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  • 1. BrazilMaría Fernanda Aguiluz
  • 2. I am studying Brazils dances and music.• Brazil is located in South America. Brazil was the only country in America that was not taken over by England or Spain. Brazil was taken by Portugal. When they won their independence they kept the Portuguese language. Music and dances are really important for Brazilians, because they use them for carnivals. Carnivals are the most important celebration in Brazil.
  • 3. Repinique,Pandeiro,and Ganzá
  • 4. Capoeira music• Capoeira music uses all of the instruments I named before. Capoeira is a fight made into a dance. I think this music is interesting because you do not hear it every day.
  • 5. Samba MusicSamba is a type of dance,but this is the music you willhear. I think this music pieceis energetic because it makes you want to dance.
  • 6. Music is important forBrazil because it represents how they think,act,and celebrate.
  • 7. Dance Movements
  • 8. Capoeira• Capoeira represents a Brazilian fight. In this dance you do not hit people, but you need to make it look like you do. I think this dance is awesome!!! I want to learn how to dance it.
  • 9. Samba• Samba is used for carnivals. It is mostly danced in Latin America now.People also use it to lose weight. This dance is fun because anyone can dance it!!!!(if they learn how)
  • 10. Dance is important forBrazil because they use it in carnivals and because itshows how different dance is around the world.
  • 11. I learned...• I learned how Brazilian people show how they are, through their creative and energetic dances and music. I also learned some dance movements!!! (I didnt know how to do them correctly) It was a huge honor to learn about this people, who are not afraid to show the world how they really are.
  • 12. Thanks
  • 13. • es.wikipedia.org• capoeiraoktatas.hu Sites•• wwp.greenwichmeantime.com www.buzzle.com brisimba.com brazildanceworld.com
  • 14. Capoeira dance and music class....• mycapoeiradatabase.com