Raising the Participation Age - Mix and Balance of Provision


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Raising the Participation Age - Mix and Balance of Provision

  1. 1. Raising Participation Age The Sheffield Guarantee Strand Four: Mix ‘n’ balance1. Quality Assuring progression pathways through sectors and across providers 2. Flexible and holding provision Henry Hui Sheffield
  2. 2. Progression Pathways Development• Mapping provider offers and developing progression pathways by sectors• Developing quality Progression Pathways through pathways partnerships• Matching provision (range and volume) to demands- YP interest and local skill needs• Developing new pathways in Enterprise, Arts. Sports and Apprenticeship Sheffield
  3. 3. Flexible and Holding Provision• Designing flexible and engaging FT funded holding programme for all YP not in Pathways & prepare them to re join• Working with NOCN and others to identify suitable qualifications framework -QCF• Working with providers to plan the delivery with necessary processes and training• Ensuring IAG, Career and other targeted (VYP) support for transition Sheffield
  4. 4. Sheffield RPA Pilot Use of Progression Pathways to make informed choice- ModellingSheffield Guarantee - Qualified Pathways linked to CoursesCourse Pathway CareerApplysheffield Sheffield InteractiveExample:Horticulture Entry3 Level1 Level2 Level3 HE Employment Qualification offered Qualification offered List of providers List of providers Each provider: Each provider: Existing Sheffield Interactive Course description Course description Entry qualifications Entry qualifications Start dates Start dates Places available Places available Contact details Contact details
  5. 5. Sheffield RPA Pilot Suggestions so far for Implementation March 2012 Progression Pathways MappingsCreative and Media Industries (Art and Design) Pathway Entry Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Nat Dip Photography Skills Build Introductory Diploma AS/A2 (inc Foundation Photography, First Diploma Degree Graphics or Art and Design Photography Art) Foundation Foundation Studies E1-E3 Studies Nat Dip NCFE Level 2 Graphics (part-time) Foundation AS/A2 inc Degree Graphics Graphics or Art Foundation Degree Creative Nat Dip in Art Art Practice and Design Foundation Degree 18+ Art & Design Foundation Degree Fashion & Textiles
  6. 6. Sheffield RPA Pilot Suggestions so far for Implementation Nov 2011 Progression Pathways Preparation for Success Engagement FL Entry /L1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Employment or HE Progression Pathway 1Outreach tasters with Generic Progression Pathway 2Functional Skills Progression Pathway Progression Pathway Progression Pathway Progression Pathway 21Enterprise Enterprise Progression Pathway 22 - EnterpriseArts Arts Progression Pathway 23- ArtSports Sports Progression Pathway 24 - Sports Preparation for Success
  7. 7. Sheffield RPA Pilot Preparation for Success Programme - Modelling Preparation for Success Programme Key elementsQualificati Skill Outreach Volunteeri Widening Work Bridging on Base Builders Tasters ng Horizon Experien Skills Set ce NOCN Functional Portable Charity Visit WorkProgression & Skills and delivery at programme experience PreparationEmployability Intensive strategic placement for Social Skills community Community Progressio locations Activity Team n course ASDAN Catch up clinic programme working QCF for FT Work Skills Functional Job Centre Funding Plus Young Part time job Gaps in PP skills Independent Person’s prep Half Levels based programme Living Skills voice Personalised FT funded programme Aligned with YP’s needs (do not have to take up all elements) and prepare for successful progression into the identified destination course (IAG / Career / Targeted Youth Support essential / Specific VYP support packages are being developed) Financial / travel and other appropriate support- assessed and targeted support Length of PfS for individual depends on the next start of the identified destination course
  8. 8. RPA Sheffield Guarantee Strand 4 Challenges• Progression Pathways mapping is in progress but its completeness with the appropriate range of providers will be a challenge• Flexible holding programme is shaping up but readiness of some providers to deliver on their own and / or in partnership will be a challenge• Flexibility of start time of the mainstream programmes is a challenge –holding for critical mass for multiple start during the year• Additional costs for flexibility – sustainability? What is fundable and will interest YP? Sheffield
  9. 9. RPA Sheffield Guarantee Strand 4 Next Step  Identification of students at risk of dropping out from mainstream Pathways –RONI pre & post 16  Provider to build Preparation for Success FT holding Programme - using QCF qualifications (either NOCN or others) – support and training if required Stagger start and in different vocational context and locations Prepare portable outreach tasters with Functional Skills and PT Work Preparation Course  Commitment of receiving partner to consider Multiple starts during the year or responding to referral of course demand with critical mass of student numbers  Completion of Pathways information and start Progression Pathways Partnership PPP meetings- first round March / second round May Sheffield
  10. 10. RPA Sheffield Guarantee Strand 4 Quality of Progression PathwaysCriteria / Questions for Quality of Progression Pathways:•Has the pathway got clear qualifications E1 to L3?•Continuum in Curriculum between levels?•Transition arrangement between Partners?•Are there gaps or barriers in progression either within organisations or between progression partners?•Is there any protocol in transferring of student information?•Are there clear entry requirements for each level and / or any COMPACTarrangement for progression?•Are there ranges of options in FE or WB routes or apprenticeships?•Is there good level of transferability between the routes? In the same cluster and beyond?•Is there a valid/effective route to relevant Employment?•Are there specific support for access to the pathway for VYP groups?•Effective IAG, Career Advice?•Any others? Sheffield