than a Zoo. They are globally minded as evidenced by their Earth Bash Event http://www.southwickszoo.com/earthBash.php  FB Smarty recommends that the rarely used Discussion tab and Event tab be removed and that a Welcome Page be added. Also Link Page is all Spam so should be removed. Explore www.tabsite.com ($5 a month) for easy custom Facebook Pages that allow embedded video too!  The Welcome Tab should be set up as the default tab for new visitors to see when they come to the Page. This Welcome Page can contain the mission, history, objectives of Southwicks, even a welcome video. Remember the wall is a newsfeed and always changes and viewers do not necessarily know what is important to Southwicks Zoo.  The following slides will guide you on how to set up a landing (Welcome) page.
  6. 6.  Link Page is accumulating Spam. Recommend deleting this tab/page. Use the ‘Save as Page Favorite’s’ section instead.  Here is how that works. When you are looking at a Facebook Business Page that you want to list under your Page favorites, link through the ‘add to page favorites’ and choose your Page from the list.
  7. 7.  InsideFacebook.com wrote that the conversion rate was 47% with a landing tab (Welcome tab) and around 23% without. That is a BIG difference!  http://mashable.com/2010/02/22/build- facebook-landing-page/ - gives a good tutorial on adding a static fbml landing page. Note that static fbml is going to be replaced with iframe technology. So, you won’t be able to build new static fbml pages but the ones you have will continue to work.  An easy (offering free and paid) solutions to adding tabs to your Facebook Page can be found at www.tabsite.com
  8. 8.  Go to Edit Page (under graphic on left of Page)  Choose Manage Permissions  Set Default Landing Tab to the name of your custom tab (i.e. Welcome)  Once page is ‘liked’ the Wall becomes the Default page. We can’t change that.
  9. 9.  Beautiful flash site with lots of engaging animal pictures  Connect your web and your Facebook Page - Add a Join Us on Facebook Button which can be found here http://www.faceboo k.com/badges/page .php  Add Like Buttons throughout the site!
  10. 10.  Go to Edit Page, then Marketing to find the Like Button instructions  When code is placed on your site (i.e. next to an animal named Molly) and someone clicks on it, a post is made on their newsfeed wall to ALL their friends saying Marcy Smith likes Molly at the Southwicks Zoo and includes a link back to the website.   Add Like Buttons throughout the site!
  11. 11.  A newsfeed would show postings on the website, almost like changing it every day! And people who are not yet fans, could instantly ‘like’ the page from this newsfeed.  Here is an example from West End Creamery’s home page.. www.westendcreamery.com
  12. 12.  Though a Flash site, this site has plenty of rich keywords in the background and comes up nicely in Google searches – kudos to webmaster ~ Images by Belinda!
  13. 13.  With these updated Facebook strategies, and the continued engagement that the Southwick’s Facebook page already enjoys, we fully expect that their fan base could double before next season!  We also assume a good portion of the fan base is from this area and are their true customers, so increasing the number of people in this community should make a measurable difference in their ‘bottom line’.