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Blake powerpoi

  1. 1. p; Pax By; Blake Johnson
  2. 2. Geography• My country is located on the dark side of the moon, behind the country of Durhamtown. The country has the tallest mountain in the galaxy on it. It is Mt. Bawajil. It is 53,253 ft tall. There is also one river, about the size of the Nile. The Boukusen river is located going down the middle of the country and provides water to many people.
  3. 3. Climate and Vegetation• My countrys climate is very mild. The temperature is normally around 60-80 degrees, as it can sometimes be cold, but not snowy. However, on the days in which the weather is hot, the weather is very dry. We do not have any vegetation, and we have to import all of our food from the country of Durhamtown. However, we do have our own water source.
  4. 4. Natural Resources• The natural resources of our country are gold, silver, lumber, and oil. We have no energy, but on the bright side of the moon, there is a power plant that bottles energy captured from the light and trades it to us in turn for gold and silver. We use the energy to power our giant light bulb which gives us and Durhamtown the light that we need to live.
  5. 5. Population• Most of the people in my country live towards the middle, as they are scared that they might end up falling off the country, into the galactic atmosphere of space. The population is very large, but it is steadily decreasing as many people are scared to fall off of the country through the hole in the dome on the far left side of it. Because the country is in space, they cannot migrate, which makes it impossible for immigration.
  6. 6. Religion• Most of the people in my country follow the religion of Fildamen. Fildamen is monotheistic, meaning they only believe in one god. They have five basic beliefs, which they must do in their life much like the religion of Islam.
  7. 7. Social Structure• There are no social classes, everyone is believed and treated as equal. Family is very important, if somebody dies, there is a ceremonial funeral, that is held on television and only the family members can attend. The parents and children are more prevalent though, everyone cares more about them than the aunts and uncles and things like that.
  8. 8. Culture• There is only one culture in my country, it is called Rachsi. Their cultural works include fishing with their feet, and only eating with their pinky fingers. They believe that they are the most important people on the Earth, and that the world was created and ruled by monkeys. They will eat anything that you present to or give them. Their national sport is Paxball. The language is Cluequention, and it is the only one.
  9. 9. Economic System• The country of Pax has a communist system of government though. It is similar to that of North Korea, but once you enter, you are allowed to leave.
  10. 10. Country Comparison• Thailand is the country I am going to compare mine with. Some of our similarities include the religion rate. 94.6% of their people practice Buddhism, while 95% of mine practice Fildamen. We have many differences though, such as land size. Thailand has an area of 513,120 sq km, but the area of Pax is 4,847,123 sq km. Another difference is population, the population of Pax is 43,623,231 and Thailands is 67,091,089.