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  • 1. July 11th, 2010 Published by: ConsultingTycoon Internet Marketing Consulting - bigger than a Pee Wee 50. And the bike almost killed me. To learn more about the Internet marketing consulting But boy did I have fun. And I learned an important lesson… business, register now for a FREE Consulting Tycoon “Fast Start Kit” membership — including the proprietary The skills you have can open doors you never knew existed. Strategic Design Model, video coaching and 60-minute And barter lets you “trade up” — getting more in hard goods “consulting success secrets” interview. Click here to get started. than you ever would in hard cash. Since then barter has been one of my core joint venture strategies — trading my skills for everything from dirt bikes How I Swapped a $500 Website for a $7,000 to luxury furniture to equity in my clients business. Motorbike (Not to mention countless cases of beer!) Source: And it’s one of the skills you’ll learn in my upcoming how-i-swapped-a-500-website-for-a-7000-motorbike.php JV Tycoon program. Ever bartered your consulting skills? You can sign up to the VIP notification list (and get a hefty discount on the already low price — less than $50) here: (That’s where you trade your skills directly for other products and services, rather than getting paid cash. As you’ll see, it can be highly lucrative and lots of fun.) One of the first website projects I did — back when I was only charging $500 for a website — was a barter deal. Similar Posts Here’s the sneaky story: An old work colleague had just bought a brand new Yamaha YZ125. (If you’re not into bikes, just know that’s a crazy dirt bike like the pro motocross riders use.) But he had a problem… Right after he bought the bike, they released a new model! And his wife wouldn’t let him buy the new bike because he’d just spent a small fortune on the first one. But the good news is he also wanted a website for his new side business, so we worked out a little deal… He would buy the new bike, give me the “old” one, and I would build him a website. (He figured his wife wouldn’t notice he had a new bike as long as he only had one bike.) So I built him one of my $500 websites, and he gave me his almost brand new $7,000 bike. (You can imagine how excited I was at landing that deal. I still grin thinking about it.) Now, I should mention… I couldn’t ride — still can’t — and had never ridden anything 1