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Haley Marketing Online Branding

  1. 1. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Online Branding & Reputation Management PRESENTED BY Brad Smith
  2. 2. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley #LunchWithHaley • Ask questions • Get answers • Post comments • Engage others • Tell us what you think Jenny Keller Kyle Denhoff Greg Everhart @haleymarketing
  3. 3. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Why online branding is so crucial • Key elements of your online brand • Creating an effective website • Generating good content • Your social media presence • Online review sites • Monitoring tools Today’s agenda:
  4. 4. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Brick & Mortar Online Presence Where is your $ spent?
  5. 5. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley
  6. 6. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley We Offer: Best customer service Better talent Bigger load of BS
  7. 7. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Your Website Should Be About Them
  8. 8. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Makes it easier to do business with you • Reduces the cost of doing business • Delivers a ―WOW‖ customer experience • Drives your message • Makes your site fun & memorable • Is mobile friendly A great website:
  9. 9. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley  Client Extranet — Timesheet approval — Usage reports — Candidate feedback — Open JO status reporting  Online Ordering  Employee request  Sample job descriptions  Live chat  Staffing Education — Strategic staffing how-to’s — Sample forms and policies — HR & staffing best practices  Dynamic Content — RSS feeds — Polls and surveys — Blog  Lead Capture — eNewsletter opt-in — Landing pages Your clients want:
  10. 10. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley  Testing and training  Job search counseling — Resume & interview tips — Career advice — Live chat  Lead capture (passive candidates) — eNewsletter opt-in — SEO-optimized job & blog posts — Job agents  Candidate extranet / mobile access — Online application/profile update — Timesheet submission — Assignment orientation — Assignment feedback  Job board (mobile & social) — Searchable job postings — Mobile application — Job integration with social networks Your candidates want:
  11. 11. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Clearly define how you want to be seen • Tell a story • Educate people about your services • Add value for clients, prospects, & candidates • Give people a reason to come back • Generate sales leads Your website copy should:
  12. 12. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Great Information • How-to’s • Market data • Statistics & charts • 1st person success stories • Great pictures • Infographics • Case studies • Facts, not marketing hype Great Writing • Strong opinions • Lots of personality • Irreverent humor • Sincerity • Clarity • It’s NOT about you Remember, it’s about them… not you!
  13. 13. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Start Driving Traffic to Your Site and Build Your Brand!
  14. 14. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Search results are best when they are fresh. Google changed their indexing system to display “fresh” content more frequently. Nearly 35% of all searches changed because Google now displays “fresh” content.
  15. 15. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley
  16. 16. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley The Single Most Powerful SEO and Branding Tool
  17. 17. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Why should I BLOG? • Direct communication • Brand building • Competitive differentiation • Exploit a niche/Become an expert • Media/Public Relations • Relatively low-cost marketing • Search Engine Optimization
  18. 18. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley What should I BLOG and how often? • Value/ROI of your services • Case studies • Company news/events • Share interesting articles & insight • Career and hiring advice How often? As often as you can! (shoot for at least 1-2 times per week)
  19. 19. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley How to get started: • Begin developing content • Get everyone in your organization involved • Decide on a blogging tool (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) • Set a game plan and expectations • Tie your blog into LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. • Analyze traffic (Google Analytics) • Stick to it!
  20. 20. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley
  21. 21. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Social Relevance Changes how people find you.
  22. 22. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Social Relevance Drives people’s online behavior. Source: http://mashable.com/2011/12/18/social-consumers-infographic/
  23. 23. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Social Relevance It drives search engine results. Social Media is a Key Indicator of Relevancy "Does the rest of the world think you have a great product? If they do, they will amplify this. If you're not engaged socially, you're missing the boat because the conversation is happening socially about you and about your content. Those are really important signals for [Bing]. Whether you're involved or not is your choice, but those signals still exist whether you're in the conversation or not." Duane Forrester Sr. Product Manager Bing's Webmaster Program
  24. 24. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley
  25. 25. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley 1. If this doesn’t say 100% complete, fix it! 2. Your profile is indexed by Google, use keywords! 3. Update your status frequently. 4. If you don’t have more than 500 connections, you’re not trying hard enough! 5. Integrate everything you do online.
  26. 26. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Update your personal status continually (this can be automated)
  27. 27. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Leverage your blog content. LinkedIn – Share Blog Content
  28. 28. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Post to multiple groups at the same time. LinkedIn – Post to Multiple Groups
  29. 29. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley
  30. 30. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • EdgeRank – how Facebook decides what displays in news feeds. • Help build momentum. • Encourage participation. Facebook – Get Participation
  31. 31. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Share Your Blog Content on Facebook
  32. 32. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Share News and Updates About Your Company
  33. 33. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Share Helpful Tips and Best Practices
  34. 34. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Post Inspirational Quotes
  35. 35. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Tell a Story with Pictures
  36. 36. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Appeal to your audience (more likely candidates) • Mix it up with different types of content • Not too many jobs • Don’t push it! Start with 3-5 updates/week • Don’t sell • Have some fun, the fun stuff gets feedback Keys to Sharing on Facebook:
  37. 37. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Pick a good handle • Create a custom background • Write a strong description with keywords Twitter – Your Foundation
  38. 38. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Share Upcoming Events or News
  39. 39. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Share Interesting Stats or Quotes You Read
  40. 40. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Retweet Good Information from Thought Leaders & Influencers
  41. 41. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Retweeting Others Can Increase Likelihood You Get Retweeted
  42. 42. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Reach out to prospects and influencers...
  43. 43. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • You can tweet a lot of jobs • Push it! Several times a day is ok • Don’t sell all the time • Have some fun, the fun stuff gets feedback • Get personal • Reach out to others and retweet Keys to sharing on Twitter:
  44. 44. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Don’t forget about… http://pinterest.com/haleymarketing/
  45. 45. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Social Review Sites
  46. 46. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley What is Being Said About You? • People trust their peers and their experiences. • An online review can make – or break – your chances of working with a prospect or new candidate. • Most individuals will not leave a review unless they had a poor or phenomenally positive experience.
  47. 47. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley • Respond and apologize! • Pick up the phone • Try to rectify the situation • Flood your profile with positive reviews Dealing With Bad Reviews:
  48. 48. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley How to Get Positive Reviews  Great in-person or email testimonial? Request that they share it on your page.  Make your ―social‖ presence known and encourage reviews.  Include links to your Google+/Google Local Page  Include a ―+1‖ button on your website  On-site ―review stations‖ for candidates to use.
  49. 49. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Listen!
  50. 50. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Create alerts for: • Hiring and jobs in your market • Company name • Recruiter names • Competitor names • Client and prospect names Google Alerts
  51. 51. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley QUESTIONS: 1.888.696.2900 bsmith@haleymarketing.com @bradsmith14 @haleymarketing www.facebook.com/HaleyMarketing/
  52. 52. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Social Media Guide – A game plan for Staffing Firms 50 pages – the most comprehensive social media guide for the staffing and recruiting industry. http://www.haleymarketing.com/idealab/ebooks/social-media-marketing/ Creating a Killer Staffing Website 42 pages of mind-blowing design and content ideas! www.haleymarketing.com/idealab/ebooks/killer-staffing-websites/ Haley Idea Lab Hundreds of resources for staffing firms. Whitepapers, webinars, articles, guides and more! www.haleymarketing.com/idealab/ Additional Resources
  53. 53. Join the conversation: #LunchWithHaley Coming Next: SHOW and TELL Thursday, July 25 at 2 p.m. EDT Reserve your seat: www.lunchwithhaley.com