Cross-Media Marketing Case Study #1


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Cross Media Campaigns: adaptation, yield success and pitfalls to avoid.

Insights on successful cross media marketing through a case study.

Presentation brought to you by L2, Inc - The Campaign Technology People

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Cross-Media Marketing Case Study #1

  1. 1. Multi-channel Campaigns<br />adaptation | success | pitfalls<br />Case study - Atomic Media Works<br />Wrich Printz | CEO & President of L2, Inc<br />L2, Inc |Provider of Fuse Cross Media Technology<br />
  2. 2. Overview:<br />Case study: Atomic Media Works<br />Adapting the strategy<br />Yielding successful results<br />Pitfalls to avoid<br />
  3. 3. Case study overview:<br />Atomic Media Works – Marketing Agency<br />Client: Nissan of Redlands<br />Target list – 4850 customers (who did not visit dealership for over 24 months)<br />Objective: motivate customers to schedule a service appointment<br />Offer: free oil change/discounted rates<br />
  4. 4. Campaign setup:<br />1<br />customers<br />4<br />2<br />3<br />Personalized postcards w/ pURLs are sent out to customers<br />1<br />Customers receive postcard – some respond to the pURL, some don’t<br />2<br />pURL captures all response actions and updates customer data list<br />3<br />Based on response actions captured, a personalized email is triggered and sent to those who did not respond. Email invites them to the same pURL.<br />4<br />
  5. 5. personalized collateral w/ offer (postcard & email)<br /><ul><li>Postcard/email are highly personalized to each customer
  6. 6. Speaks to the customer as an individual & offers appeals to their personal needs
  7. 7. Invitation to visit pURL to redeem coupons for free oil change and other discounts
  8. 8. A reminder email (same offer and graphics) is scheduled to go out to those who don’t respond in 3 days</li></ul>customer’s name<br />customized offers<br />image of customer’s car type<br />personalized URL<br />
  9. 9. Capturing all responses and optimize customer data<br />Landing site is highly personalized to customer<br />personalized audio presentation of instructions<br />Customer data is pre-populated <br /><ul><li>Customers who respond arrive at their personalized landing site (pURL)
  10. 10. Customers are asked to confirm / update their personal data
  11. 11. An personalized audio clip (announcing their name) provides instructions
  12. 12. Customers then enter code (found on the email or postcard) to redeem coupons</li></li></ul><li>Learning more about customers for future campaigns<br />Offers are personalized to the customers’<br />Car type (yr and model)<br /><ul><li>Customers are provided with a list of coupons for a free oil change a various discounts
  13. 13. Each offer is designed to capture more data about the customer. Based on their selection:
  14. 14. Find out the state of condition the car is in (e.g. mileage)
  15. 15. Day of time they prefer to schedule service
  16. 16. Do they own more than one Nissan car
  17. 17. Etc…</li></li></ul><li>Results:<br /><ul><li>Sent:
  18. 18. 4850 (postcards)
  19. 19. 3089 (emails)
  20. 20. Visited webpage: 161
  21. 21. Appointments made: 61 (first 2 weeks)
  22. 22. 35.6% of those who visited pURLscheduled an appointment
  23. 23. Total parts/labor sales:
  24. 24. Last visit > 9 months - $27,878 (655% ROI)
  25. 25. Last visit >12 months - $19,882 (467% ROI)
  26. 26. Total ROI > 485% (as of 02/20/08)</li></li></ul><li>Adaptation:<br />Marketing needs? Objective?<br />Atomic/Nissan clearly defined the needs and objective before executing campaign<br />Is data available (CRM)?<br />Nissan had customer data from previous services & purchases – designed campaign to capture up-to-date customer data<br />What technology/solution?<br />A cross-media platform was implemented to: personalize collateral, automate campaign and track responses. L2’s Fuse platform was used for this campaign<br />In house vs. out source<br />Atomic Media had the personnel and resources to plan, execute and report campaign results. All they needed was a small team, a plan and the right technology<br />
  27. 27. Yielding Successful Results:<br />The planning process<br />Atomic determined who to target, which channels to use, what offers to make and how to capture response<br />Relevance is the key<br />Atomic personalized every aspect of the communication – did not over do it, creating the “creepy effect”<br />Testing is critical<br />Different offers were made to customers to see what produced higher results<br />Follow up plan<br />A reminder email was scheduled to go out to those who didn’t respond within 3 days<br />Tracking and reporting response actions<br />All responses and actions were captured on the pURLs<br />
  28. 28. Pitfalls to avoid:<br />More channels ≠ more effective<br />Only use channels that communicate effectively to the target – too much turns communication into blasting<br />Over personalization – creepy factor<br />It gets “creepy” if you know too much about the target<br />Good offers that are irrelevant<br />Free oil changes and discounts for major services – only applies to cars that are over a certain mileage<br />No initiative is perfect – constant optimization is required<br />Initiate, learn and adjust<br />Content – decorative or functional?<br />Don’t focus all on fancy wording and nice graphics – are you really communicating to the target?<br />Doubts about the initiative?<br />Simply don’t do anything you have doubts on<br />
  29. 29. Always keep in mind:<br />Data is the source of fuel<br />Using more channels ≠ successful results<br />Always have an objective and plan<br />Relevant messaging/offer?<br />Relevance is the key – avoid creepy factor<br />Testing – analyze data before making initiative<br />
  30. 30. Connect:<br />Contact: <br />(408) 457 9300<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />2890 Zanker Rd. Suite 209<br />San Jose, CA 95134<br />Blog<br />