5 Factors to Cross-Channel Success in Retail


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Presentation deck for RICS Software user-conference in Florida. We define and talk through the five factors changing communication and success with email, mobile, social, web, and data.

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  • Google really ruined this era of marketers.  It was THE BIG THING.  You just tweaked some title tags and BAM, you had thousands of new search engine referrals because you were 1st page on Google.  It was like printing money.  And marketers have been chasing those easy winnings by looking for the NEXT BIG THING. But at each step, the NEXT BIG THING wasn’t really as big or as easy… 
  • Email has survived more “guru”-predicted, near-death experiences than any other medium. The lesson, “_____ Is Dead” proclamations are foolish in a world fragmented by channels and devices. There’s more than enough room for everyone. This should calm some content marketing nerves who woke up to “Blogging Is Dead” headlines earlier this year. But it should also serve as a cautionary tale about beating a dead subject line. “_____ Is Dead” headlines are clearly provocative, linkbait. However, if you ride such waves too late or with a faulty premise, you run the risk of sending “rolling eye content” and losing your credibility. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for provocation.
  • A call-to-action in the dressing room at the Men’s Wearhouse. Instant savings? Why not? Home field advantage means leveraging the spaces that only you control and finding the inspired moments where you can uniquely motivate consumer action w/long-term benefits.
  • 5 Factors to Cross-Channel Success in Retail

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    3. • Generate leads• Make it easy for individuals toobtain a quote using aproprietary Mobile MessagingBusiness Process• Target the Individual HealthInsurance Market[ 25 - 44 year olds ]• Use signage at rail and busstations to invite individuals toobtain an instant insurancequote via text
    4. Replies by sending agePrompted to reply withgenderReplies with genderPrompted to reply withZip CodeReplies with Zip CodePrompted to reply withemail address
    5. She replies with heremail addressReceives an instantquote via textReceives follow-up textannouncing how toapply
    6. Auto Reply EmailWhether people receivea quote via Text or viathe Mobile Website, eachreceives this follow-upemail prompting them toapply.Results• Campaign ran 20 Weeks• Generated 449 Inquiries• Produced 201 Leads• Increased Sales 10%
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    10. Example: xChannel by the Numbers
    11. Meet Stacie• 29 years old• Married• Elementary School Teacher• Runs 4-5 times a week; likes to race against friends• Long-time Nike customer and Facebook Fan but nota current subscriber• Local Store: Niketown New York, E 57th St
    12. Purchase & InitiateStacie bought the NIKE AIR MAX+2013 because her previous pair of AirMax shoes wore out.She types in the URL for the thelanding page and is redirected to theMake It Count landing page onYouTube.Type this into your web browser:Learn How You Can Make It Countwww.youtube.com/nikeWhen her shipment arrives shenotices that the packing materialscontain a post card publicizing theNike Make It Count DesktopExperience
    13. CaptureStacie follows Nike , joins the #MakeItCount initiativeon Twitter, and selects the option to become a Nikemember on Nike.com, opting into promotionalmessages.
    14. Cross SellSince Stacie joined the Make It Count initiative, so wedrop her into the Nike+/Fuelband area of the site.Stacie uses guided selling tools to look for other running gearfor running in NYC with her friends, and it recommends theNike Fuel Band and other related gearRunning gearShe browses the items…Even adding the Nike Fuel Band to her cart…But decides not to purchase.
    15. PromptThe iGoDigital CustomerIntelligence Enginenotices she has not purchasedthe Fuel Band…and triggers an abandoned cart message for theNike Fuel Band based on Stacie’s web behavior, witha promo code to incent purchase.Promo Code Below:
    16. SuccessStacie stops by her local Niketown andbuys the Nike Fuel Band with her promocode. She requests an eReceipt.The eReceipt contains a bounce backoffer with upsell opportunitieseReceipt$149.00Have you seen these?
    17. 7 days after her FuelBand purchase, Stacie receives anautomated rating/review email.EngageReview yourRecentFuelBandpurchase.Triggered Send+7 daysLog your runs on Nike+She is also invited to join Nike+TriggeredSend+14daysShe adds her mobile number to her profile so she can receivemobile alerts about local Nike running events.Stacie Johnson’s Profile1-503-509-6995
    18. A RelationshipGroup Runs 3/5,3/7, & 3/9Or an email about an upcoming eventStacie can request information andreceive an SMS alert about an upcominglocal event…
    19. Inspired MarketingStacieType this into your webbrowser:Learn How You Can Make ItCountwww.youtube.com/nike