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This portfolio consists of work done throughout my undergraduate career at Miami University. Information describing the project is listed on each page in addition to my contribution if done in a group setting.

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Kyle Hoff Portfolio 3 14 10

  1. 1. While studying urban design in Copenhagen, I was introduced to what makes a working public space. With an entirely different methodology than what can be seen here in the United States, I was challenged to create a space that relates at a human scale and fosters interaction while ditching the automotive driven city. The project became a study/design experience in a newer sector of Copenhagen known as Island Brygge. The process was cultivated by several colleagues from Gehl Architects, the Danish firm grounded on the examination and creation of cities based around people rather than buildings and roads. 3 kyle hoff
  2. 2. c o n v The several small fires offer small s p a r k e d outdoor intimate spaces for different groups. The fires are adaptable for different uses including blah grilling, making tea, and simply A blah blah socializing. It additional negotiates the height between the blip s i t e p l a n . 1 : 5 0 0 blip p r o m e n a d e a n d t h e w a t e r. blip 4 1 3 5 The project began with an analysis of the barren site sandwiched be- We were then asked to focus on a smaller portion of the site to create t ruoc llabteksaB .1 sgnineve ni t ruoc llab eccoB .2 tween silos from the soy industry that once inhabited the site Now a “talkscape” that would be a hub where people would go to social- 0 0 : 7 1 - 0 0 ; 8 g n i k r a P T h e s ebuildingsl arem a l l reused s o f f e r s m a l l buildings these v e r a s being f i r e as towering residential 2 ize. The design took the fragmented spaces of my previous work and s i n n e t e l b aT .3 o u t d o otheir n t i m a t e s p aat groundo r One of the biggest turning r i back to the human c e s f level. broke them into several fire pits that would offer an intimate outdoor r e i p g n i b m i l c k c o R .4 d i f f e r e n tbecame u p human scalemega scale of these structures.into challenges g r o negotiating the the space was fragmented To gathering place. The space would also negotiate the height between k rap etakS .5 create a comfortable s. blah blah blah the dock and the water connecting users with the harbor. T h e f ihubssdictated by d a p t a b l e f o r less rigid as it broke small r e a r e a programming that became asoporp etis blip d i f f e r e n ttowardethe harbor.u d i n g outwards u s s i n c l blip blip grilling, making tea, and simply socializing. g n i m m a r g o r p g n i m m a r g o r p noitzinagro margorp It additional negotiates the height between the Date: Spring, 2009 p r o m e n a d e a n d t h e w a t e r. Media: AutoCAD/Photoshop/ Illustrator Contribution: Individual project 5 kyle hoff
  3. 3. Compressed in the woods on Miami University’s Western Campus, Cradle pa- vilion was designed to ser ve as a retreat for students to meet and socialize while immersing themselves within nature. The shelter will be self-sustaining while creating an intimate level of interaction between students and their sur- roundings reaching out into the preser ved forest on the campus. 7 kyle hoff
  4. 4. Date: Fall, 2007 Media: Hand/Photoshop/model Contribution: Design/Sketches seen/ Drawings/Photoshop Protecting users from the southern sun and surround- ing street, the shelter will blur the line between interi- or and exterior space with several levels of adaptability including the control of natural ventilation and shading. The pavilion will allow for a unique experience during ever y use with numerous layers of operation manipu- lated by the user. Additionally, the use of local and natural materials the pavilion will make as little impact on the site as possible. 9 kyle hoff
  5. 5. Located on the outskir ts of Cincinnati, Clifton has become locally known for its rich cul- ture and historical street front. The town is in need of a librar y to fur ther engage the expansive diversity of the community. With only few local public hubs, the program for the 20,000 square foot librar y will not only ser ve as a place of borrowing books, but also a community center with multipurpose rooms, educational facilities, and a exterior terraces to view the historical skyline of the Queen City. 11 kyle hoff
  6. 6. Date: Spring, 2008 Media: FormZ/Photoshop/ AutoCAD/Illustrator Contribution: Individual project To adapt to the needs of the growing city an interlac- ing technique was adopted from early models to create the exterior skeleton of the librar y. Beginning with small sculptural studies of connection techniques, the idea was transformed to take the continuous facade of the com- mercial district of the town and rotate to allow an under- flow entrance to the facility. 13 kyle hoff
  7. 7. A group project beginning with an in-depth examination of Frank Lloyd and his Froebel spatial stud- ies, the studio pursued opportunities to expand and enhance the site of Springfield, Ohio’s Westcott House. The recently renovated residence is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only Prairie style house in Ohio. With a committee looking to expand the site onto several neighboring acres, the hope is to create an international destination modeled after other Wright sites. Including a conference center, in addi- tion to student housing and educational facilities, they expect to expand in phases of construction. 17 kyle hoff
  8. 8. As a group we first analyzed the existing building and site of The Westcott House that had recently been remod- eled to its original design after deteriorating for the second half of the twentieth century. This included sketches of the site and initial design ideas that would be later developed into an overall site plan to accommodate the ex- tensive program that the committee planned to develop over time. One of our early goals was to adopt Wright’s style of procession to the house through the site by employing layers of walls and barriers to reveal the house through compression and retraction. 19 kyle hoff
  9. 9. Date: Fall, 2008 Media: Hand/Photoshop/ AutoCAD/Illustrator Contribution: Full design/ Montaging of Perspectives/ Process done together After examining the predominate warp and woof lines of the site, we developed a site weaving to determine existing strengths and conditions. From here an overall concept based upon a clus- ter interpretation of a Froebel block manipulation was developed into a separate paper weavings. With the layering of these different ideas a patchwork for the site was developed through several studies. Not only was this tied to previous manipulations, but also to the tapestry that is so evident in the rural areas of the Midwest. This patchwork would then be executed through the manipulation of the landscape and buildings on the site that could be easily added to over time. 21 kyle hoff
  10. 10. A design build project, Miami University’s Berlin Wall Studio worked as a full studio group with twelve students with the goal of creating an on campus memorial for the twentieth anniversary of The Fall of the Wall. With a generous eight thousand dollar donation from Miami’s Havinghurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, we were challenged to work as a cabal and create a single design that would encompass the scope of the wall’s four decades of influence. The unique process began with research as to what the wall really signified leading to numerous schematic designs. I took the position as a group leader focusing on combining my own and several other designs into a project that could be realized and wouldn’t become over diluted with different meanings. The final design held concrete characteristics to portray the meaning of the wall with individual panels that grew, solidified, and later begins to split and disassemble. Finally it falls with the overtak- ing of the more abstracted people that were early restrained by the wall structure, but are finally able to overtake it as it begins to fall. 23 kyle hoff
  11. 11. After the design was fully realized, the proposition had to be presented to the University’s Campus Planning Committee for the construction permit. Once this was completed, construction began in the wood shop and continued over a three-week period beginning in October until early November. The installation was finished for the actual period of the fall of the wall from November 9 through December 1, 2009. During this period it took on individual expression from the students of the University with a panel design competition and openness to graffiti. Date: Fall, 2009 Media: Design build constructed of wood with fabric details Contribution: Sketches seen, Schematic design, detailed design of 25 por tion 3 (pictured above), construction of all kyle hoff
  12. 12. In cooperation with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Miami University Falling Wa- ter Studio was assigned to come up with propositions for adapting one of the Conservancy’s neglected buildings to be used as an educational facility on the site of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. The process was first assessed with a series of drawings to be submitted to the Historical American Building Survey that detailed the existing schoolhouse that dates from the early twentieth century, followed by field studies extending from a detailed analysis of Falling- water to a town meeting to understand the community’s feelings of the historical structure on the site. 27 kyle hoff
  13. 13. Date: Fall, 2008 Media: Photoshop/SketchUp/ Illustrator/Hand Contribution: Individual project My proposition, The Hem at Bear Run, was designed to serve as a much needed tie from Bohlin Cywinski & Jackson’s Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Barn to Frank Lloydwright’s Falling Water. The sites would be linked through a series of paths stitched together by independent education facilities dispersed out- ward from the schoolhouse. These adaptable class- rooms and adjoining walls expand out in a pinnacle from the hearth framing views and creating niches for education along with exploration. 29 19 20 kyle hoff
  14. 14. Constructed from reclaimed materials with low impact on the landscape, the classroom and wall pairs are designed to be con- structed in phases that will not only allow the units to be built at different times, but also evolve individually. Initially these pairs will begin as outdoor classrooms with the wall as educational backdrop eventually turning into full enclosures with multiple uses. This will not only accommodate the incremental budget of the nonprofit, but will make each space unique, engaging the user subtle or drastic changes between each classroom. 31 kyle hoff
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  16. 16. 35 kyle hoff
  17. 17. objective Attend Masters Program to become an accredited architect. education Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Curren tly in 3rd y ea r Und erg ra d u ate A ntic ip ated g r a dua tion d ate - M a y 2010 M ajo r: Arc h itec tur e M inor: Entrepr eneu rs hip With a GP A of 3.72 o n a 4.0 s c ale Danish Institute For Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark A r c hitec ture fo c us Spring 20 09 Liberty High School, Youngstown, Ohio Gr a dua te- M a y, 200 6 experience GHAFARI Associates, Chicago, IL A r c hitec ture In te rn M a y -A ugus t 2 008 P a rtic ipated in s ev e ral la rg e projec ts a s a te a m me mbe r a nd prob lem solver In clud ed in s c hema tic d es ig n & dev e lo pment o f c ons tr u ction documen ts So ftwa re us ed : A uto Ca d , P ho to s ho p, Illustrator, & Re v it Fallingwater, Bearrun, PA A r c hitec ture Ed uc a tion Intern June 2009 - February 2010 U N E S C O W orld Her ita g e Dra wing s of 10 Fra nk Llo y d Wrigh t bu ild ings R e d e v e l o p m e n t o f cen tu ry old s c h o ol h ous e o n Fa llin g wa ter s ite Ca talo g of buil d ing s Softwa re us ed : A uto Ca d, P ho to sho p, I llus tra tor, & InDes ig n tech skills A uto CAD, Form Z, Ske tc hUp, A d obe Crea tiv e Su ite, Revit, modeling , d r a fting , a nd ha n d re nd ering activities/ Undergraduate Assistant awards His to ry & P h i l o s o p h y of En v ironmenta l d es ig n, A r c 221 Fa ll s eme s ter 2008 A s s is ta nt in Cla s s, g r a der o f projec ts and te s ts Walter C. Pfeiffer Architecture Scholarship A wa r d ed M a y, 2 009 A wa r ded b y Mia mi Univ ers ity D epa rtment o f A rc hitec ture and Interio r Desig n Ruth E. Newland Scholarship, A wa r d ed D ec embe r, 2006 37 Awa r ded b y Miami Univ e rs ity D epa rtmen t of Arc hitec tur e and Interior Design