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Crossword puzzle developed for SIAST NRSG 201. It goes along with the PowerPoint presentation - "synopsis of Cree culture" here on slideshare. Following the links will give all the necessary clues and will provide the reader with more insight into Canadian Cree culture and some of the health issues faced.

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Nrsg 201 Cree crossword

  1. 1. Across 4 The Nanaimo Daily News has apologized for printing a "racist" letter from this man which stated First Nations have a history that is "notable only for underachievement." 7 At above link - Assembly of First Nations Chief Shawn __________ responded with... "The comments published by the Nanaimo Daily News show deep misunderstanding and ignorance about First Nations peoples," 8 Combining form for “relating to the femoral...” 11 The initials of the level of Canadian judicial system upholding Jordan’s Principle 12 86-592-366 3088 is the phone number for what Chinese Tech firm (just Google it and move on – it has nothing to do with the theme of First Nations Health) 15 The idea of being related to or joined together with all things... See also the quote for 32 across. 22 Dr. Sylvia Abonyi – occupies the Canada Research _____ in Aboriginal Health 23_____ Duncan, Member of Parliament for Edmonton 24 The color black generally represents this direction on the medicine wheel. 25 any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavouring, food or medicine. Check Clifford Cardinal -!presenters/c21kz 26 What level of government is responsible for health services on reserve? vices/8979530/story.html
  2. 2. 28 A combining form meaning “early,” “primeval,” used in the formation of compound words. From Greek, combining form meaning dawn; akin to east. 29 The shortened form of the French name – Kristeneaux which designated large First Nation inhabiting areas of central and western Canada and northern United States. 32 At the top of page five of the linked document there is a quote from Graveline (1998) “...“Self-in-relation” (p. 57), that is: immanence (respect for all life forms), interconnectedness and __________.” 34 Porridge can be made from ________ which some Cree call unoomin. 35 The ___________ of Native People in Canada: Voluntary or Compulsory? By: Michèle DuCharme For additional historic notes check the following link... 36 Exploring ________ Priorities in First Nation Communities in Nova Scotia - tripartite forum 2008 37 This is an acronym for the type of law practiced by Aimée Craft (Conference and programme Co-Chair) of the conference outlined at the link... 38 Name of tribe represented in the following links... 41 An area of land; a region. The land and waters under the jurisdiction of a government. A political subdivision of a country. A geographic region, such as a colonial possession, that is dependent on an external government. 44 From the thesis STORIES ABOUT CANCER FROM THE WOODLAND CREE OF NORTHERN SASKATCHEWAN this is the Cree word for medicine.
  3. 3. 46 Initials of the First Nation where Tina Wilson interviewed clients for her thesis called Knowledge, Attitudes and Health Beliefs of Cervical Cancer and Cervical Cancer Screening 47 The proverbial giant that oppresses the little guys of the world. 49 As a precaution against the event of... “__ ____ of emergency...” Used in the wording of the vital “medicine chest clause” of treaty six and in the claim of ALEXANDER FIRST NATION vs HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA 50 Dr. _______ ___ Dyck is a member of the Gordon First Nation; she is also a Liberal senator representing Saskatchewan. Language=E&M=M&senator_id=2776&sortord=N 51 See page 44 of this edition of the ____ Quarterly. 52 Research the opening lines from Romeo and Juliet – act 5, scene 1 – then do some research on dream catchers... “If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep, My dreams_________ some joyful news at hand.”
  4. 4. Down 1 Government appointed land set aside for First Nations people... 2 The first name of the respected Elder that mentored Ross Hoffman... 3 In Chinese philosophy it is the underlying principle of the universe. It combines within itself the principles of yin and yang (balance of all things) and points the way, as a code of behavior, to harmony with the natural order. It is the cornerstone of the philosophical religion of Taoism. 5 The impact of the sweat _____ ceremony on dimensions of well-being journal/Documents/Volume%2013/13(3)_Schiff_Impact_Sweat_Lodge_48-69.pdf 6 The authority of a state to govern itself 8 This federal government department released its latest strategic plan called “A Shared Path to Improved Health” just last year. Follow links for details... 9 Merriam-Webster defines it as a recurring and noticeable thematic element (as in the arts); a dominant idea or central theme. A single or repeated design or color. 10 Dr. William _____ undertook the first vaccination program in western Canada for a presumed smallpox outbreak among First Nations people in 1837. 11 Not one, not two, not three but ________.
  5. 5. 13 Yiddish word that means "a person of integrity." A ______ is someone who is responsible, has a sense of right and wrong and is the sort of person other people look up to. In English the word has come to mean "a good guy." Compare to Miyupimaatisiiun in link... 14 Changing to reflect more pc terminology this government agency is now called Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) 16 This is the periodic table abbreviation for the chemical that makes up 40 percent of the white crystals which the Cree call - - - sîhwîhtâkani. In English it’s called salt. 17 The ultimate source of all created things. 18 NHL player and coach – and an Ojibwe from the Garden River First Nation near Sault Ste. Marie. 19 Read through the link and fill in the blank... “While there may be short-term transition issues, he said young aboriginal British Columbians will see a _______ path to becoming doctors, dentists, nurses and health administrators who can remain in, or serve, their communities.” vices/8979530/story.html 20 Perspiration 21 To be in a state of turmoil or ferment 22 Type the coordinates into Google maps... 57.334583,-106.636047
  6. 6. 27 Term used to refer to an Indian in the repatriated Canadian Constitution of 1982. 30 The part that someone has in a family, society, or other group option=com_content&task=view&id=29&Itemid=42 31 cause a large amount of damage or harm 33 Alternate spelling of word meaning... a. Inspiring inexplicable fear, dread, or uneasiness; strange and frightening. b. Suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious. 35 Acronym for this website... 37 Name of this group near Wabamun, Alberta 39 This acronym describes what Monsanto contributes to agriculture and what governments and corporations may try to do on reserves... 40 Chief Wayne Semaganis represents ________ pine reserve 42 Living Archives on __________ in Western Canada 43 Centre of Canadian government and focus of a lot of Aboriginal frustration. 45 The Spanish were looking for a shorter trade route to ______ and thought they had found it hence they called the native inhabitants of North America
  7. 7. Indians. 48 When used as an Adjective it refers to the condition of being alive. If used as a noun It could mean the income you use to survive or the lifestyle in which you live.
  8. 8. 1 2 3 6 8 4 5 7 9 10 12 13 11 19 18 17 22 25 26 27 31 20 21 23 15 16 24 29 30 28 32 33 36 35 37 38 39 14 41 42 40 44 43 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 34
  9. 9. 1 2 3 6 8 4 5 7 9 10 12 13 11 19 18 17 22 25 26 27 31 20 21 23 15 16 24 29 30 28 32 33 36 35 37 38 39 14 41 42 40 44 43 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 34