Album cover analasys


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Album cover analasys

  1. 1. Album Cover analasys
  2. 2. Shanks and big foot establish their name and the single in big and bold letters along with the brand they have created. The background is a chocolate bar that creates the link between the song and the album cover. This isplain simple and yeteye catching andmemorable.
  3. 3. The Craig David album cover is more recognizable since we see the artist and we recognise his face. The background is plain and he has headphones on with his eyes closed implying he is into the music he is listening to. ThisShows the focus on themusic and the plain textin the corner does notdrag any attention awayfrom the star. He hascreated a star image forHimself and this works.Also the cover looksfresh and polished.
  4. 4. This cover is a one of a close up of a flower petal, an object connected with the theme of the song and this puts more emphasis on the music than the artist. The colours are vibrant and there is allot of different complimenting colours. The text again is plain and like previouscovers it is in sans serif,this is more informaland isnt distracting.
  5. 5. This cover is more like a Hip hop looking cover, its obvious UK garage and especially this duo is influenced by American underground rap and its more grimey, being set n the street with a street lamp and the sepia tone gives it aFeel of old film and thecontrast is almostChiaroscuro. ItsMemorable and simple,containing the artist, astreet lamp and some steps in the background and aopaque text for the title,with the stencil typographyto give a less polished look.
  6. 6. The genre of UK garage is said to be dead since it is out dated andmusic has progressed since then. Our chosen track is a refreshedand updated throwback to the UK garage days with new andcurrent vocalists to make it identifiable with the newer listeners yethas a nostalgic “old skool” vibe to it.We must keep this in mind when creating a album cover, alsokeeping in tact the style of the individual artists that they havealready established. This to attract the recognition of fans of EdSheeran or Kal Lavelle, introducing them to a different sound butkeeping the UK garage feel.I am thinking to include a sans typography and a colourful polishedlooking photograph with not to much mise en scene of theartists/actors, most probably a medium close up and maybe amusic production device to link in the music production that maygive it a garage feel.
  7. 7. A main trend when looking at digi packs is to have the same colour scheme or have a complimenting coloured scheme background when it comes to the inside of the digipack. For example, if the colour scheme was black and white on the front, the inside would be black and white, white and grey or something on the lines. It would make sense to reuse images that you build the album cover on such as the star image or other shots resembling the one on the front, eg;
  8. 8. Also the conventions to a digipack is to have lyrics, bonus features like a bonus track or a behind the scenes documentary/music video DVD. Also extra album art. I think it would be interesting to have signatures and a behind the scenes DVD to show how the artists from different genres collaborated. This would be fiction but it is an added bonus that could be an extra selling point. Also the signatures make the single personal and creates a connection with the fan and the artist. Also lyrics on one pannel, production credits on another, and the CD and DVD on the others.
  9. 9. Front cover Track signatures When folded list/extra out, this would album art be the front,CD Song credits. DVD This would be the back.
  10. 10. The magazine advert would simple be the album cover, elongated to fit the dimensions. Along with added text like critic rating and bigger and bolder text to catch the eye. Fin.