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Canvas edition 4

  1. 1. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 CANVAS OUTRAGEOUSRead more than actually Read...Double Edition Sneak Peak • Outrageous Stunts T.G.I. Friday’s - Jo Bowman • When Tourism Went Outrageous - Bharadwaj Battaram • PETA Outrageous - Bharadwaj Battaram • A Lot More To Outrage - Bharadwaj Battaram! PAGE 1
  2. 2. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011OUTRAGEOUS STUNTS DRIVE T.G.I. FRIDAYS Despite being renowned for its energetic waiting are known - took to the streets near Fridays restaurantsstaff and party atmosphere, after 17 years in the UK dressed in bikinis or beach shorts and carryingmarket, T.G.I. Fridays wanted to liven up its image and sur$oards.boost sales in the traditionally quiet summer season. The aim was simply to be seen doing something The restaurant chain had a new summer menu to outrageous. Two staff posed in front of Buckinghampromote, but the challenge for retained agency Palace wearing nothing more than a strategically placedCompanycare Communications was to spark media sur$oard. Staff from Coventry attended the Big Brotherinterest in a restaurant that wasnt new, and that had not evictions dressed as chickens, while Leeds staffreceived even one restaurant review for its previous challenged members of the public to eat as many tubs ofsummer menu. ice cream as possible in a specific timeframe. Objectives Measurement and Evaluation To generate positive reviews of the new menu. To Eighteen restaurant reviews followed the campaign,project an image of the T.G.I. Fridays brand as fun and including those in Take A Break, the Glasgow Eveningirreverent, build brand awareness across regional media, Times, the Birmingham Post, the Cardiff Post, theand to encourage entries to the website. Ultimately to Reading Evening Post, the South Wales Echo, thedrive more customers to the restaurants. Sunday Mercury, the Daily Record in Scotland, the Strategy and Plan Northampton Chronicle and the Stockport Express. The campaign theme Outrage Us arose from a Radio coverage was obtained on large commercialwell-known T.G.I. Fridays dessert that was being stations such as Capital FM and Birminghams BRMB.reintroduced to the menu. Outrageous, a huge portion Restaurant staff who dressed up in outrageous T-of ice-cream and chocolate, was seen as a strong symbol shirts, carried a sur$oard and threw giant T.G.I. Fridaysof the chains basic brand values. beach balls at the Reading music festival were shown on The campaign kicked off with media relations MTV. Other TV coverage included Fridays staff in loudtargeting regional publications in areas with T.G.I. t-shirts at the mens quarter-finals at Wimbledon.Fridays restaurants. Journalists were sent a lurid ResultsHawaiian shirt with an invitation to try something more The campaign generated a record number oftasteful at their local T.G.I. Fridays, and follow-up calls reviews for the chain. Most of the journalists orderedwere made to arrange reviews. the dishes they were encouraged to choose, so the new Competitions were also placed within regional menu items were mentioned in many of the reviews. Alltitles. 18 reviewers gave a positive appraisal of their meals, with Companycare and T.G.Is then worked alongside the Cardiff Post series and the Reading Evening Postonline marketers Blue Barracuda, in association with among those highlighting the new signature dishes.AOL, to produce an online competition, inviting people After the campaign, four of the new menu itemsto say what outrageous things they would do with went straight into the top ten sellers, from a menu of£1,000. more than 60 items. Across all branches, an average of The winner of the competition, who won £1,000, 14 per cent of ice-cream tubs handed out were broughtchose to tour the world in a bath of melted chocolate on in for redemption.wheels being pulled along by six hunky men, although a Overall, covers have risen but T.G.I. Fridays wouldpopular choice for competition entrants was to pinch not disclose by how much.Kylies backside as many times as possible before being Take A Break magazine gave T.G.I. Fridays a 9/10arrested. The competition certainly sparked the rating. However, while South Wales Daily Echoimagination of some entrants. Other fantasies ranged commercial features editor Maxine Ashford said shefrom the surreal - blocking the Channel Tunnel with a gave the restaurant a positive review, she did nothuge cork to stop the French getting in - to the mention the new menu items as she was not clear whichdownright bizarre - dancing in the Queens bedroom, they were. "I dont know if I had them," she admitted.naked, while shaving a ferret. The online competition generated 2,200 entries and Each store also handed out empty ice-cream tubs in there were 16,000 visitors to that section of thetheir local area, inviting people to come into the restaurants website.restaurants and have them filled. The PR team then encouraged and worked with - Jo Bowmanstaff in each branch to generate publicity themselves.The chains waiters and waitresses - or dub dubs as they PR Week UK! PAGE 2
  3. 3. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011WHEN TOURISM WENT OUTRAGEOUS "This isnt the first time New Orleans has survived the British" When Obama insisted on referring to BP asBritish Petroleum during the recent oil spill crisis, hewas heavily criticised, but he wasnt the only one tosuggest that blame for the disaster lay firmly with usBrits. Months after the incident, the New Orleanstourist board tried to lure tourists back to the citywith the slogan "This isnt the first time New Orleanshas survived the British." The posters small print noted: "Right now,everyone is welcome, especially our friends fromEngland." The reference was to the 1814 Battle of NewOrleans, when General Andrew Jackson fought off aBritish assault on the city. Ironically enough, theadvertising had been funded by a £5m grant from theoil giant itself. Cairns: "Great up top, fun down under" The northern Queensland city of Cairns may havelush rainforests and gorgeous golden beaches to lurevisitors in, but never mind all that. When the touristboard launched a recent campaign promoting the area,it focused instead on the citys popular wet t-shirtcompetitions, driving the point home with an image of ascantily dressed blonde woman alongside the slogan"Cairns: Great up top - fun down under. Weekly wet t-shirt competitions!" Another poster in the Up Top Down Undercampaign used the slogan: "Wet yourself in front of yourmates" to promote white water rafting, while an advertfor hot air balloon rides encouraged visitors to "Gethigh before breakfast." Despite many people slammingthe posters as crude, tourism officials hailed them as asuccess. When the prime time TV talk show host RoveMcManus spent the first 15 minutes of his show rantingabout the "sexist" posters, the campaign went viral,proving that theres no such thing as bad publicity. ITS SO MUCH FUN, TRAVELING A tribute to all those who love travel. And to all those who love to market their city to the lovers. The beauty and the greatness of a place is meant to be shared.! PAGE 3
  4. 4. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011EX EA COMMODO CONSEQUAT DUIS. UT WISI ENIM AD "South Carolina is so gay" Sixty years ago, the slogan "South Carolina is sogay" might have been seen as innocent praise.Launched as it was in 2008, however, the implicationthat the state was overly homosexual didnt go downwell everywhere. The posters, created to promote thearea to gay travellers, were the brainchild of amarketing agency, Out Now Consulting,commissioned by the states tourism department. On inspecting the posters, the departmentconcluded that "the use of public advertising money topromote a social agenda was inappropriate" andrefused to foot the bill. The Republican senator DavidThomas declared he merely feared that gay travellerswould be left confused, telling Time magazine:"Theyll get off the plane and say, Where are the gaybeaches? and no one will know what theyre talkingabout." Eventually, South Carolina Gay Pride offered tocover the cost of the campaign and the advertsappeared across America and on the Londonunderground. France: "Will it mix?" Germans might be known for their sunbed-stealingways on holiday and the Swiss might be accused of beingblunt. The French, however, have a reputation forspurning other nationalities, and it was this exclusionaryimage that formed the basis for a recent French tourismcampaign in the Netherlands. As part of the campaign, a two minute long videodepicted a mad scientist-type throwing a selection ofplastic characters into a blender. The UK wasrepresented by a plastic Harry Potter, America by the A-Team character BA Baracus, and other nationalities by alittle ET. A plastic Asterix was then added to representthe French contingent, before the blending began. The punch line came when the blender was emptiedto reveal... a perfectly intact Asterix, prompting thepresenter to reassure us that despite appearances, theFrench really do mix with other nationalities - whileviewers suspicions were simultaneously confirmed onceand for all.! PAGE 4
  5. 5. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 Queenslands Best Job in the World competition When the Queensland tourist board needed alive-in caretaker for a cluster of islands on the GreatBarrier Reef, it scrapped the usual application processin favour of a competition for "the best job in theworld". Some 34,000 potential candidates uploadedapplication videos to a website, many going toextraordinary lengths to demonstrate their keenness. One video showed a woman tattooing herself withthe words "I love the Great Barrier Reef "; anotherapplicant was arrested while filming himself jumpingfrom Floridas South Causeway Bridge. Hampshire-born Ben Southall eventually won the job but hit theheadlines for some unexpected reasons during his timeon the island. In his first blog entry, he got the nameof his island home wrong, calling it Hayward Islandinstead of Hayman Island - and, days before finishinghis assignment, he almost died after being stung by ajellyfish. Undoubtedly, the real winner of the immenselypopular campaign was the Queensland tourist board,for whom it generated an estimated £45 million ofglobal publicity. Switzerlands sexy men Paris may be the quintessential city of romance but, according to the Swiss tourist board, people looking for love should head straight to Switzerland. During the last World Cup, the Swiss tourist board ran a series of adverts aimed at so-called World Cup widows - women whod in effect lost their sports-fan husbands for the duration. The images showed shirtless Swiss men - including Renzo Blumenthal, aka Mr Switzerland 2005 - partaking in apparently typically Swiss pursuits such as tossing hay, milking cows, operating cable cars and chopping wood, while a voiceover encouraged women to "escape to a country where men spend less time on football and more time on you." Unsurprisingly, the ads proved incredibly popular with the gay community. "It was never our intention to promote gay tourism, but we dont say no," said a tourist board spokesman, Oliver Kerstholt. "The campaign obviously targets women, but if men are interested too, then why not?" Take note, South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism...! PAGE 5
  6. 6. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 Baltimore - "Find your happy place" With its slogan “Find your happy place” VisitBaltimore hoped to promote the city by combatingthose pervasive recessionary blues. At the launch ofthe campaign earlier this year, 250 residents of themetropolis wearing black and orange ponchos formedthe worlds largest smiley face. A butterfly release hadalso been planned but was axed when the animal rightsgroup Peta intervened. Cynics immediately descended upon the cheerymessage. The Baltimore Sun said the tag line soundedlike a "cross between a yoga centre slogan and aMcDonalds advert"; other commentators pointed outthat "Find your trigger-happy place" might have beenmore appropriate, given the citys notoriously highgun-crime rate, fictionalised in edgy TV programmessuch as The Wire. A local police chief, GaryMcLhinney, suggested that "Find your hiding place"might be better advice for anyone considering visitingthe city. Australia: "So where the bloody hell are you?" In 2006, Tourism Australia launched a campaign depicting Australians preparing to welcome visitors to their country - pouring cold beers, preparing picnics - before asking viewers, "So where the bloody hell are you?" The British Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre banned the advert due to the use of the word "bloody" and the Advertising Standards Authority demanded billboards bearing the slogan be removed. Canada also banned the advert, but for slightly more obscure reasons - the opening scene of a woman drinking a beer led to the prohibition on the grounds of "unbranded alcohol consumption". Singapore objected to the use of the word "bloody", too, but allowed the campaign to run with the offending adjective removed. Tony Blair later made light of the furore - claiming in a keynote speech to the Australian parliament that his first thoughts upon arriving in the country were "Where the bloody hell am I?"! PAGE 6
  7. 7. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 "Toronto never smelled so good" In the summer of 2009, a city-wide strike leftTorontos rubbish uncollected for 39 days. When thestrike finally came to an end, the citys tourism boardcelebrated with a campaign that declared, "Torontonever smelled so good." A local journalist blogged thatthe campaign "reeked of desperation", and TorontoSun columnists accused the creators of portraying thesix-week pile-up of uncollected rubbish as a uniqueselling point. Andrew Weir, vice-president of Tourism Toronto,defended the stunt, explaining that the aim was toconvince people considering visiting the city that "theexperience is as high-quality and exciting as its everbeen - and now theres no garbage piled up. Theresthat added benefit." "Alaska B4UDIE" Things to do before you die? Tell friends and familyhow much you love them? Write a novel? Skydive?According to the Alaskan Travel Industry Association, avisit to their northern state should be right up therewith writing a will. After research showed that a trip toAlaska was prominent on the list of things Americanswanted to tick off before meeting their maker, the localtourism agency created a campaign with the slightlymorbid slogan B4UDIE. Posters bearing the tag line on a number plate weredisplayed across Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis.Despite the slightly unusual approach, the campaign wasa success and visitor numbers to the state went throughthe roof.! PAGE 7
  8. 8. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 "Skegness is so bracing!" Designed by John Hassall in 1908, the iconic"Skegness is so bracing" poster was commissioned bythe Great Northern Railway Company to coincidewith a promotion offering passengers the chance totravel to Skegness for just three shillings fromLondons Kings Cross station. How the image of awindblown cartoon character and promises of"bracing" temperatures lured people to Skegness is amystery but, either way, the campaign was a successand ran for three years. Interestingly, Hassall designed the poster - thecountrys first example of a tourism campaign - afterhis one and only visit to the town, during which hedeclared that "the reality of Skegness has eclipsed allmy anticipations. It is even more bracing andattractive than I had been led to expect." Whichprompts us to suspect he may well have visited thewrong town, but there you go. Canada: "Its OK to cheat... on your city" When the Montreal and Toronto tourist boardsneeded inspiration for a new campaign, they decided toplay on the rivalry between two of Canadas mostpopular cities: a survey had suggested that manyCanadian residents felt that visiting another Canadiancity was tantamount to cheating. Their response was ajoint campaign whose slogan read "Its okay to cheat...on your city." Trucks mocked up to resemble public toilets andconfessional booths were rolled out across the cities,with members of the public being encouraged to stop byand confess their sins - or visits to other cities - with thecatchphrase: "Come in for a quickie... to win a MontrealGetaway."! PAGE 8
  9. 9. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 "Jersey doesnt stink" Fed up with New Jerseys reputation as the B-sideof America, the states High Point Auto Insurancecompany decided to launch its very own campaign toconvince others that the Garden State wasnt actuallythat bad. The campaigns website Jersey Doesn’t Stink,features a video of a walking, talking air freshenerasking New Jersey residents what they like most aboutthe state, while an online store offers items of clothingand accessories bearing the logo "Jersey doesnt stink." The agency responsible for the website describedthe campaign as "a reaction to the negative image thatthe state has been getting for decades." However thefact that only 1,500 people have signed the websitesonline declaration that New Jersey doesnt stinksuggests rather limited success. New Mexico: "The best place in the universe" New Mexico may have romantic sunsets and wideopen spaces, but a recent tourism campaign went largeon another supposed selling point - aliens. Conspiracyfans will note that the US state is famous for a supposedalien space craft that crashed near the city of Roswell in1947. The local tourist board decided to cash in on thatreputation with a series of posters depicting aliensenjoying New Mexicos various attractions - relaxing inspas, enjoying candlelit dinners and cycling throughcanyons while discussing the states attributes, alongwith the tagline "The best place in the universe. NewMexico, Earth." Unfortunately, New Mexicans hated the scary-looking aliens. Tourism officials were also sceptical, onecommenting, "Aliens are fine, but do they need to becreatures that look like theyre going to suck your brainsout?" The advertising agency M&C Saatchi was initiallyurged to come up with a friendlier-looking version ofthe extra terrestrials, but the adverts were allowed torun unchanged when visitors to the state rocketed. - Bharadwaj Battaram IIM Rohtak! PAGE 9
  10. 10. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011PETA - OUTRAGEOUS People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Its mission is to get the animal rights message to as(PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the many people as possible. And it does so relying on freeworld, with more than 3 million members and "advertising" through media coverage. And, notsupporters. surprisingly, colorful and "controversial" demonstrations PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in and campaigns like activists stripping to "go nakedwhich the largest numbers of animals suffer the most instead of wearing fur" consistently grab headlines.intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory The "Naked" Campaign began several years agofarms, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the when demonstrators—both male and female—marchedentertainment industry. It also works on a variety of behind a huge banner proclaiming that they wouldother issues, including the cruel killing of beavers, birds, "rather go naked than wear fur." More "naked"and other "pests" as well as cruelty to domesticated demonstrations were held all over the world, the ideaanimals. caught on, and PETA started receiving offers from PETA works through public education, cruelty celebrities, including Christy Turlington, Marcusinvestigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, Schenkenberg, Kim Basinger, designer Todd Oldham,special events, celebrity involvement, and protest and Pamela Anderson to participate.campaigns. The following pages list some of the more So, why does PETA use sometimes use nudity in outrageous campaigns launched by PETA.their campaigns? NEW YORK – FEBURARY 7: Former Basketball Player Dennis Rodman Unveils New Peta Ad during Fashion Week at Bryant Park on Feburary 7, 2005 in New York City. LONDON – AUGUST 17: A Naked PETA member lies wrapped in cellophane and bloodied on large trays for Pro-Vegetarian demonstration in Covent Garden on August 17, 2006 in London, England. PETA EUROPE aims to demonstrate to shoppers that all animals are made of flesh and bone and feel pain and that eating meat is literally eating a corpse.! PAGE 10
  11. 11. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 PAMPLONA, SPAIN – JULY 5: People watch animal rights protesters demonstrating against the annual San Fermin Festival July 5, 2005 in Pamplona, Spain. Hundreds of protestors stripped down semi- naked to protest the annual running with the bulls and bull fighting. Every year bulls are released each morning of the festival into the streets during the festival where about 500 people try to avoid them. HOLLYWOOD – OCTOBER 26: ComedianAndy Dick asks students to “Cut Class Not Frogs” in anew ad for PETA at Fairfax High School on October26, 2005 in Hollywood, California. SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 24:Brandi Valladolid, a member of People for the EthicalTreatment of Animals (PETA), protests in front ofKentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) near the City Hall on 25 MARCH 2004 – Model Imogen BaileyOctober 24, 2005 in Seoul, South Korea. They and poses nude with a rabbit for an anti-fur advertother demonstrators from the PETA protest to for PETA – People for the Ethical Treatmentpressure KFC to eliminate abuses that chickens suffer of Animals in Sydney, Australia.on the factory farms and in the slaughter houses: livescalding, life long crippling and debarking.! PAGE 11
  12. 12. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 LONDON – OCTOBER 21: Four male models from London’s Images Modelling agency pose in front of a banner to promote PETA’s new campaign “Bare Skin, Not Bear Skin” October 21, 2003 in London. PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) are campaining against The Household Guards bear skin hats that can use as many as two entire bear hides to make just one hat. PITTSBURGH – JULY 12: Close-up images of Survivor’s winner Jenna Morasca poster of PETA’s, “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” new anti-fur ad. Jenna Morasca made a personal appearence outside of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania department store on July 11, 2003. LONDON – NOVEMBER 28: PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) protestors dressed up in chicken outfits wait outside the Central Hall to meet Al Gore on November 28, 2007 in London. PETA promote vegetarianism as a must for people who care about the environment. PARIS – JANUARY 31: Ice Skater Surya Bonali performs For PETA to denounce the massacre of baby seals in the Canadian Far North, on the skating rink of Asnieres-sur- Seine on January 31, 2007 near Paris, France. - Bharadwaj Battaram IIM Rohtak! PAGE 12
  13. 13. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 A LOT MORE TO OUTRAGE Every now and then, an ad campaign comes along that holds us, captures our attention, mesmerizes us. In the following pages are listed some of more outrageous campaigns, some of our personal favorites. 2002 FIFA World Cup During the 2002 World Cup, a doctored photo appeared on the cover of the British newspaper “The Mirror.” The photo depicted members of the Argentinian defense with women’s handbags in front of a goal. The photo instantly made the rounds on the Internet, ultimately becoming one of the most shared photos of all time. Though the stunt was not a direct marketing ploy of the FIFA World Cup establishment, the shared photo helped to further heighten the already global prestige of the event. Kraft In an effort to build up their online presence, Kraftlaunched a branded microsite called “Cheesy Movies.” The site, which corresponded with Kraft’s much largerback-to-school promotions, allowed participants tocreate an account and develop their own animatedmovies up to 25 seconds long.  The short films featuredan array of different props and characters for participantsto work with and manipulate.  The microsite was a hitwith both kids and parents.  Thousands of movies werecreated with each participant spending on averagebetween 30 minutes and an hour on the site. ! PAGE 13
  14. 14. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 The Subservient Chicken The Subservient Chicken for Burger King was introduced in 2004. The branded micro site consisted of an interactive web cam that filmed a person dressed in a chicken costume who would perform certain acts the user typed into the site. Users flocked to the site in droves, accumulating more than 15 million visits in the first 5 days. Today, the site has attracted over 450 million hits; however, that does not mean that it has been a success. The provocative, yet creepy site is amusing and a great way to waste time, but does it really make Burger King’s soggy fries taste any better?  Does it make the fast food chain hip and edgy, or shady and desperate? Probably a little of both. Philips Philips pushed the envelop of decency with theirShave Everywhere site that promoted Bodygroom, anew product by Philips. The site and itsaccompanying video ad made light of a very, shall wesay, uncomfortable topic for men to discuss. Thecampaign generated millions of views and visits to theShave Everywhere site and has given the electronicscompany an unexpectedly “edgy” persona.  The “Tella Friend” feature on the bottom right hand corner ofthe site was particularly useful in helping thecampaign make the Internet rounds. Nine Inch Nails To promote their concept album “Year Zero,” US rock group Nine Inch Nails released a rather mysterious t-shirt with the phrase “I am trying to believe.” The phrase was a registered URL that connected to other websites that described a dystopian world based in the year 0000. These sites ultimately led users to an original alternate reality game (ARG) chronicling the year 2022, when America was “reborn” and year O occurs. The game consisted of a series of websites, phone numbers, emails, videos, MP3s, murals, and other media that expanded upon the storyline woven through the album. The album went on to sell nearly 200,000 copies within the first week, peaking at  #2 on the Billboard charts. ! PAGE 14
  15. 15. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 Cloverfield “Cloverfield,” before it was released in January 2008, was one of the most buzzed about films of 2007.  In fact, the initial teaser trailer shown before the 2007 “Transformers” film did not even reveal the film’s title, but simply ended with a website (, further encouraging the web-driven marketing of the film. MySpace pages were created for many of the movie’s fictional characters, as well as for the fictional companies mentioned in the film. This maze of viral bait helped the film achieve the biggest January opening in history. “Cloverfield,” which was produced for $25 million, went on to gross more than $170 million worldwide. The Dark Knight Keeping in the same vein as “Cloverfield,” “The Dark Knight” took a similar approach in it’s viral efforts. One of the first promotional stunts involved a fake website for Harvey Dent’s (one of the main characters in the film) fictional campaign for District Attorney. Posters stating, “I Believe in Harvey Dent” were shareable and able to be emailed to friends. Once the other person received the email, the poster would slowly change to reveal the image of The Joker. Once the image was revealed, The Joker’s face was quickly replaced by the text, “see you in December.” Other websites attached to the film allowed for users to vote for various public offices throughout Gotham. More viral elements included a website devoted to the fictional newspaper “The Gotham Times” (which led to numerous other website that revealed info about the film) and the launching of which revealed more images of The Joker as well as the first teaser trailer. Such elements combined with the stellar reviews of the film and breathtaking performance of the late Heath Ledger helped the film to gross more than $1 billion dollars worldwide.! PAGE 15
  16. 16. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 The Last Exorcism The parents were worried that this movie poster depicting the Last Exorcism girl who may have suffered from violence, was placed on buses, in cinemas and free magazines about cinema. It was announced that a poster for the film was banned in public UK places, due to the nature of the poster (described as "offensive", "distressing", and "unsuitable for public viewing") which received 77 complaints, of which two people claimed the girl in the poster seemed to have "suffered a sexual assault". It was then decided the advert was not allowed to be seen again in that format. Antonio FedericiThe magazine ad for ice cream maker Antonio Federicishowed the nun eating a tub of ice cream, with text thatread: "Immaculately conceived ... Ice cream is ourreligion." The Advertising Standards Authority received severalcomplaints from magazine readers who said the ad wasoffensive to Christians saying imagery used to illustrateimmaculate conception was mocking the beliefs of RomanCatholics.  ”We came to the conclusion that such advertisingice cream can greatly offend readers, and especially thosereaders who are Catholics.” So the British  Committeedecided on Advertising Standards (ASA). The ad wasbanned, but the job was certainly done. Killer Heals, NMA The advert promoting national newspapers was banned by watchdogs after 81 people complained that it was offensive, sexist and condoned violence. The ASA ruled that the advert trivialised violence even though it used a deliberately unrealistic image. The NMA said its advert targeted fashion brands, which have largely stopped advertising in newspapers, and had been "highly original" to ensure people paid attention. The creators of advertising just wanted to play on words, calling the ad Killer Heels. Nevertheless, the picture was published in almost all the leading publications of Great Britain and has sold several billion. ! PAGE 16
  17. 17. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 Ryanair  No, the ads did not seem banal to anyone. Its banned because they sunbathe in February and March at the resorts when its too cold. No need to introduce people astray! While noting the destinations "enjoyed significant daytime sunshine in February and March", the authority said the average daily temperatures at the time of year were too chilly for visitors to be wearing swimwear. Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs Designer Marc Jacobs described his new fragrance Oh, Lola!as: "sensual", saying how the little sister scent to the hugelysuccessful Lola is: "More of a Lolita than a Lola". Complaints stated that Dakota Fanning was being portrayedin an irresponsible and sexualised manner. The ASA responded bystating: "We noted that the model was holding up the perfumebottle which rested in her lap between her legs and we consideredthat its position was sexually provocative. We understood themodel was 17 years old but we considered she looked under theage of 16. We considered that the length of her dress, her leg andposition of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality.Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the adcould be seen to sexualise a child." Miu Miu, by Prada The UK’s ASA deemed the Miu Miu ad featuring the 14-year-old Steinfeld sitting on a train track “irresponsible because it depicted a child in an unsafe location.” The surprised Miu Miu next ad campaign featured model Guinevere Van Seenus, who, at 34 years old, was more the twice Steinfelds age. ! PAGE 17
  18. 18. MARQUE! 25 DECEMBER 2011 And the Most Outrageous are... Virgin Holidays, Rockstar Virgin Holidays poster campaign ran in the LondonUnderground and showed four people in the Jacuzzi surrounded byempty bottles and glasses. It promoted Virgin Holidays Travel Guruproduct as a "rockstar service.” Virgin Holidays said the aim of the campaign was to emphasizethat customers every desire could be met.It added that the Jacuzzifilled with champagne was an example of the "most outlandish anddecadent request that someone might make of the service". However, the ASA said the number of bottles in the scene andthe character with more than one glass in his hand indicated a "casualattitude towards the handling and consumption of alcohol". "We concluded that the scene depicted in the ad, and actions ofthe glamorous characters in it, was likely to appeal to people under 18years of age and encourage people to adopt styles of drinking thatwere unwise," said the ASA, which banned the ad. United Colors of Benetton, Unhate Object: the aim of contrasting the culture of hatred and promoting closeness between peoples, faiths, cultures, and the peaceful understanding of each other’s motivations. The central theme is the kiss, the most universal symbol of love, between world political and religious leaders. Mr. Benetton declared: “At this moment in history, so fu" of major upheavals and equa"y large hopes, we have decided, through this campaign, to give widespread visibility to an ideal notion of tolerance and invite the citizens of every country to reflect on how hatred arises particularly #om fear of ‘the other’ and of what is unfamiliar to us. Ours is a universal campaign, using instruments such as the internet, the world of social media, and artistic imagination, and it is unique, in that it ca"s the citizens of the world to action.” - Bharadwaj Battaram Editor, Canvas IIM Rohtak ! PAGE 18
  19. 19. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011 Canvas Write to Canvas: Follow Canvas on Twitter: Season’s Greetings @CanvasTales Marque - IIM Rohtak Official Website: Visit Marque: Join us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!/marqueiimrohtak Connect with us on LinkedIn Ha!y New YearRead more than actually Read!!!