How to keep your teens safe on social media


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How to keep your teens safe on social media

  2. 2. Did you know?Source: Pew Research CentreThe average teen has 201Facebook friends73% ofteens are ona socialnetworkFacebook, Instagram &Twitter require children tobe at least 13 years oldto join
  3. 3. What teens do on Social Media(stuff thatadults do,really)Comment on friends wallPostupdates, videos, picturesetc.Send group messagesIM, Direct Message eachotherGossip, news, sportsupdates etc.
  4. 4. Teens learn about Social Media fromPEERSSCHOOLONLINEPARENTSMEDIA
  5. 5. But there are dangers....55% of teens have given out personalinformation to someone they don’tknow, including photos and physicaldescriptions56% of teens say they have been the targetof some type of online harassment
  6. 6. 29% of teens have posted meaninformation, embarrassing photos or spreadrumours about someone56% of teens say they have been the targetof some type of online harassmentOther issues....
  7. 7. Interestingly, most parentsdon’t knowwhat their teens are doing online
  8. 8. 70% of teens hidetheir online behaviourfrom parents19.9% ManipulateSocial Media PrivacySettings to block ParentsSource: Mcafee.com12.8%of teens disableParental Controls
  9. 9. Things parents should know...1. Who is tagging your teen on Facebook, ormentioning them on Instagram and Twitter2. Who is following your teen on variousplatforms3. Who your teen is following on variousplatforms
  10. 10. You should also know...4. Who your teen is friends with online5. See comments and profile pictures of the otherpeople in photos with your teen6. Who your teen is interacting with the most oneach networkSource:
  11. 11. The ‘Chat’1. If it’s online, consider it public2. Your internet persona stays with youforever, cannot be deleted3. Your actions online affect others and howother see you4. Keep personal information privateWhat totell yourteen
  12. 12. Security is a BIG deal becausePeople can post in their nameIdentity theftPrivate information can be found
  13. 13. Security checklist. DoAlways log off once done at a public computerActivate & update privacy settingsDelete or clear your history / cookiesInstall Anti-virus software
  14. 14. Don’t share your passwords with anybodyCreate a password that nobody can guess, but oneyou can remember.Change password frequentlyDon’t link your accounts, they can be hacked in atonceSecurity checklist. Don’t
  15. 15. Cyber-bullyingMakes teens afraid to go to schoolProvoke physical fights23.3% claim to be targets of cyber bullying.1/5 of teens say they wouldn’t know what to do ifthey were bullied online.
  16. 16. Sexting37% of teen girlsand40% of teen boys“When a person takes a flirtatious, nude or semi-nudepicture of themselves and sends it to others throughtheir cell phone or other means of texting device.”Definition:SharesexuallysuggestivemessagesSEND
  17. 17. Messages/images being shared withother people, including strangersOnline reputation damagePublic ridicule or shameCriminal charges for distribution ofchild pornographySexting can result in..
  18. 18. Parents checklist. DoTake an Active RoleAgree ground rulesUse and experiment with social media so thatyou learn as much as you canGuide teens through security features
  19. 19. Parents checklist. DoInstall security softwareMake sure privacy settings are adequateKeep computers/devices in common areasLook out for signs of cyberbullying, harassment, stalking etc.
  20. 20. Parents checklist. Don’tSpy on teensEmbarrass them by frequently posting on theirpages/wallsBe overly intrusiveBe judgemental
  21. 21. Resources for ParentsAPPS/SOFTWARE• Avira Social Network Protection• Socialshield• Bitdefender Safego• My pagekeeper• BeSeenSITES/BOOKS/PAPERS••• Facebook Family Safety Center• Google Family Safety Channel• Twitter Safety Tips for Parents
  22. 22. About UsKwazi Communications is a Johannesburg, South Africa based Media & Communicationscompany.We offer social media consulting and training services to organizations andindividualsContact us to find out more about our services.Contact details:Email: +27(0) 11 234 can also find us on:
  23. 23. Sources•••• Centre of Justice and Crime Prevention’s (CJCP) paper on Legal Responses to Cyber Bullyingand Sexting in South Africa