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Fancy Foods Show Part 2 Lizzy Caston
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Fancy Foods Show Part 2 Lizzy Caston


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This is part 2 of 3 of a presentation given at the Fancy Foods Show, New York City, June 2008 on Narrowcasting and Interactive PR and Marketing for emerging food businesses. Features Lisa Donoughe …

This is part 2 of 3 of a presentation given at the Fancy Foods Show, New York City, June 2008 on Narrowcasting and Interactive PR and Marketing for emerging food businesses. Features Lisa Donoughe from LAD communications, Lizzy Caston, and James Curry - the Editor in Chief of

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Search Engine Optimization, Interactive Media including video, enewsletters, podcasting, and blogging. We will look at why blogging is such a buzz in the business community, if it is right for your company, and the best ways to be succesfull at it. We will then look at social networking, interactive promotions and contests and other activities online that can help promote your company and brand.
  • Transcript

      • Lizzy Caston, LAD comm, Interactive Director
      • How Does All This Stuff Work?
      • How Can My Company Use It?
      Search Engines Interactive Media Social Networking
    • 2. Interactive 101
      • Invites the reader to “do something”
        • Helps Develop Strong Brand Communities
        • Encourages Participation, Conversation, Feedback
        • Helps Make Connections with Influential and Targeted Media
        • Is “multi directional” not “top down”
        • Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Market Find You
    • 3. Case Study Theo Chocolate, Seattle, Washington
        • WEBSITE
        • E-NEWS LETTERS
        • BLOG
        • VIDEOS
        • PODCASTING
        • PARTNERING
    • 4. Theo’s Results
      • Very High Search Engine Optimization
      • Strong (and Growing) Community of Brand Loyalists
      • Excellent Media Reach and Placement
      • Strong Industry Leadership
      • Lots of “Friends”, Strong Social Networks
      • Strong Viral Marketing
      Theo Chocolate in Fremont has raised $3.5 million for further growth. The maker of organic, fair-trade chocolate will use the money for "sales and marketing, and to improve equipment," said Joe Whinney, founder and CEO. Theo began selling chocolate in February 2006 with an initial investment of less than $3 million from friends and family. (Seattle Times, May 2008)
    • 5. How Does This Apply to My Company?
      • Must be part of a well thought out overall marketing and PR strategy!
      • You do not have to do it all or all at once.
      • Can be a grass roots effort.
      • Do what your budget and time allows.
      • Make a commitment.
      • Get savvy about technology (or hire someone who is)
    • 6. Search Engine Optimization Explained What if You Bought A Billboard And Put it In the Forest? Nobody Would See It. Nobody Would Know It Is There
    • 7. How SEO Works
      • Makes it easier for search engines to find you
      • Uses Keywords related to your brand
      • There are no hard and fast rules, as much an art as a science
      • Based on algorithms and formulas – they change
      • Honest Ways (White Hat) and Dishonest Ways (Black Hat)
    • 8. What Does Work?
      • Search Engine Positioning:
      • Strategy, Strategy, Strategy – PR, Marketing, Web Must Be Integrated!
      • Design and Build a Good Website, Good Domain Name, Good Domain Host
      • Education about Technology, Hire Good Service Providers
      • Good Key Word Research and Implementation
      • Honesty, Integrity and Trust and Quality Product
      • Analytics
    • 9. Let’s Look at Keywords
    • 10. Should I Pay for SEO and SEP?
      • SEO:
        • Can take the guesswork and confusion away
        • Can save time and money in long run
        • Can offer a variety of options and solutions
        • Can help fix bad sites
        • Can help with ongoing strategy
      • SEP:
        • SEO Companies usually more concerned with Code, Key Words, Technical
        • You want a PR and Marketing Firm that Understands Interactive, Web, SEO, and Integration
        • Should be part of overall marketing and PR plan
    • 11. E-News Letters
      • Flexible, Cost Effective
      • Allow filtering/Targeting of Contact Lists
      • Can be Beautifully Designed
      • Can be embedded in websites, blogs
      • Can (and should) include SEO tools
      Hint: You Still Need Well Organized Contact Lists!
    • 12. E-News Letters
    • 13. Video, Podcasts, Photos
      • One of the fastest growing marketing and PR activities
      • Views of online videos, podcasts, photos exploding
      • Does not have to be high budget
      • Many are Free
      • Can help with SEO
      • Can help “viral” market
    • 14. Examples
      • Magnolia Bakery
      • Cooper Mountain Vineyards
      • Theo’s
    • 15. Blogging 101
      • Simply means Weblog: an online journal with specialty interests. Can be driven by individuals, businesses, media
      • Allows businesses to better reach their target markets
      • Allows consumers to participate and build brands
      • Allows businesses to lead and participate in the conversation
      • Helps with online presence, SEO, positioning
      • Helps a business tell their unique story
      Communities Build Brands and Blogs Build Communities Is another tool in the marketing and pr toolbox
    • 16. Specialty Food Business Blogs
      • Theo Chocolate
      • Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
      • Marx Food Blog
      • Building a Bakery Blog
      • Murray’s Cheese
      • Victrola Coffee Roasters
    • 17. Blogging Isn’t For Everyone
      • Requires Commitment
      • Requires Strong Voice, Honesty, Imagination, Good writing
      • Must be Integrated into Marketing and PR Plans and Activities
      • Can be Small Budget (free), But You Get What You Pay For
      • If You Have Nothing to Say, Or Don’t Like Talking with The Public, Or don’t want others talking about you
      • … then Blogging Isn’t for You
    • 18. A Baker’s Dozen Blogging Tips
      • Make Your Blog Look Good
      • Have Voice and Personality
      • Write Short Engaging Posts
      • Write Well. Spell Check and Grammar Please
      • Be Honest, Open and Friendly. Set the Tone
      • Don’t Shy Away From Tough Subjects or Questions
      • Utilize Analytic and Other Tools
      • Invite Others to Participate
      • Reach Out to Others Online
      • Write Frequently and Often
      • Utilize SEO and other technologies in Your Blog
      • Promote, Promote, Promote
      BONUS CUPCAKE 13: If You Need Help and Have the Budget, Hire an Interactive PR Firm
    • 19. Social Networking Businesses are using Social Networking Sites
      • Friendster
      • MySpace
      • Flickr
      • Barista Exchange
      • Food Candy
      • Cork’d
    • 20. Reach Out to Bloggers
      • Find influential Bloggers and Influential Media
      • Subscribe to GoogleAlerts
      • Treat Bloggers like media
      • Avoid “corporate speak”, standard press releases.
      • Use personal & more informal communications
    • 21. Resources
      • A partial podcast and sample of this presentation and a list of resources about interactive, will be available shortly at:
    • 22. Thank You
      • Lisa Donoughe and Lizzy Caston
      • 503-827-6564
      • or
      • 212-924-5384
      • [email_address]
      • Happy to answer any questions.